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Fri 5 May 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
Earth's Mightiest Hero! #1

Fawcett City, Ohio -2009

The gleaming, smooth lines of the Fawcett City skyline spread out before Earth's Mightiest Hero in the morning sun. She took a gentle bank down and to the right, trying to keep herself steady. She was carrying precious cargo, after all.

12 year-old Billy Batson clung tightly to her neck as they zipped through the Retro-Deco designs of their hometown. Her young nephew had missed the school bus, and by the time he'd gotten to school, the field trip to the Fawcett Museum has left without him. And so he'd called her, and seeing as it was a slow day, here she was.

They touched down outside the Museum to the polite gawking of pedestrians.

"Thanks, Miss Marvel!" Billy shouted, smiling, enjoying the attention.
Mary Marvel
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Sat 13 May 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
"Sure thing, Billy," Mary replied. She let the boy get to his feet on the museum's front steps, then she waved, smiled, and greeted the staring onlookers. Mundane errands such as flying Billy Batson to his school field trip were part of the beautiful heroine's routine; she allocated time for everyday acts of kindness in order to set a good example for the people who paid attention to her. Sometimes that example even worked. However, she was being honest with herself, she did enjoy the attention. Maybe a little too much.

Squatting down in front of the boy, so as to be on his level, she asked, "Anything else you need from me, kiddo?"
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Sun 14 May 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
"Nope! My mom is picking me up after the Ancient History field trip! " He called as he ran into the museum clutching his backpack.

Satisfied, Mary was able to take to the sky, high above Fawcett, once again.

About an hour later, as she banked around the ChaseBank building, she heard a commotion below. Drawing closer, she spied the culprit: A city bus, careening down West 5th, barely in control of its own motion. Car after car either pulled swiftly aside or was bashed out of the way as the metal death-trap hurtled down the street, blowing through light after light. At the end of the street, Mary saw, was a t-junction. She had maybe three football fields of street between the bus and the front facade of the Fawcett Mega-Mall.
Mary Marvel
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Mon 15 May 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
While Mary was a highly intelligent young lady, she was also a heroine! And tended to leap before she looked, since she still didn't really believe she could be killed. The invincibility of youth was strong in her. Not the Force, though. She was powered by actual magic.

A lightsaber would have been pretty sweet though.

Calling forth the swiftness of light, she shot through the sky so quickly that she broke the sound barrier in less than a tenth of a second. The extreme speed was intentional; by going faster than sound, she would prevent a wind tunnel forming behind her and trashing the street as she zoomed after the bus.

Her plan was to grab the runaway bus by flying just behind it and then underneath, picking it up from below instead of trying to stop it by pulling on the back, which would probably just come off. If her "better" method didn't work, standing in front of it was the old superheroine standby.
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Tue 16 May 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
Her strength was enough to bring the bus to a slower speed, where she wouldn't risk ripping the vehicle to pieces or bashing the passengers to death. She lifted the bus as it passed the last 100ft marker before crashing, and then hovered mid-air, the bus above her head.

The crowd cheered!
Mary Marvel
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Tue 16 May 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
Mary smiled for the crowd for just a second before zooming away with the bus, figuring there was a chance it had a bomb on it. Or was full of guys with machine guns. Or something else!

Police headquarters parking lot was her destination, preferably an empty spot with some space around it, to set down the bus and hope it didn't go anywhere. She might have to channel her personal mana from flight to speed in order to remove the buses's tires if the driver tried to pull out of the lot despite her presence. She did give the police a bit to gather at a safe distance in order to arrest the potential bad guys.
Wed 17 May 2017
at 01:17
Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
No one came from the bus immediately, so the police waited.

And waited.

Mary's keen eyes spotted that the driver's seat was empty, and that the stairwell of the bus had an unconscious body tumbled into it.
Mary Marvel
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Wed 17 May 2017
at 04:10
Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
Oh well. At least nobody died! That's a positive.

Mary gave the bus a once-over, then retrieved the person, who is hopefully unconscious, and took them to the police nearby. Handing the person over, she said, "I guess somebody tied down the accelerator and knocked out the driver, then bailed?"
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Fri 19 May 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
As she entered the bus, she saw more of the story. Scattered around the bus were unconscious passengers. Some were slumped forward against the seat ahead, others tangled in heaps beneath the benches, and still more bent around the vertical bars. In the back of the bus, a hairy, unkempt man in some sort of burlap pants- no, that was fur. Fur pants? Or else... She realized what it was.

There was a naked man with a goat's legs huddled in the back of the bus.
Mary Marvel
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Fri 19 May 2017
at 17:45
Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
Abandoning her plan for the moment, Mary proceeded to the back of the bus to have a closer look at the goat-footed man. Hopefully he was a satyr or a cursed human, else she might have to punch him repeatedly and get blood all over the seat.

"Hey there, guy, what's going on?" she asks, sweetly, trying to get on his good side.
Tue 23 May 2017
at 03:36
Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
The beast responded in the way one might expect a beast to respond: It lashed out. The kick was slow, and Mary easily avoided it, getting a good look at his cloven hoof.

The saturnine beast let out a bleat and hopped up onto one of the seat-backs. With a continuing cry, it began a loping half-gallop through the bus and slammed himself against the front window.
Mary Marvel
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Fri 26 May 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
Since punching things to a bloody pulp was not generally the best first response to a new situation, Mary instead held up her hand, palm out, in the universal symbol for "halt." With her other hand, she made a series of 271 mudras, too fast for the human eye to see unaided, drawing upon ancient yogas learned in Kunlun, Seventh Capital of Heaven, so that she can speak, hear, understand, and be understood by any being with a language.

"Stop! Calm down!" she commanded, her voice imbued with the authority of ten thousand kings.
Mon 29 May 2017
at 18:41
Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
The beast froze a moment, obviously hearing and understanding Mary, but then bleated loudly and kicked at the door to the bus, vainly attempting to smash it open. It seemed crazed, bestial, unthinking.
Mary Marvel
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Fri 2 Jun 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
Well, fine then. She zipped over to the other side of the bus in a flash, grabbed the satyr by the back of the neck and small of the back, and suplexed him into the floor, then pinned him down and yelled out the door, "Can I get some zip cuffs pretty please?"

Or at least, she tried to do those things. A lot can happen in a second and a half.
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Wed 7 Jun 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
In a practiced, routine manner, she snatched up the satyr and slammed him down. The beast-man went quiet, unconscious but relatively unharmed. A few moments later the bus door opened and two police officers came in, along with EMTs. They zip-tied and carted off the satyr, and the EMTs began checking the others.

A few minutes later, the situation became evident: All the passengers, and the driver, were asleep. Two or three of them had injuries of moderate severity from being flung around the out of control bus, but in general they were fine, if shook up.

According to the witness statements (and corroborated by the others), a young man was aggressively catcalling one of the women on the bus, even after being told to stop by the woman herself and several other passengers. The woman said something to him that none of the witnesses heard, and the man collapsed, screaming. It was at that point that everyone said they felt incredibly tired and fell asleep.

A quick headcount and some questioning confirmed that the woman victim was not among the passengers when Mary had stopped the bus, and the satyr was wearing the same shirt the catcaller had been, albeit torn up.
Mary Marvel
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Sun 11 Jun 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
Getting the injured to the hospital was the next priority after stopping the threat, but the EMTs had that covered. Mary had sort of perused an economics textbook once, and the theory of comparative advantage made sense to her; just because a superheroine like herself was better at something didn't mean she should do it when others were specialized. More prosaically, it would be bad for morale if she did everything.

At this point, Mary surmised that there were three most promising possibilities: the catcaller had been a satyr in the first place and the woman had provoked him into losing his glamour, the woman had been a magician and had cursed the man and turned him into a dumb satyr, or the woman had been a magician and had dispelled the satyr's glamour.

She took a few hairs from the satyr and examined his unconscious form for traces of sorcery before he was carted off. She also checked to see if the bus had a camera pointed at the passengers; if not, she would have to question all of the witnesses for as many details as possible to construct a reference frame in her mind, then attempt to astrally project into the image of the past. Such a feat was substantially more difficult than attempting to divine the provenance of the satyr and possibly track down the potential magician, so she did the latter first.
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Sun 11 Jun 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
The satyr was, to her magic sight, obviously bewitched. With a few moments, she could attempt to dispel the hex upon him, but it would take a bit of her concentration, and otherwise the spell would remain on him.

Luckily, the bus did have a recording, and the police set to work finding the appropriate machinery to get it working before showing it to Mary.

The tape was grainy, and without color, but showed pretty much what the witnesses had said:

A woman, dressed in a flowing brown dress with a purple shawl over her head, got on the bus one stop before it went out of control. A young man spotted her, and began to speak to her. Eventually he leaned down and said something (the tape was without audio), and reached out to touch her face. Immediately the woman grabbed him by the wrist and looked up. Mary could see her mouth moving, but not the words. The man recoiled as if burnt, and sank to his knees. The woman stood, held up one slender arm, and the entire bus collapsed asleep. She swayed as the bus veered off course, then made a few subtle gestures and was gone without so much as an intermediate degree of change.

The rest of the tape showed the passengers being flung about by the out of control bus, and the Satyr jumping around like a caged animal.
Mary Marvel
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Tue 13 Jun 2017
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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
While Mary was a bright, observant young woman, she was not the best at keeping up the masquerade that magic wasn't real. The police in Fawcett City, and quite frankly the world through YouTube, had seen her work magic many times, though many people still believed her mysticism to merely be an unusual superpower or five.

Assuming the police let her have access to the satyr, she attempted to undo the magic cursing his form and mind. Many spells, though not all, were constructed as if spun from magic, and dispelling them often involved literally unweaving the glowing threads of sorcery. Magic circles were another common form, and Mary's preferred, but she had to work with what was before her.

In any case, Mary made a point of thanking the police for their hard, quality work. In her early days of superheroine-ing, she had been quite flippant and grandiose, but the last couple years had smooth out her rougher personality edges and made her realize that the heavy artillery like her weren't the real heroes; that award belonged to the police, firemen, EMTs, and other emergency personnel.

She informed the police that the man had been cursed by the woman on the recording, as reported by witnesses, and that, while she wasn't an expert investigator, she thought it might be a good idea to look into his past and see if any women meeting her description were in there. Not being a police woman herself, Mary did not have the legal authority to do so.

Not that such barriers had always stopped her.

If the police let her, she would take a copy of the surveillance tape to the local news station and exchange first lick at the headline and interview for an expert lip reader to tell her what the woman had incanted. A very skilled lip reader would be required, since the magic was probably pronounced in a dead language.
Wed 14 Jun 2017
at 05:14
Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
The unraveling of the sorcery took more than a modicum of effort. Whatever magic had been wrought on the satyr was stronger than any of the hedge-wizards and high-school warlocks she had come across. This was powerful.

Her initial attempts were rebuffed almost instantly; the magic stuck to the man, bound deeper and older than she was anticipating. She could try again, but she would have to push herself.

[OOC: I need a Countering Check, using your Healing power. So d20+ Healing Rank vs DC 25. If successful, the man transforms back into a human.
EDIT: You can Retry with Extra Effort, if you want, or you can let him go until later.]

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Earth's Mightiest Hero! [IC - Mary Marvel]
A few hours later, after conferring with the lip-reading specialist at the Precinct Office, Mary was only a little closer to understanding the situation.

The language the woman had been speaking was Ancient Greek. A few quick spells and repeated viewings of the tape had confirmed it. The incantation was something to the effect of "Be the Beast Without You Are Within" which, while definitely helpful to figuring out what the sorceress had done, was not as helpful in determining what to do to unravel the spell itself, short of trying harder.

It was while Mary was trying to figure out this latest development that she heard it. Screaming. Wailing, like a dozen toddlers throwing tantrums. She darted off in pursuit of it.

She arrived at a scene of chaos. Costanza Center, a block-wide grassy park in the shopping district, was the epicenter of some sort of unearthly wailing. She could see police cruisers lining the area around the park, and cordoning it off. Many of them wore construction earmuffs. The sound of the crying was painfully loud even at her current distance from the park. Going inside the park itself would likely be dangerous, even for her.

A quick aerial sweep from about 500ft up (about as close as she could get without getting dizzy) showed maybe two dozen people scattered around the main quad of the park, along with several dogs with strange collars and all wearing leashes that dragged on the ground and ended with something strange tied to them.

It was a strange sight.