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Tue 11 Apr 2017
at 19:16
1. You don't have to wait for me to announce the moves you need to make, if it's obvious enough what move lines up with you action. So if you say "I attack the orc with my sword.", you can go ahead and roll for Hack and Slash. It will speed up the game greatly.

If you don't actually need to use a move or if you've rolled for the wrong one I will correct you later. If you need a damage roll, do that as well.

2. XP gain is doubled. So whenever you mark XP, you gain 2 experience points.

3. I will use End of Session move whenever I feel it's appropriate, I will try to use it more often then in a Tabletop game. If you feel like it would be an appropriate time to "end" the session or if you want to resolve something now (like resolving a Bond), be sure to let me know.

4. I will make a thread for tracking XP, whenever you gain XP make a post in that thread containing the amount of XP you got and how you gained it. Don't forget that everytime you roll 6 or less for a move, you get to mark XP.

5. I will be rolling damage for monsters to speed this up.

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