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Thu 6 Apr 2017
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RTJ/ Resources
What this game is:
13th Age is all about epic fantasy. PC's are heroes, intrinsically tied to the major players (Icons) of the world by fate, history, and power. In this game, tensions will be ramping up as the Icons prepare to consolidate power before the age ends and the cycle of history begins turning anew.

What I expect from you:
13th Age has a robust combat engine, but it's a game that excels at producing deep stories about mortals caught in the struggle between titanic forces - and the places where those forces can be tipped by just the right push. I'd like characters that have an active interest in changing the world for the better or worse, or simply as they see fit. I'd also like posts 3 times/ week, if possible.

1 Experience with 13th Age?

2 Top two class choices (I would prefer one person/ class, though radically different builds of the same base might be allowable)

3 Icons you'll likely associate with

4 Probable posting rate

5 One Unique Thing

6 An RP sample, using the following prompt:

You've just noticed a spy for the Elf Queen watching you from across the floor of the trading house. What do you do?

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Fri 7 Apr 2017
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RTJ/ Resources
The basics of the game can be found here: http://www.13thagesrd.com/

I also have 13 True Ways and the Bestiary. Any resources from those you may wish to use are acceptable.