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Tue 9 May 2017
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Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
Quality Comics #1

Keystone City, Missouri -2005

Patrick O'Brian walked down the clinical, clean hallways of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's branch office in Keystone City, Missouri. He passed office after office before arriving at the Director's.

Before Agent O'Brian was able to knock, he was called in.

Director Cunningham was a squat, unhealthy looking man in a brown suit who motioned for Patrick to sit with a clammy hand.

"Agent Patrick O'Brian. DOB: Classified; Birthplace: Classified; Records prior to 1980: Classified," he read from the file on his desk, "And even with that...sterling record, you come highly recommended."

The expression on Cunningham's face was unreadable, but his tone was only ambiguous.

"So, tell me, what about you isn't classified?"
Patrick O'Brian
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Wed 10 May 2017
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Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
"I've been around the block a few times so to speak. I decided that retirement was too boring for someone like me. Things have been getting weird out there in the world and I want to make sure things don't get out of hand. My reputation stands strong because I get things done... unlike some people I've met over the years". Everything said was done plainly although Patrick definitely didn't enjoy the formality.
Director Cunningham
Thu 11 May 2017
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Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
Cunningham gave a noise that could have been an indignant harrumph or an approving snort.

"I'm not going to sugarcoat this, Agent O'Brian. The Sister Cities of Keystone and Central are, well, important to the United States Government. The center of scientific industry and innovation lies straddling the Missouri River. And of course, it also has the highest incidence of ...unusual crime." The director pulled a file folder from his desk.

"Mostly larceny, GTA, burglary. Not typically violent beyond the occasional battery charge. Normally, we would limit our interactions with local law enforcement. However, two factors have required me to step up our involvement. First, the cities are separated by a state line, but the crime is not. Inter-State crime needs a firm hand to stop it, I've always believed. And secondly, we have reason to believe there is a criminal conspiracy operating in Keystone and Central cities. An organisation of thieves and crooks coordinating their actions to maximize payoff. Which brings me to you. Do you recognize this file?"

He slid the file over. On the front, about a dozen stamps and tags marked the file as TOP SECRET or CLASSIFIED. The only thing not redacted, beyond the security clearances, were the words "Operation Paperclip"

Inside, lines and lines of black redaction blotted out any hints as to the file's contents, with the exception of two names, a picture, and an addendum. The first name was obvious enough: "O'Brian". The addendum, a list of chemical and scientific ingredients. And the picture, which was captioned with the second name, was instantly familiar to Patrick, even if he'd never learned the name of it's subject.

The man, his head cracked open along a jagged horizontal line on his forehead, was Cyrus Schmidt. A man he'd faced half a century ago, for one night, when he was known as the Plastic Man.

Director Cunningham quirked an eyebrow at O'Brian.
Patrick O'Brian
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Fri 12 May 2017
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Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
Patrick nodded as the Director explained the situation. "Nothing too odd" he thought to himself. Then the words "Operation Paperclip" appeared and stuck out in his mind. "It has been a long time since I've seen this". O'Brian continued to look at the file.
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Sun 14 May 2017
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Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
The memories came back strong as Patrick looked over the file...

1941, Occupied Poland

The forests gave way to the barbed-wire fencing that surrounded the camp. Inside the perimeter, corrugated tin and rain-soaked wood buildings stood, dirty and sinister. Out front, in the yard, near to a hundred men and women in the gray drabs of a prisoner stood in line, spread out in front of the two dozen or so soldiers, all wearing the double lightning bolt and Death's Head of the SS. They were taking roll, and it appeared to be a long, tedious process.

Patrick, decked in his red and yellow, could see all this easily through the binoculars he was given by his companion. The woman beside him wore a bronze tiara and silver bracelets, and at her hip, a golden whip was coiled above the dark red leather pleats of her battle-tunic.

She took the binoculars back.

"I count 24, including the men on the corner towers. Rifles, a couple of automatics. What do you suggest?"
Plastic Man
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Sun 14 May 2017
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Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
"We should cripple them from the inside. If you can get me inside the truck disguised as a crate I can find whose in charge and knock them out". Patrick shapes his hands as himself and the truck moving them like children's toys. "Assuming this works you can charge in once things fall apart. The surprise should allow us to capture Intel without fear of it being intentionally destroyed".   
Tue 16 May 2017
at 05:39
Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
His companion nodded, and pointed back to the road, where a convoy of trucks was approaching the treeline. They both grimaced as a gunshot was heard in the camp.

"Let's do this quickly, get the asset, and kill the rest so I can sleep tonight. I'll make a diversion to stop the convoy, then you get inside."

She dropped from the tree limb they had been perched on and hit the ground running. In nearly 15 seconds she was beside the road, leaping towards the frontmost truck.

SLAM! She hit it broadside and caved in the cab. The sound of rending metal, then two screams cut short. The others opened fire at her position, and Patrick heard the familiar kpwng! of rifle-fire ricocheting off her bracelets.

The Nazis' attention was drawn to the front of the line of trucks, leaving the back of the third pretty much unguarded.
Plastic Man
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Tue 16 May 2017
at 18:55
Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
Plastic Man took full advantage of the distraction making his way to the truck, slithering like a snake. Inside he transformed into a crate, one that fortunately was supposed to be red to warn it as a hazard. He waited for the truck to move and watched his surroundings, hopefully gaining new information with this new perspective.

13:50, Today: Plastic Man rolled 34 using 1d20+31. Disguise.
13:54, Today: Plastic Man rolled 19 using 1d20+12. Perception.

Wed 17 May 2017
at 01:09
Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
Unfortunately, the inside of the truck provided little of immediate use. He could hear a few more seconds of gunfire and ricochets, then the Nazis began shouting and a few ran off into the woods. A few minutes later and the truck rumbled on again, coming into the camp within the span of ten minutes.

Eventually he was unloaded and carried by dolly to a warehouse.
Plastic Man
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Fri 19 May 2017
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Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
Although at first Plastic Man wasn't able to get much from his surroundings, with the truck moved into the base he would be able to plan his next action.

Today: Plastic Man rolled 23 using 1d20+12.  Perception.

Mon 22 May 2017
at 22:23
Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
As he was dollied into the warehouse, he could see the camp consisted of a little over a dozen buildings, most of which were is terrible states of disorder, and made out of what looked like rotting scrap-wood. There were four buildings in slightly better condition: the warehouse he was being rolled to, two buildings that were probably barracks and a mess hall, and then a squat, sinister looking stone building in the center of the camp that was belching greasy-looking smoke into the sky.

Once inside the warehouse, he was stack with other crates and could then only hear the goings on outside. There were some raised voices in German, insulting the prisoners state of hygiene and fortitude, a few grunts of pain, and more raised voices. It sounded like some sort of extended roll call for the inmates, with stringent requirements their imprisoners apparently didn't feel were being kept.
Patrick O'Brian
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Sat 27 May 2017
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Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
"Let's see what they are hiding in here". Plastic man looks for documents and odd items.

21:05, Today: Plastic Man rolled 24 using 1d20+10. Investigate
Variable: Enhanced Stealth.
21:07, Today: Plastic Man rolled 24 using 1d20+15. Stealth

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Mon 29 May 2017
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Quality Comics [IC - Plastic Man]
The boxes contained ammunition, foodstuffs, mechanical hardware, and barrel upon barrel of chemical components.