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Violet Light
Violet Light #1
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Coast City, California - June 2015

The last rays of the suns light shifted from orange-red towards violet. They came slanting under the half-drawn shades to cast beautiful golden sheets of burnt light on the opposite wall.  As they creeped upwards in opposition to the setting sun, the room slowly filled with shadow from the ground up, like she’d seen it do dozens of times before.

dundundun bum...

The music of Tracy Chapman gently echoed through the rooms of Hal Jordan’s usually cluttered apartment. Discarded clothes and bags would often lay on most surfaces. Most days the only real clear path was from the doorways to each room, in a sort of hedge-maze of pizza boxes and free weights, and to the record player’s shelf, lined with vinyl versions of every cd and single he’d ever bought. He was a real snot about music.

Tonight, though, as she sat in the armchair parked beside the record player, listening on repeat to the record that was already placed in the machine when she arrived, the whole place was spotless. The floors were clear, the counters clean. When she’d walked in and hit the lights, the record player had started automatically, keyed wirelessly to his system. The lights had dimmed, and the sweet scent of wine had wafted from the open bottle on the table. It was romantic; erotic. It was quite simply the sweetest thing Hal had ever done for her.

And he’d been dead for six days.

She’d come by for the first time since the accident to collect some of his personal effects for the Jordans. She’d been struggling, nearly hyperventilating the whole ride up the elevator, steeling herself for the wave of emotion she was sure would drown her when she walked into the familiar, messy site that was just so Hal. Instead she’d been greeted by this sweet, romantic scene, set up in anticipation of his successful flight of the newest Ferris Air prototype, and her successful negotiations with the army for a full line. Which was, in its own way, just so Hal.

She sat in the armchair, half-empty bottle of 6-day old wine in her hand. It had a harsh bitter tang to the back of it, being left open and waiting for the two of them since the morning Hal had died in that horrible, fiery –

"-and there ain’t no more to say…"

The song ended, the needle jumped, and she absently tipped it back to the top of the record. She thought back, to the first time she’d listened to this song with Hal.

His lips crashed into hers and they tumbled together into his bed, kicking shoes off and shoving his laptop to the floor with a crunch. They laughed together as Hal unbuttoned her shirt.

“I’ll get a new one,” he assured. She pulled him back in, and they devoured each other, removing clothes with the desperate care of first time lovers. Finally, Hal leaned back, completely bare. The neon lights of Coast City cut through the violet glow of after-sunset and shined in through the windows lining the wall, dancing across his chest, casting him half-into jade shadows. A mask of it fell across his eyes, and his warm brown eyes danced in it.

Then he stopped. He scrambled off the bed, apologizing profusely.

“I’ll be right back,” he assured again as he left her, naked, on his bed. For a long moment she lay there, thoughts swirling in the purple and green glow. This was crazy. He was a test pilot, an employee. They should both be ashamed, both be terrified-

dundundun bum the music started, gently rolling through the apartment to the bedroom. Hal appeared moments later, naked in the dim lights, holding a bottle of cider in one hand, and a familiar small square in the other.

Gimme one reason to stay here…

“Thought you might be thirsty. And, uh, safety first, right?”


The last golden light of day slipped into the violet of after-sunset, and the neon lights of Coast City spilled inside, painting the room in familiar colors that were too much, too hard.

The music hid the shuddering, ragged sighs forcing themselves from Carol Ferris’s throat.

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Carol Ferris
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Sun 30 Apr 2017
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Violet Light
"-youthful heart can love you..."

Love. There it was. She'd broken her own rules. She'd always held that you don't play where you worked. Especially when that work relies on your absolute commitment and focus. But Hal Jordan turned that on it's head. Not right away of course, she wasn't some cheap prize. Carol Ferris might have been New Money, but she had a strong sense of self-worth. But there he was every single day, with that disarmingly cocksure manner. Every day a new ploy, some clever, brash, Hal method of hitting on her. Treating her as more than a smart businesswoman, a gifted pilot, a wealthy CEO. He treated her like a woman. Everyone saw the CEO, daddy's daughter, the intimidatingly beautiful woman.

"-wasting my precious energy..."

Everyone but Hal. He never seemed afraid of her, or cautious around her. And his utter relaxation helped her to relax, to let out the breath she hadn't even known she was holding in. And she let down her walls. She let this fearless, lively man walk into her life. She let him in. And that was the problem, wasn't it?

"-I don't wanna leave you lonely..."

She'd let him in. And now he was gone. No body. No goodbye. -Hey, Carol? -ove you.- That was it. The last thing the love of her life ever said to her.

"I love you too." She whispered, her voice barely holding the strength to make a sound, raspy from the sobs that wracked her body violently. She cried. Not the polite crying of funerals or a sad movie, but proper, earth-shattering tears. She staggered to the bedroom, the half-empty bottle of wine dropped from her hand, forgotten as Carol's heart continued to break into countless tiny pieces, sounding a lot like ragged, gasping sobs as she buried her face in a pillow that still smelled like him.

"I love you too."
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Sun 30 Apr 2017
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Violet Light
Carol's wracking sobs continued for a while, until the exhaustion and heartache proved too much and she was forced to lay silent slowly dying inside.. Through half-lidded eyes she could see the familiar green and purple lights twist slowly, steadily, until they warped into a pure violet.

A soft hum, like a refrigerator, filled the room. The light grew, bright, until it hurt, and Carol was forced to seek out the source.

She was not ready for the source.

At the foot of the bed, or more accurately above the foot of the bed, floated a small crystalline object awash in violet light. It radiated heat like a lamp, and hummed like an appliance as well.

And then it spoke, in a warm, feminine, comforting voice:

"For hearts long lost and full of fright
For those alone in Blackest Night
Accept our ring and join our fight,
Love conquers all with Violet Light"

And then it was silent, and its light dimmed, until she could see that it was in fact a ring, formed from a seemingly single piece of dark violet crystal.

A sapphire ring, floating in her lover's bedroom, speaking to her of love in a voice like her mother.
Carol Ferris
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Mon 1 May 2017
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Violet Light
"What...?" She asked softly.

Unbidden, her hand reached out as her eyes widened in wonder. She was alone. Her heart was lost.

But in years there had been strange reports. Monsters in Gotham. Beings able to single-handedly halt disasters. And this. A floating, glowing ring. A ring that spoke. Love soured by grief raged inside her. And there, the tiniest glimmer - hope. Maybe. Just maybe. Just this once. The impossible would be possible for her.

"Yes." She said.

She slipped the ring onto the middle finger of her right hand. "Yes."
The Ring
Tue 2 May 2017
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Violet Light
The ring fit perfectly, and was warm to the touch. The light from it grew, until it surrounded and suffused every inch of her body. The light grew brighter, harder, until it almost crept like a physical thing around her arms, her chest, her face. It spoke again.

"Please wait while I transfer you to Zamaron."

ZING! the sound burst in her ears and Hal's apartment disappeared, replaced with the night sky, streaking into spears of starlight until even those melded into a tunnel of black and white and violet. Her gut wrenched like a roller-coaster ride, and she feared she had snapped, her mind throwing her forward into this violet star vortex.

And then the light faded, and she slowed, and she was in the air, higher than she'd ever been without being inside a cockpit. She looked down at the earth. But it wasn't. She blinked.

It wasn't Earth. The trees were golden and blue, the continent shaped wrong. She slowly descended, like falling with a parachute, down, down, down through the atmosphere, until in an enormous jungle, a city resolved.

Soaring spires of violet crystal wrapped around sapphire metal, all entwined with the boughs of ash-white wood. She could see people walking, riding in bright pink vehicles or floating on discs that, she realized, with all made of the same light that had covered her.

She touched down on the dirt path, and nearly went into shock as the violet light died down and the ring lay dormant. She tried to look for another person, and realized that they were not human! Some were gray, or orange, or spiders, or the size of trucks!

"Greetings, Carol Ferris." The voice made her start, and she turned to see a towering, 7 foot tall woman with gorgeous blue skin, soft tendrils for hair, and a face that could've stopped traffic. The amazon spoke again.

"I am Bloss, Lead Councilwoman of the Star Sapphires. Welcome to Zamaron"
Carol Ferris
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Sat 6 May 2017
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Violet Light
Carol looked around, her eyes open in wonderment. Every time it seemed like her eyes couldn't get any wider, some new sight entered her field of view, and her eyes almost popped out of her head. "Incredible!" She exclaims. She is not afraid, exactly but cautiously amazed by it all. She cocked her head to the side when the blue woman spoke. "You speak English?" She asks incredulously, safe in the certainty this is only a dream.
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Sun 7 May 2017
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Violet Light
The cobalt woman gave a lilting laugh, like a doting mother.

"No, Carol Ferris. The power of the Star Sapphire Ring is manyfold and subtle. My words are being filtered by the ring, and transmitted to your inner ear as English," she explained.

"As I said, you are on the planet Zamaron, several million light-years from your star system. I understand that your planet has limited space travel capabilities and has yet to make widespread contact with other civilizations. As such, I imagine this experience must be somewhat staggering. Please, follow me. I shall attempt to answer any questions you have," she said, "Within reason, of course."

The amazonian Zamaron turned and gestured for Carol to follow her as she strode toward the crystal towers.
Carol Ferris
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Sun 28 May 2017
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Violet Light
"Well Carol. You're not in Kansas anymore..." She muttered to herself as she followed the impossibly tall blue woman's lead. Given her short stature, she practically has to jog to keep up with her longer-limbed guide. "Uh, Bloss? I realise that this is probably just some weird dream, but why me?" She asked, unable to tear her gaze away from the sights she could only describe as 'alien'.
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Mon 29 May 2017
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Violet Light
Bloss was turned away, leading her toward the central tower of a cluster, but Carol swore she could almost hear her smiling.

"Astute, although I assure you this is as real as anything in the universe. Our numbers are few, in comparison to our brother corps, and each ring outlives its wielder. If you were approached by a ring, it means that another Star Sapphire has fallen. Our hearts break for the loss."

Carol heard a tremor eke into Bloss's voice, even as she took in the wonderous sights. Every where she looked, beings of a thousand different shapes and sizes flew. They soared through the air on violet wings, floated on purple crystal discs, or were encased in an amethyst nimbus that sprung from their fingers. She even saw one being encased in a translucent violet craft of some sort.

An orange-skinned creature halfway between a human and a squid was watching a holographic display its ring was emitting. A hexapedal feline the size of a Great Dane was creating a series of complex geometric shapes that rearranged themselves seemingly at random.

Bloss and Carol arrived at a set of steep stone steps that the taller woman easily ascended.

"But as for you, specifically, Carol Ferris, there is another reason. The Star Sapphires and our brothers the Lanterns are empowered by the sheer cosmic energy of emotion. The rings allow us to channel a specific emotion into an array of effects that we use to preserve life and ensure the continuation of the Universe through limiting the destructive forces of hate, fear and greed.

"The Star Sapphire ring is powered by Love, Carol Ferris. If the ring sought you out, it is because it sensed in you a great wellspring of love within, a fierce, powerful love that could be shared with all those within your grasp."

They had arrived at the archway into the tower. Bloss turned and stopped.

"Please, feel free to ask any more questions you have before we enter the Council of Zamar."