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IC: Setting (WIP)
The City on a Hill, known for its supernatural atmosphere since the days of the colonies, Boston, Massachusetts is one of the oldest cities in America. *Boston attracts mages from many regions, not only as a port city and stopover for international flights, but as a nexus of old legends promising ancient Artifacts and strange resonance. The Awakened residents prefer to keep the region and all its mysteries for themselves, and donít easily befriend the strangers who come seeking magic. To both residents and tourists, Boston is bigger and more haunted than it may seem upon first glance. Relative to its significance in Americaís history and its standing among the Awakened in the Northeast, Boston proper is a relatively small city of only 600,000 people, and many of the institutions that Boston is famed for, although located in the greater Boston metropolitan area, are not inside the city proper. Two of the most famous, MIT and Harvard University, are both north of Boston in the adjoin- ing city of Cambridge. That said, the city of Boston is a major American city in every sense of the word, and it boasts a world-class array of neighborhoods, ethnicities and attrac- tions, some of which are well-known to the areaís mages ó and some of which are feared. More than just a city, Boston is the urban hub of a megalopolis radiating out into the surrounding landscape for miles in all directions. Boston, along with its outlying areas, is the home of an Awakened community that has its own social protocols, values and mores. Sleepers have no idea that mages walk among them and that an invisible Gauntlet separates them from a world stranger and more magical than any they imagine.

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IC: Setting (WIP)
Whatever Bostonís magical communityís perception of itself, it has a pronounced reputation for unfriendliness, arrogance and outright hostility toward outsiders. A mage moving to Boston will be an outsider for several years before his alien status is re-examined, and then only if he has been making a tremendous effort to establish himself among the cityís Awakened. Few mages have a place in Bostonís Awak- ened community that they didnít carve for themselves through diligent effort and social finesse. Bostonís mages scrutinize wandering mages for suspicious behavior, and ďsuspicious behaviorĒ is defined very broadly in Boston. Local mages are exempt from some of this; the magical community in general is not large, and itís likely that any mages from the New England area are at least known of. Those mages who visit often, say from Salem or Northampton, are likely to be ignored; although they are not locals, they are known quantities and subjected to somewhat less scrutiny. Mages from outside New England or anyone else who is a complete unknown will be watched very closely, their be- havior scrutinized for any hint of trouble. Outsiders who cause trouble will be given one warning before they are politely, but firmly, told to leave. ďTroubleĒ is another one of those words that is broadly defined by Bostonís mages, but, as a general rule, vulgar magic in front of Sleepers, Artifact- theft or -smuggling, aiding and abetting renegade mages, magical attacks of any sort on Sleepers or against established sanctums are all considered serious trouble. One of Bostonís main cabals, most likely members of the White Putnams or the Ebon Noose, will arrange a little tÍte-ŗ-tÍte to clarify things for the offending intruder. Further infractions lead to banishment for the recent arrival (at the very least) and probably something much harsher (especially if executed by one of the Consiliumís Sentinels). Mages donít have to participate in Bostonís loosely knit Awakened community. A small minority donít involve themselves, preferring to dedicate themselves monkishly to their arcane studies, but those who do take advantage of the large community of mages find that Boston offers its mages a great deal. Becoming part of the community is difficult, but, once a mage has shown true character and proved himself, heís likely to be tolerated, if not warmly welcomed.

The Ebon Noose
The Ebon Noose is infamous for its age, power and greed. Some of Salemís old neo-pagans believe that the Noose has secret levels of initiation within their own religions, and certain of Bostonís elite criminals abort any attempt to rob a building or person wearing the Nooseís mark. The Ebon Noose is a veritably ancient cabal. Where most occult conspiracies are lucky to last the lifetimes of their members, the Noose can claim a lineage stretching back to the early colonial period. The Ebon Noose eventually made Salem home. Members quietly searched for apprentices to maintain their numbers and did little else, except to closely monitor mages who passed through town. The cabal purchased real estate with money accumulated without a whiff of magic, using a combination of wise investment and bequests from one mage to another. The cabal is rumored to harbor a Demesne somewhere in the woods outside Salem. At present, nine mages of various orders claim member- ship in the cabal, although the Silver Ladder has the most adherents, including the Nemean Hierarch. Members recog- nize the problems plaguing such a large group, especially since many of the Wise want to claim membership. In the past, the Noose has lent support to itinerant cabals that paid due respect, sometimes sending one of its number to train or assist these lesser gatherings. Associate groups occasionally use the Ebon Nooseís signs as well, creating the illusion that the cabal is even larger than it actually is.

The White Putnams

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IC: Setting (WIP)
The Consilium
The Boston Consilium is typical of such bodies, presided over by a single Hierarch, who is advised (and, occasionally, op- posed) by the Consiliumís other Councilors. Each Councilor (the Hierarch included) is served by a Provost, and a Herald carries word to the Awakened, both locally and abroad. The local Sentinels are perhaps the only unusual aspect of the Consilium, organizationally speaking, as there seems to be a large number of them for a Consilium not at war. This is likely indicative of the Hierarchís propensity for brutal displays of power whenever he feels that his authority is being challenged. At the head of the Consilium sits its Hierarch, the Nemean, of the Ebon Noose. Chain Parris, of the White Putnams, serves as his Provost, demonstrating both unity within the Secret Concord and the superior station of the Ebon Noose within that pact. Councilor Potestas of the Brotherhood of the Ineffable Truth has for a Provost his one-time apprentice within the Mysterium, Aurem. Numa, of the Sanguine Laurel, is another of the Consiliumís Councilors, represented by his Provost and niece, Ranae. The Gravediggersí reclusive master, Hydra, also acts as a Councilor. The public leader of the Gravediggers, Reinga, acts as her Provost. Arathnos, of the Ebon Noose, serves intermittently as the Hierarchís Herald. Although Ferrum of the Exalted Knights of the Gryphon is probably the most widely esteemed of the Consiliumís Senti- nels, the Nemean has made it clear that Anacaona de Xaragua, of his own cabal, is to serve as their leader. Despite this assertion, however, the Hierarch is wise enough not to put the two in proximity to one another whenever such can be helped.