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Mon 17 Apr 2017
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RTJ:  How to make a character
You don't need to submit a character idea to apply.  If you do, great!  Don't worry about it, though.

  1. Read any relevant threads and come up with an idea for a character
  2. Name your character
  3. Write maybe a paragraph backstory.  Don't play before we play.
  4. Add three Traits (defined below and also in the rules thread)
  5. Add one Theme (defined below and also in the rules thread)
  6. Write your Kicker (defined below)
  7. Post it in the OOC character thread.

Traits are the trademarks of the character - aspects that distinguish them and give them a purpose in the story. Traits should be conceived in broad strokes, with some story behind them. Traits can be personality traits, relationships to people or places, professions or hobbies, outlooks on life. Traits might sometimes be duplicated between characters Ė it wouldnít be out of line in some stories to have two prodigies, or fourteen wizards, and so on.

Themes are an umbrella term for any sort of recurring element that can be used to spark conflict and interest in a story. Themes can be questions that need answering, problems that need solving, or simply continuing themes that define certain characters or setting. If you canít imagine and articulate a few different types of conflicts that a given theme might instigate or illustrate, and imagine how many different characters might be involved in it, itís probably best not to use it.

The Kicker is a sentence or two written by a player regarding his or her character. Its requirement is that something about the character's life has just changed, in such a way that they must take action. Ideally, the Kicker should not be a no-brainer but pose a bit of a conundrum or even an ethical dilemma. There's a fair permissible range, though - some players like to throw themselves and the GM a curve ball by introducing tres freaky shit; others like to introduce a very solid ethical choice. The only bad Kicker is a boring one.

Note that your character's first scene will start with this Kicker.

The GM will also have a main character, and will make a major character for each player character.

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Thu 20 Apr 2017
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RTJ:  How to make a character
For this setting there are things you need to keep in mind about your character's relationship with the wild card:

1.  Are they a carrier?  Do they have a recessive wild card virus? And thus have no powers? Thanks to the devastation of the Y2K bug, these are the majority of the population.

1a.  Some carriers can "unlock" their recessive wild card through guided meditation and have what amounts to psychic powers.  Is this something you want for your character?  (This is an idea that is not canon in the books, but I'm adding, and fleshing out.)

2.  If not, are they a wild carder?

2a.  Are they a powerless latent? This is the most likely option (80% of wild carders are this). This means they're a ticking time bomb, and their card may turn at any time.  This could kill them, but we won't require you to roll for this.  Story needs come first - unless of course you want to put the fate of your character on a percentile.

2b. Are they an ace?  What powers do they have?

2c. Are they a joker?  What is their unique mutation?

2d.  Are they a pig's eye - basically a joker/ace?  Answer both the above questions.

3.  Are they a nat?  Do they not have the wild card virus at all?  And thus have no powers? Thanks to the Y2K bug, these are a rarity.  Most were born in this century.

While aliens exist in the setting, I don't think they will make great main characters.  Feel free to pitch an idea if you think I'm wrong.

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Wed 26 Apr 2017
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RTJ:  How to make a character
Here's a few (deceased) characters from the books as examples of major characters (to be main characters, just add an additional trait):

Tom Miller a.k.a. Gimli

A joker that looks like a fantasy dwarf, Tom Miller, who preferred to go by Gimli, was the founder of the Jokers for a Just Society (JJS), a radical joker's rights organization that occasionally turned to terrorism. A violent, bitter man.

  • Revolutionary
  • Dwarf

Vernon Henry Carlylse a.k.a. Cyclone

A famous wind-controlling ace.  Spent most of his time in California. Born to a wealthy family.

  • Famous Costumed Ace
  • Trust Fund Boy

Phillip Cunningham a.k.a. Fadeout

Fadeout was a crime boss who could make himself invisible.

  • Crime boss
  • Ambitious

As you can see, with the one exception of Gimli, their wild card power isn't a Trait, and doesn't necessarily have to be.