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Wed 10 May 2017
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Introduction:  Callisto Torres Ibarra
Thursday, September 14, 2027 12:30
Gregg Hartmann Memorial School Rooftop Garden

The rooftop garden wouldn't have been Callisto's choice for a drug deal. It was his favorite place in the school. He'd have preferred not to break the place's peace.

The art students had been encouraged to decorate the walls. In fact, there were a few of his creations spray painted around the garden. Then, his customer stepped out from behind a topiary.

The girl looked no more than 15. Her dark hair was cut in an angular bob. She crossed her arms over her chest, and heaved a dramatic sigh, typical of teenagers.

"You're late."

She wasn't one of Callisto's regular customers, but she'd been introduced by one of his regulars. He normally didn't deal in Flush - it was too risky - but her price was right.

Still, she shouldn't be talking to him in that tone.

Then, the fire alarms went off downstairs. Callisto didn't budge, figuring it was one of many pranks. The girl allowed a spark of worry to cross her face, then while noticing Callisto's unflinching reaction, tried to emulate it.

Then, an explosion rocked the building. It sounded like it came from outside. The girl looked like a deer in headlights.

A familiar voice came over the loudspeakers. It was low and gravelly. "We don't want to hurt you," it said. "Return to your classrooms."

Callisto knew the voice.  It was a joker that went by the name "Mr. Tumnus."  He'd always been a blowhard, talking shit about how jokers needed a voice and how he was going to 'do something.' Apparently, he'd gone and done something.

Callisto heard sirens from the street. Fire, then police. Great.

The girl still stood there, useless, fazed and paralyzed with indecision. She looked at Callisto, hoping for any indication of what she should be doing.

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Thu 11 May 2017
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Introduction:  Callisto Torres Ibarra
"¡No Mames!" Calisto hissed as Tumnus spoke over the intercom. It had to be the damn day he was shifting flush too. Hash was bad enough, but the potential effects flush had with aces made it so much more dangerous. Still, he couldn't just roll over: when your alone, you've got to be more confident than ever...

"What you lookin' at me for, eh? Dumb girl, you expecting me to save your ass?"

Before she could say a word, he waved a hand at her to keep her quiet. He didn't want to listen to her and doubted she had anything useful to say. Ignoring her beyond the gesture, he moved to the edge of the roof and peeked over, trying to expose himself as little as possible.

After surveying the area, he turned back to the girl and smirked "Real bad situation you pulled me into, niña. Lucky you got me to get you out" he threw one more glance over the side and bit his lip in concentration. Despite his relaxed tone, Calisto was just as worried as his client. He had the formings of a plan together though. It wasn't smart or safe, but he wasn't sure what else to do.

"Okay, I think I've got something. Tumnus is probably gonna go through the building, so we can't go straight down, but I think the fire escape is still clear. We climb our way down there, quiet as we can then sprint out. Hopefully, there's only gonna be a couple of thugs or pigs or whatever, so we should be easy out." he kept the grin up "Pretty good plan, eh?" and went to check the fire escape, praying it was clear.
Fri 12 May 2017
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Introduction:  Callisto Torres Ibarra
"What's a Tumnus?"

The girl followed Callisto to the fire escape.

Sure enough, the police hadn't arrived yet. Callisto had never been more thankful for the NYPD's average nine-minute response time. But it looked like that explosion had taken out the fire escape. So that avenue of escape was out.
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Sat 13 May 2017
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Introduction:  Callisto Torres Ibarra
"Tumnus is this major dick, girl. Stupid-ass joker always talking 'bout doing stuff and never going through with it" he ran a hand through his hair and sighed "It would've been nice if he did the same thing here. Unfortunately, that ain't so. " With his options now limited by the broken fire escape, Calisto was now set on a far riskier plan. He moved to the door leading into the school building and pushed it open as quietly as he could. Once he was sure the coast was clear, he waved the girl over.

"Alright, this is what we're gonna do: we go down the stairs. If we see one of Tumnus' thugs, we wait for them to move down a corridor if they look tough. If they don't, I'll rush them, shove 'em over and we keep going down" he sucked air through his teeth "if I do take one of them out, the others will be after us in seconds, so we gotta run to the bottom as fast as we can" he began pacing to the stairs and gave his follower a questioning look. "You get all that, niña?"