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The Narrator
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Sun 16 Apr 2017
at 14:51
Just a quick summary of our current setting for the game.

This game is set during the events of our LARP in March. Obviously, the big events have not happened yet, and everyone who was alive during the course of the game still is. For the purposes of Roleplaying, assume that the vote is still looming on the horizon, lessons are carrying on as normal at Kaer Marter, and none of the big plot points of the LARP have an impact on you here.

The game will take place in Northern Temeria, in the barony of Boggevrieg, whose centre is the village of the same name. Military presence is almost non-existent here, and there are plenty of wild beasts, raiding bandits and other threats looming in the wilds. Here there be monsters.

Obviously, this will all be considered non-canon to the LARP, but you may have some conversations or scenes that you want to make a part of your character, which is up to you to agree upon between players and organisers.

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