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Jonathan Ryder
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Mon 8 May 2017
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Introduction: Jonathan Ryder
Thursday, September 14, 2027 12:30
Gregg Hartmann Memorial School Room 523

Miss Weaver's 7th period chemistry class was always unproductive. The students had all had their lunches, and had a few more hours to go before they were able to escape the school day. It didn't help that they were on the heels of a three day weekend, and it was an early release.

The day was about to get more exciting than most would have liked. The fire alarm went off.  Everyone groaned - either it was a drill or a prank.

Miss Weaver let out an irritated growl, then shifted her head into its human form; her torso shifted into its ursine shape, filling in the loose poncho. "Jonathan," she called on one of her students, the only one she could remember having taken the fire safety courses. "You know the drill. Everyone, follow Mr. Ryder!"

Jonathan knew the routine, so he led the students single-file to the stairwell, preparing to walk down five flights to the streets.

Everything was going fine until an explosion from below rocked the building. Then an unfamiliar voice came over the loudspeakers. It was low and gravelly. "We don't want to hurt you," it said. "Return to your classrooms." Every student felt a tickle in the back of their heads, mildly compelling them to return to their classrooms. It was like an earworm.

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Jonathan Ryder
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Wed 10 May 2017
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Introduction: Jonathan Ryder
Jonathan was going through today on auto-pilot. He went to each of his classes in a sort of mindless fog and had his usual exchanges with his friends. He wasn't so much out of it today as when compared to any other day but he did find himself stuck in thought. The end of the year was quickly approaching and this was his last year in high school. He would need to figure out what it was that he was going to do with his life. He had squandered so much time contemplating that he missed his opportunity to apply for colleges, he'd have to wait for the spring semester applications to open.

Assuming he was even going to go to college.

It wasn't as if he had any great aspirations or motivations. He liked a few things sure but did he want to dedicate his life to them? Then again what other options did he have. He couldn't join the military because he was Suicide King, they couldn't risk him turning a Black Queen during training or in the field; they had learned that mistake already. He didn't have any skills that would make him overly useful in the business world. He had only worked retail and food service, part-time, just to get some spending money for the weekends.

He might have continued down this rabbit hole for another day long cycle of the same questions but he was interrupted by the fire alarm. It was always fifteen decibels too loud to be comfortable but he guessed that was the point. Ms. Weaver put him in charge of leading the class and he rose from his seat to take his posistion.

"Alright everyone. You know the drill. Line up single file and we will head across the street to the park."

The class listened to his instructions, mostly simply following a set of orders they had done so many times before, and they moved down the hallway. That's when man's voice came over the PA system. Jonathan could feel himself being compelled by his voice and started his breathing exercises. He could resist the compulsion, at least at this level, but that wasn't the point. He needed to remain calm. Looking to Ms. Weaver he spoke above the announcement.

"We ought to do as he says."

He spoke loud enough to be heard by the students immediately behind him as well as other students that had similarly stopped in disbelief at the announcement.

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Miss Weaver
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Fri 12 May 2017
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Introduction: Jonathan Ryder
Miss Weaver growled and her human face shuddered momentarily toward the ursine. It wasn't immediately apparent whether she was growling at Jonathan, at the loudspeaker, or at herself. Her four spiders' legs clicked indecisively against the linoleum.

A moment later, she shook off the spell, though, and her pretty human face resolidified. Her priority had to be keeping her students safe, and while she wasn't exactly ready to trust mysterious voices coming over the intercom, she wasn't ready to walk a class towards an explosion.

"We'll go back. Keep calm, everyone. I'm sure this will get figured out quickly."

Teachers lied all the time, of course. But not all teachers were capable of ripping the arms off of troublemakers...or of throwing them over one shoulder and dragging them back to where they needed to be.

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Sat 13 May 2017
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Introduction: Jonathan Ryder
Thomas Benjamin Osyerman was scared.  Of course nobody could tell that, as everything but his bones and clothes was invisible.  But the pressure in the back of his skull from the suggestion almost compelled him to do as he was told.  Instead though, he milled into the other students and disappeared, turning fully invisible clothes and all, and faded through the floor into the basement.  He didn't really know what he was going to do, or doing.
I'm just a computer geek with Some messed up powers.  He thought to himself.

Still, he started looking around, remaining invisible.  After awhile he found the janitor's office, with it's computer connected to the school system.  Looking around and finding himself alone, he sat in the chair and started hacking into the system, just to observe, for now...

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Jonathan Ryder
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Tue 16 May 2017
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Introduction: Jonathan Ryder
It doesn't take a super genius to see a kid fall through the floor but Jonathan wasn't an Ace, he couldn't do much about it.

Turning around he led the class back into the classroom. He had to think about the safety of everyone. Had the police been notified? Was it even safe to do so? He had heard rumors about Aces with powers that could intercept communications. It wasn't wise to assume that the man on the announcements was the only intruder.

They needed a way to get help.