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Tue 11 Apr 2017
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OOC: Rules
The rules of this board are as follows:

1.) You have to post at the very least one time per week. If you fail to do so and are holding up the game, your character will be NPC'ed by me, until you return. If you remain absent for a month without contacting me to let me know when you'll be back, if at all, your character will be killed off and you will be removed. Just let me know how long you'll be gone, and I'll accomodate you.

2.) All players must remain kind and polite to one another.
Exception: In-character arguments, disputes, and the rare occasion of PvP are allowed in-so-far as they remain in-character.

3.) If you must engage in lethal PvP with another player, both you and the other player have to express Permission to Kill in order for it to be allowed.

4.) Have fun. If your fun comes at the expense of others, you will be removed. If you read this far, put ":)" somewhere in the subject line of your RTJ. This wont guarantee or disqualify your entry, but it will certainly help.

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