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Fri 1 Sep 2017
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Red Stone Manor
Heathcliff lives here and tends to the books in the library.  Sit down, open a book and learn a little more about the world or the adventures of the hobbits in Little Big Town.

This thread will document any relevant history of the area as well as recording the deeds of the hobbits.

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Wed 18 Oct 2017
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Red Stone Manor
History of Little Big Town

4717 Arodus 22Escaped hobbit slaves from Nidal find and settle in the town.  They call the town Little Big Town.
4717 Rova 22Spider's Sting - Founder's Day - Little Big Town is assaulted by spiders and their dwarf guest is taken captive.  A group of brave hobbits heads off to eliminate the spiders and rescue their guest.

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Ham the Farmer
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Tue 23 Jan 2018
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Red Stone Manor

The door to the manor pushed open late on a cold afternoon.  Slapping his arms
vigorously to shake off the cold, Ham strode in and nodded to Heathcliff.

"So, I just spent the morning trying to beat the field back into shape - going
to be a lot of work in the weeks to come!  I don't suppose you have any interesting
books I could borrow, maybe about the land in this area, or anything you personally
have enjoyed?  Would help to pass some of the time on cold evenings out there
when I'm too tired to come in for a pint!"

Heathcliff the Jinxed
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Thu 25 Jan 2018
at 19:57
Red Stone Manor
Heathcliff blinks as he ponders Ham's question.  He was sure Ham was the best farmer in town, why would he need a book.  Perhaps he wishes to become even better.

"Well let's see," he says as he moves over to the closest book shelf.  As he is going he catches his foot on the chair and nearly ends up sprawled on the floor.  Quickly recovering he begins to scan over the books.  "Most of these are more academic or historical in nature."  He runs his hands over several volumes as he reads the titles.  "I have never seen one related to...oh wait what is this?"

He pulls out a big brown volume and opens it up.  "Well I had not seen this before.  It is about the great potato famine of 4545."  He scans over the book before continuing.  "Yes, looks like there are a few sections of best practices for growing them too."

He walks over to Ham and hands him the book.  Unfortunately he releases it a moment too soon and the heavy book falls on Ham's toes.