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Game Rules
The basic rules of the game.

1. Character Stats

In the game there are 10 Stats:
Strength (sword strikes, Hand-To-Hand combat, blocking, lifting etc)
Dexterity (archery/thrown items, delicate tasks, swift movement, dodging etc)
Signcasting (channeling & casting magic, sensing auras, runes etc)
Alchemy (collecting ingredients, brewing, medicine, herbalism)
Crafting (mundane items, arrows, traps, bombs, campfire etc. Also cooking and repairs)
Knowledge, Monster
Knowledge, Lore
Constitution, Physical
Constitution, Mental
Charisma (persuasion, negotiation, intimidation)

-Each stat starts at 100, and the player deducts a total of 300 points from his stats.
-Each stat can be anything between 5 and 100.
-Rolls are made using a D100 against your stat.
-Exceeding the stat by 5 or more points is an unquestioned success.
-Falling short of your stat by 5 or more points is a failure.
-The space from -5 to +5 of your stat is an unexpected result, partially successful.
-100 is a guaranteed success, regardless of stat, and 1 is a guaranteed failure.
-Certain circumstances will alter the difficulty, (for example every Sign cast since you last meditated will subtract 15 from your roll to cast another one).

2. Levelling Up:
-GM decides when levelling up happens.
-At level up, you receive 30 points to distribute among your stats.
-Stats increase in 5 point amounts.
-Max level is 10.

3. Health:
-HP is equal to (100 minus your Constitution, Physical)/10. So a Con, P of 70 would have 3 HP.
-In combat, you have 2 types of wounds, Light and Heavy.
-Light wounds are 1 HP.
-Heavy wounds are 2 HP.
-The more wounds you have, the more likely you will have penalties to certain rolls.
-When you hit 0 HP, you are disabled and unable to act. Any further damage kills you.

4. Other Rules:
-In the end, this is all for fun and the GM may intervene during a scene for the sake of Rule of Cool/ Rule of Flow.
-Give each other a chance to participate. Try not to be the only one doing anything in the plot.
-Make sure to regularly check back and take part in the game. We don't want the plot to stall because no one is logging in. I will try and at least log in once a day to keep things going.
-By the same measure, if you have to be absent for a few days, tell me so I can act accordingly. Either tell me to have your character withdraw for a while (maybe you're off scouting or getting provisions), or I can take control until you return.
-To quote Abraham Lincoln- "Be excellent to each other." Don't be a dick, and have fun.

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