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About, RTJ & CharGen

The focus of this game is on a group of explorers, salvagers, and scrappers trying to make their way in the galaxy away from the Empire and the Rebellion, slowly working their way up from the bottom, eventually becoming powerful business magnates or galaxy-renowned explorers.

Players should expect far more negotiation and investigation. Stripping derelicts for valuable materials or delving into ancient structures for lost treasures and then hauling the bounty safely to a port to sell or fence, among other goals, will make up the lion's share of the game.

Eventually, players will build up their empire and could be expected to undertake far more expansive tasks such as establishing a strip mining operation in an asteroid belt, planning and overseeing the colonization of a new world or establishing a new hyper trade route.

Direct combat will be rare though, from time to time, it is likely to happen.  After all, you'll eventually run into other explorers after the same thing you are or pirates or any number of other threats.  The galaxy is not a safe place.


Please don't generate a character before submitting an RTJ and being accepted.

When submitting an RTJ, please include the follow details about your character:

- Name
- Species
- Career/specialization
- Brief background

Your background need only be two to four paragraphs and could describe any aspect of the character you wish.  However, please touch upon their motivation.  Please note that while I am not explicitly stating you may not create a Jedi, as I do not believe they generally fit within the game's concept, an excellent character motivation will be required if you're to convince me to allow one.  IF a Force sensitive character is admitted, they will be the only one so if your intended character progression includes any of the Force sensitive trees, please note that in your RTJ.

Character Generation

- Starting Obligation is 10.  You may use any of the Obligations from the EotE core book or the career guides.  You may opt to increase your Obligation to 20 if you wish to gain additional XP or credits as per page 40 of the EotE core book.

- All species published by FFG to date are acceptable for use.

- Careers and Specializations from each of the three game lines (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force & Destiny) are available for use.

- Part of this game's concept is working your way up from the bottom, as such, starting XP is based solely on your selected species unless you opted to increase your starting obligation for additional XP.  It's highly recommended that you spend as much of your starting XP as possible on characteristics as you can only increase them by purchasing the Dedication talent.

- All characters begin the game with 500 credits, unless they elected to increase their Obligation for additional credits, plus 75 credit pocket change.

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