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Fri 5 May 2017
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Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
It took an effort of will not to look around too obviously, although she still did so, there were simply too many things she hadn't seen before for her not to.

Things she didn't know the purpose of, or surfacers doing things she had no frame of reference for. It took an embarrassingly long time to come to the conclusion that all these people were there for recreation.

She wanted a library, well, no, she wanted to explore and learn instead of hunting for her home's ancient enemy, but a library would at least let her do that while also satisfying some of her curiosity.

These people were not here for learning tho, so she was unlikely to find a library on the beach.

what do surfacer libraries even look like?

She knew Xebel's, one of the few stone buildings they had as it was the only way to anchor the spells to maintain the air room, inside they had collected every bit of engraving, and every scrap of paper from the surfacer ships that wasn't rendered completely useless by the sea, which was very little indeed. Mostly images in better quality paper, tho why they preserved those better than the written word, she had no idea.

But the surface libraries wouldn't have those problems, and given the amount of ruined books we found on ships, they are likely much bigger, maybe one of those buildings? she thought, eyeing a multi-storied monstrosity, no, I can't imagine there being that many books.

And so, silent in her ponderings, she strode through the beach towards the city.

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Sun 7 May 2017
at 19:37
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
She strode on, crossing off the beach and into the stone-tiled patio of one of the buildings. A man at the glass-fronted doors towards this possible palace offered Mera a large towel, like the ones used to dry off before handling the few not-sunken places in Xebel.

"Did you enjoy your swim, m'am?" the man asked.
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Mon 8 May 2017
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Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
"Very much so", she said, gratefully taking the towel and drying herself, particularly her hair. She was curious about the building, the doors revealing what surely was a luxurious place, some form of family crest and a name engraved upon several surfaces, and yet it seemed to be a public one. Did they receive that many visitors or was this a special occasion? or perhaps this was merely the symbol of the island or the ruling family and thus it was commonplace across it?

Still, she had a task at hand, so after a couple side glances to the inside, she asked, "would you know where the nearest library is?".

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Wed 10 May 2017
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Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Mera quickly ascertained the local library's location, squirreled away from the rest of the buildings. She began to traverse the city. She was almost to the library when something caught her ear.

"Mom! Look! Atlantis!"

The exclamations had come from a little boy, hand clasped tight in his mother's own. He was pointing to a billboard that was plastered with the image of an enormous castle, glittering with golden light and surrounded by fish and barely-clad people. And in enormous, sweeping letters:


In the left corner were some words she thought must be an address.

A few minutes later, she stood on Paradise Island, watching as hundreds of people ambled back and forth between booths and kiosks, buildings and walkways. A brightly dressed man with a broad smile handed her a folded 'brochure' and instructed her that she should check into her hotel before entering Atlantis.

It was all mildly confusing.
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Wed 10 May 2017
at 21:43
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Her earrings appeared to be working correctly at least, even if for many things she was lacking too much context to make sense of. Like the many, many, many signs and announcements across the city.

That wasn't the only bewildering and nonsensical thing she had encountered, the architecture was starting to make sense even if the city's layout didn't, but she still could not make heads or tails about what people were wearing.

And this 'Atlantis'... was it some form of entertainment center? the festive mood of the people seemed to point that way. Tho how this was related to their ancient foe had her baffled, even after all this time, the idea that the empire that had condemned her home to the waves was setting this up was ridiculous, and none of it resembled anything of what she knew of Atlantean culture, architecture or technology.

Mentally comparing the similarities of the billboard that led her here with a laminated card from one of the scavenged surface ships in Xebel, was the 'Magical Kingdom' fake as well? another entertainment center? that would be a disappointment, she had wanted to compare the Xebelian style of sorcery with the surface's.

At least by observing all the booths she managed to confirm that the oddly water-resistant rectangular paper notes were, indeed, money. They had theorized that back in Xebel, given their similarity to coins, tho the wildly disparate designs, sizes, and even languages had them puzzled. Did they change that often? did it vary depending on what 'bank' organization produced, and presumably, backed them? She wished she had taken some with her, she would rather have a taste of surface food on one of the booths or the many eating places she had passed than hunt her own.

Disappointed, but unwilling not to at least take a look around, she spotted a store, a 'gift shop' outside it that sold items related to this themed entertainment center, and entered, intent on browsing for something a little more substantial than than the brochure.
Atlantis Gift Shop
Fri 12 May 2017
at 00:31
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
The gift shop was chaos. People jostled and scurried like crabs in the coral, shouting in three or four languages. The room was dark and claustrophobic, which wasn't an unusual sensation to Mera, but was mildly annoying after her recent agoraphilia.

Knick-knacks and memorabilia hung from every wall and display. A book caught her eye: The History of Atlantis.

In it was a confusing series of illustrations, accompanied by a story Mera thought highly implausible, not to mention highly propagandized.

It told of how Atlantis was a shining island in the middle of the ocean, ruled by a just and powerful ruler whose kingdom was destroyed by fierce earthquakes and typhoons. It painted a picture of the Atlanteans calmly accepting their fate at the end, as their kingdom was swallowed by the sea.

The latter half of the book described how an expedition had found the city's ruins, and how now people from all over the world could explore the ruins, and even explore Atlantis "as-it-was" on Paradise Island.

No mention of Xebel, no mention of the wars. It was as if her people had never existed, never suffered.

The king of Atlantis stared out at her from the final page, seated on a throne in a palace she recognized. She had seen the outline of that building from the main promenade. The image of the king was captioned.

The King of Atlantis holds court even today, meeting all visitors to his revived Kingdom.
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Sat 13 May 2017
at 06:13
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Mera looked at the text dubiously, as much as she would like to finish her quest quickly, there were far too many inconsistencies for this king to be the real thing, starting with the place being an entertainment center. Maybe it was some form of stage play? a rather oversized version, where people could swim in and look around? Xebel had nothing like that, the closest she could think of were reenactment fairs.

It did leave her with the niggling question, what if the other city states sank too and the surfacers found their ruins, inspiring this place? but to answer that, she'd need something more factual than this book.

Putting the book back in the shelf, Mera left the shop, she could try finding someone more knowledgeable, or head to the library. The former required getting checked in on the 'hotel', which probably needed money.

Library it was.
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Sun 14 May 2017
at 06:37
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Her journey was halted almost immediately by the screeching of rubber on asphalt, not that Mera was likely to have heard that sound before. The two-ton metal construct otherwise known as a car slammed into her side, hard, and spun around. Its tires squealed and it began to pull away.

[[OOC: Take an HP for the Complication of an Auto-Hit. Toughness Save DC 22. The car passes its save.]]
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Wed 17 May 2017
at 08:19
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Not having expected the blow, Mera bounced off the hood and stumbled for a few steps before regaining her balance. Unharmed except perhaps a little dignity, she looked at the vehicle, bewildered.

((ooc: Is it pulling away as in fleeing? or just a momentary thing?
09:33, Sun 14 May: Mera rolled 25 using 1d20+13. Toughness Save vs DC 22 car.))

Road Rage
Fri 19 May 2017
at 08:36
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
The car's tires squealed on the pavement, and its horn blared as it attempted to pull through an intersection it apparently was not allowed through. The lights on the back of the car glowed bright red, and with another smoking squeal the car reversed direction and hurled itself back in Mera's direction.

By this time, however, a small group of people had crowded around her, attempting to check if she was alright. One turned and screamed as the vehicle rushed towards them in an attempt to find egress, while the rest all too slowly realized the danger recklessly approaching.

[[OOC: Was trying to hit/run, then got stuck at an intersection, then tried to three-point away and is now reversing towards the group of about a half-dozen who kindly tried to help you.]]
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Sat 20 May 2017
at 03:34
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Mera didn't fully understand why they were so scared of the vehicle, but she didn't think it'd be a problem for her to stop her and protect them from a few nasty bumps. That, and with some of the surprise gone she was a little annoyed with the driver.

She ran towards it, and soon enough she was catching it with both hands, after being pushed back half a step, a thought occurred to her, aided by the screeching sound of the tires. Shifting her hands to grip under it, she lifted the back part, glaring at the driver through the rearview mirror.
Jackass in the Saturn
Tue 23 May 2017
at 03:44
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
The machine stopped, as a matter of course, and the people stepped away. The man in the vehicle thrashed for a moment, then a door on the side opened and he tumbled out as the machine wound down. The man stumbled, staggered, ran in the opposite direction, pausing just long enough to throw a familiar object at Mera's head. The metal can had a blue and gold emblem, and words that resolved as "FOSTERS" emblazoned across it. Every few months a handful of these washed into Xebel, along with the other detritus of the surface.

"PUT IT DOWN, MAM!" called a voice in a surface language. A woman in a blue uniform with a bright badge on her chest was standing on the sidewalk, one hand on her hip near what Mera guessed was a weapon, and the other held in front, towards Mera.

"Put down the car, take it easy!"
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Wed 24 May 2017
at 00:22
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Given the holster and the handle, Mera could guess what the weapon was, quite a few had washed into Xebel, tho only in the last century had they discovered what they were for, when they discovered some that still worked after being dried and carefully cleaned.

She let the vehicle drop, which made quite the racket, she did so more due to the man having fled than due to the woman in the strange... outfit? uniform? it was certainly different than what everyone else was wearing, and she was the first she saw armed, was she some soldier or guard? If so...

"Are you going to chase the driver?", she asked, the man could have injured a few people if she hadn't stopped the vehicle.
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Fri 26 May 2017
at 08:31
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
The guard looked confused for a moment, before the group of people Mera had saved stepped up to her and began speaking very loudly. She worried for a moment if her translator was malfunctioning, but no, they were just very irate. The gist of their point seemed to be "You stupid idiot, that drunk driver just nearly killed her twice, go after him, what do we pay you for?"

The guard nodded and sheepishly spoke into a communicator on her shoulder.

*ksh*"I need backup on Laguna at Miramar. Pursuing suspected drunk driver on foot, need to detain a 104 for questioning."*ksh*

The cop began trotting off down the street, pausing long enough to tell Mera not to leave the scene.

As soon as she was gone, the crowd formed around her again, thanking her profusely, condemning both the cop and the driver. One man was holding a small child and was almost in tears thanking her. When the other vehicles, these ones flashing blue and red, arrived, the crowd fell over themselves to give their story. A guard approached her warily.

"Hello. I'm Officer Farquhar. I need to ask you a few questions, Miss. Is that all right?"
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Fri 26 May 2017
at 17:07
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
"I think so?, I'm not seeing the big deal about all this", Mera said, gesturing at the crowd. And she really didn't, except for the child, the others would have been fine, preventing a few scrapes and bruises, maybe a broken bone at most didn't warrant that much thankfulness in her mind.

What she wasn't considering, having only met her first human that very same day, was that humans were a lot less durable than Atlanteans, and that being run over outside of water was a very different affair.

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Mon 29 May 2017
at 18:51
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
"Well, you may be in shock if you really were hit by that car. First off, could I get your full name, and business in Nassau. Then, if you could just take me through the events as they occurred."

A slightly larger crowd was now gathering around those people she had 'saved'. A few people were gawking at her, pointing, holding flashing boxes up to their faces. The crowd was getting louder and more animated as Farquhar pulled out a notepad and pencil.
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Tue 30 May 2017
at 13:04
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Bemused at the idea that the officer thought she would be in shock for such a little thing, and a little curious at how justice in the surface worked, Mera cooperated.

"My name is Mera, I was looking for directions, and now, a library, before this 'car' hit me, then stopped over there and started pulling back towards those people", she said, gesturing with her hand first towards the intersection and then to where the group of people, "they seemed rather scared, so I ran there and lifted the back so it wouldn't move anymore, the driver got out and ran that way, and that's when the other officer came in".

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Thu 1 Jun 2017
at 23:28
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
"So it did hit you. And you are...fine, it would seem? Miss...Mera, the city of Nassau thanks you for your help, but asks if you intend to operate as a metahuman peacekeeper, you register with the Commonwealth M.O.B."

He finished writing something in his notebook, then tore something out and handed it to Mera. The writing resolved into 'UNREGISTERED METAHUMAN PEACEKEEPING' and, if you could believe it, a fine for "375 dollars."

The crowd was not pleased as the word got around that the officer was passing out a 'hero ticket', as someone in the group called it. The Officer walked away to a chorus of hisses and boos.

Mera spotted a familiar face as he walked away, which was odd enough. Standing in awe by the street was Skerrit, from the ship earlier.
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Sun 4 Jun 2017
at 07:41
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Mera held the piece of paper, puzzling things out. Oh, she understood what the individual words meant, but put together they were just random noises unless she started making some wild assumptions about surface government.

Monetary reparations for lesser crimes were a thing, which guardsmen could assign as they saw fit with no greater system behind it or judgement by peers, if how the crowd was ignored is to be believed. Assisting in stopping a criminal act was apparently illegal and not the duty of every able-bodied surfacer, and the word metahuman had her brain throwing wild guesses at, which apparently warranted some form of deputizing from yet another incomprehensible... organization? person? thing? to do what should be the regular duty of a citizen.

Shrugging, her eyes lit up when she spotted Skerrit and waved him to come over, she could ask the people around her she supposed, but they seemed a bit emotional about it all, made her think of an agitated school of fish.

"Hi! would you mind explaining, well, everything?", she said, waving the ticket thing.

((OOC: Heh, Xebel is a small military society that hasn't gone through the whole lawsuit craze, everyone goes through training as part of basic schooling, so even the idea of 'random untrained bystander makes everything worse' is alien to her))
Thu 8 Jun 2017
at 06:48
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Skerrit greeted her with a look that said he might have thought he imagined her. Taking the slip of paper from her, he looked it over.

"Hero Ticket. Lot of countries are trying to regulate meta-humans, especially after the Eradicator incident. Liabilities, untrained nutjobs throwing people through hotels trying to stop jaywalkers. If you don't register, some governments fine you for it. I think it's shit, but some people are in favor of it."
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Sat 10 Jun 2017
at 21:32
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
"What do you mean exactly with metahuman?, and what was this Eradicator incident?", Mera asked, "and why would they be untrained?".

She had other, less pressing questions of course, like why was it called a hero ticket, or how was one supposed to even pay this fine, not that she was too keen on paying one for stopping an intoxicated driver from hitting her again.

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Fri 16 Jun 2017
at 23:15
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Skerrit looked around a moment at the crowd. It appeared they were in no mood to disperse.

"Mera, let's get out of the street, alright? I'll explain everything," he offered, putting a rough hand on her shoulder gently, "Are you hungry?"

A few hours passed, and they were wildly informative. Skerrit, obviously ill-at-ease but consummately genial (if in a very mildly paternally protective way), answered her questions, asked more of her, and once he'd realized her dearth of experience in the surface world, was a veritable font of general information, although he had to admit ignorance to a few of her more Atlantis-related questions.

Skerrit had taken her to an alehouse, a bar dedicated to watching sport-matches. He purchased beers and 'halepenyo' bombs, and explained some of the more brightly-coloured menu items as 'tourist garbage.'

At length, Mera understood that the Atlantis she was seeing plastered everywhere was a park, an extended piece of theater and enjoyment, a permanent festival based on what Skerrit said were legends to these people. He briefly outlined the structure of the world, describing Europe, the Americas, Asia and the rest broadly. And he explained to her both the term Meta-human, being a word applied technically to humans that had been granted abilities beyond the norm of the rest, and generally to anyone who acted as a sort of Knight Errant, outside the highly regimented rules regarding law enforcement that the surfacers had come to implement over their history.

It took a little more repetition to explain the relative physical frailty of modern humanity, and in particular the concept of a fine. That particular bit was hard, as Skerrit himself seemed a bit unclear on how the twin systems of "you must be proven guilty by a court" and "pay this fine or go to court" worked in concert.

The discussion of Metahumans led him to list off the few he could remember: The Wonder Woman and Plastic Man of "World War Two" (which was another 20 minute digression), Mary Marvel, whom Skerrit described as an inhumanly strong, tough, powerful sorceress and the one who "started it all again", and finally Power Girl, a woman who seemed faster and stronger than even a Xebellan, and had saved the world last year in "The Eradicator Incident".

"...The entire sky lit up with scorching red and black, and these crystals started growing out of the ground. You could hear them talk, too. 'I am the Kryptonian Preserver, and you are impure. You will be eradicated, to make way for the Pure.' And then the weather went crazy, and the crystals started causing earthquakes and eruptions. There were even bigger crystals in Scandinavia, and India, and I think they said one was in the Pacific, too. Power Girl destroyed them all. She saved the world."

He finished off his beer.

"That's about it. Except for one thing. Sergio remembered some guy we saw at our last port a few months back. Something 'Pike', and he had a boat called the Sea Sleuth. He was trying to get experienced divers and sailors with lots of knowledge of the central Atlantic. He was looking for Atlantis."
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Sat 17 Jun 2017
at 15:20
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Mera also finished her 'drink', and wasn't that a novel concept? It only made sense for such a think to exist now that she thought of it tho.

"Thank you for everything, I think I'll go see this Pike person", she got up, hand brushing the paper of the fine, "ugh, I still have no idea what to do with this thing".
Sat 24 Jun 2017
at 04:58
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Skerrit held his hand out for it, and when she handed it over, touched it to the candle in the middle of the table.

"What are they gonna do? Hunt you down?"

Three Months Later

The Sea Sleuth slunk steadily southwards. From its deck trailed hoses and tubes that Mera, through the ocean water, could see were attached to men in thick armor and large submersible craft. The men would dive below the depths, then pilot the bathyspheres deeper, then surface. The men would board the boat and the crafts would be towed behind it to their next location. She'd been studying it for a day or so. She'd jumped aboard a few boats hoping to find this 'Pike', and each time had been another frustration, and occassionally an embarrassment.

This time, however, was different. She had a picture of Pike from a 'creditor' she'd met on an island in the Bahamas who was seeking the explorer. She could see now that the man she sought was aboard the boat, giving orders and being ignored by his crew. He was greying, with a thick beard and a bright orange hat above, and a bright orange life jacket practically taped to his body with tie-line. He held an electronic device that was about the size of a life preserver in one hand, and when he turned it or pressed buttons, a holographic display of a map was shown.

He seemed to be arguing with his skipper.
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Mon 26 Jun 2017
at 20:10
Mera of Atlantis [IC - Mera]
Mera's hand unconsciously brushed against the shell pendant hanging from her neck. She had taken more time than she should have in tracking Pike, but there was just so much to see in the surface, so much to explore.
 Some was good, some was bad, but most of all, it was bizarre. Comparing things to the life she's had, it was like that 'mirror funhouse' she got to visit.

Stopping her reminiscing, she considered briefly a stealthy approach before discarding the idea. She sank beneath the waves, before shooting up, over the ship's rail and landing near Pike.

"Hello there", she greeted, awaiting their reaction.