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This is an "all-purpose" section which will cover any and all GM Announcements affecting the overall meta-game, both OOC and IC.

This thread is Required Reading for any new posts.

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Character Creation Guidelines
  • While this game is set in the United States of Liberion and parts of the Faraway Land Commonwealth, there is no limitation on the Nationality of Witches assigned to the 515th.

  • All Witches are female, and between the ages of 12 and 16. All characters are combat Witches, though there are no requirements for previous combat experience.

  • Original Characters only, though characters can be related to characters from the anime. This is subject to story and GM approval. In Strike Witches, all characters come from an Ace archetype - a WWII pilot that they're inspired from. ie: Erica Hartmann = Eric Hartmann top German Ace. If you need any help searching for an archetype, let me know!

  • No character has been with the Yankee Witches for longer than 6 months.

  • For avatars, please use anime-based images and avoid anachronistic images as much as possible.

These guidelines may be modified or added to, in the course of OOC discussion. Notice will be given to check this post if there are changes.
Cut and Paste directly from below, formatting will carry over. Remove anything in blue as you fill in that section.


<b>Nickname/Alias:</b> [This can be a call-sign or other nickname. It is not required.]



<b>Ace Archetype:</b>


<b>Appearance:</b> [Be descriptive here, rather than just straight factual]


<b>Talents/Abilities/Skills:</b> [This should include any special Witch Technique your character may have, if any. Ideally, the game should have one "Core Spotter", one "Night Witch", and one "Healer".]

[*] <b>Striker Unit:</b>

[*] <b>Main Weapon:</b>

[*] <b>Backup Weapon:</b> [Except in very special circumstances, this should be something like a small side-arm, knife or sword, due to weight restrictions.][/list]

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Many years ago, not long after moveable type was invented (and shortly before I was born), the Creators of All Things Grammatical declared that, for written human speech, the words would be set off by opening and closing " or 'quotes'. For some reason, with the advent of the internet, and the ability to throw color, italics, bold, and whatever other formatting doo-dads we can use, the use of quotes around speech has fallen into disuse.

I am old school, for the most part.

    1. For this game, colored speech is allowed, however: "Spoken word should still be set off using quotes", even if the speech is colored.

    2. Italics generally denote an emphasis on a certain word in any given sentence. However, entire threads of dialogue italicized reflect internal, non-projected thought. Additionally, "Projected thought will be italicized in quotes."

    Italics IN GAME should be limited to this use, however feel free to format your OOC comments however you see fit.

    3. Bold in spoken speech always indicates an increase of voice volume. CAPITALIZED BOLD is outright shouting. Both can be combined with italics to indicate emphasis.

    4. Broadcast messages ('wave, radio, cell phone, etc.) follow the above guidelines. <"However, they should be set off using opening and closing carrot brackets and be in True Type font.">

    5. My GM Speech is blue. This will be used for Official Game Announcements, etc. Any post of mine in blue should be paid more attention to, as it is my GM voice. Other players may continue to use blue for their spoken speech, however.

    6. [OOC Comments should be in Orange, made <small>, and set off with opening and closing line brackets.]

This message may be updated as events warrant, and are listed here as a way to get everyone on the same page, style-wise, which will only reduce confusion.


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I've learned that establishing certain expectations (both of my Players and from Myself) can help to set parameters, create good guidelines and hopefully engender a more enjoyable game environment.

What follows are the Expectations for [Strike Witches] Tails of the 515th JFW: Yankee Witches and may be different than in other games I have posted this in. Please ensure you read them fully, they are in no particular order of importance.

  • Tone and Mood: Strike Witches has a special sort of feel to it. Randomly funny, serious and pervy all in one 20 minute stretch of an episode, it seems. We'll be striving to replicate that here. Though times are desperate on the North Liberion continent, there will be moments of levity and relaxation.

    This game has neither and Adult nor Mature rating and there will be no situations that involve either of those settings. There may, however, be nudity, but it should be handled tastefully and as non-sexually as possible.

    In order to stick as closely to the source material, I require all players be familiar with at least the 2 seasons of Strike Witches as well as the movie. It will also help to be familiar with the spin off anime, Brave Witches.

    I also would recommend familiarity with general air combat and historical fighter craft, tactics and weaponry.

  • Plot Development: There is an end point to the game. Along the way, there will be plot devices, and, ultimately, this is not a sandbox game. That said, Players will get out of this game what they are willing to put into it. Participation is highly encouraged.

  • Posting Rates and Absenteeism: As this is a character driven, I usually require at least a daily posting rate. I require no more than 1 post/day. Not all characters will be in an area together, so some "scenes" will move faster in Game Time than others, while Real Time may slow or speed as usual. I am not willing to puppet characters for very long, so anything more than 48 hours straight with no post will result in movement (as quickly as realistically possible) out of the current scene until such a time that the player is able to return. Extended (or frequent unannounced) absence(s) will result in stricter measures.

    This game is run for you, the players, and your involvement is required for everyone's enjoyment.

  • Duration:There is, again, a planned "season" for the game, with a definite end point for at least the first "season". I do ask that each "scene" attempt to reach a conclusion rather than being played out in it's entirety. I am sure we have all witnessed the "epic scene" that can take days or even weeks of Real Time while barely half an hour passes in Game Time. I will not execute mid-scene Time Jumps to push time forward, but I ask that the players be mindful of these things and progress themselves through the day naturally.

    That said, time dilation may (and likely will) occur, as some characters spend a short amount of Game Time accomplishing a lengthy task (napping, bathing, etc.), while others can spend a large amount of Game Time accomplishing a relatively quick task (a brief conversation, eating, etc.). When and where possible, I will step in with mini-Time Jumps to attempt to keep everyone at roughly the same time.

  • Time Jumps: I would like to see these day changing Time Jumps occur every 30 - 60 days.

  • Player Acceptance: Participation in this game constitutes agreement with, and acceptance of, these Expectations and other posts detailed out above.

As with the Style Guide these expectations may change or grow. GM Announcements will be made to direct your attention here when needed.


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This game will be adopting a free-form, non-system, based approach to combat.

The Story will Dictate, here. Plot, not randomness, will determine success or failure of every aspect of combat scenes, from the overall fight to individual blows landing. Unless guided externally otherwise (via GM private lines), players can assume their actions succeed against NPC characters, but not to the point of affecting the overall Story for the scene. Their shot lands, but it DOES NOT kill the major Neuroi craft they're fighting. Players, of course, are encouraged to use their posts to highlight awesome aspects of their characters fighting style so long as they're not altering the Reality of the Scene.

Basically, everyone will be responsible for their own actions and conclusions rather than everyone posting and waiting on the GM to respond. I'll be providing the "Big Picture" details, but the players will have control over what happens to them and the NPCs around them.

Ultimately, don't save the day yourself, don't be afraid to take some damage and rough yourself up. Don't control other players, but feel free to have your actions succeed - more or less. Tell a good story, but don't steal any thunder from anyone else.

Likewise, characters can expect not to succeed entirely during the course of the scene. When the Plot decides it's time for Sakamoto to take a Neuroi beam to the chest it will happen when the Story - not randomness - dictates it to happen. Know that I will not kill characters lightly, randomly, or without extensive discussion with the player involved. I have your best interests and enjoyment of the game in mind during these scenes.

Also, in combat, we'll be switching to Cinematic Scenes rather than true "round-robin" posting. It is something to help speed along combats and allow for "snapshot visions" of individual characters without their being much call for "round-robin" posting where some people are stuck waiting for Player B to punch Villain B. There will occasionally be the need for the "group combat scene", but we'll try to limit those to "highlights" rather than the standard.

I think everyone is more than capable of this, but if anyone has any questions, or needs some guidance, don't hesitate to shout out in a Private Line or a PM. Good luck and enjoy!


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Sat 13 May 2017
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NPC Posting
Feel free to post for generic NPCs in your posts, however, please make their spoken dialogue in Orange.


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Thu 25 May 2017
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Abigail O'Vahey:
"I couldn't agree more Major,"  Abigail said with a big smile on her face as she placed an arm around Gabby and then Aleksandra.  "And I just know all of our wing mates agree with you."

Some games have a lot of rules and restrictions involving player v. player actions (incl. personal combat, etc). Personally, I think it slows down the narrative to have to PM a player and say "I'd like to grab your character's boobs and give them a nice big squeeze, okay?" and then to have to wait for a response and then to work out all the "details", etc.

There are plenty of incidents in anime, in general, (and in Strike Witches, specifically) where characters are slapped, grabbed, groped or otherwise manipulated against their will. It makes for good comedy, serious drama, or awkward situations, in general. Posts like above are very fine, I think, and gives Aleks a chance to react however she'd like w/o disrupting the narrative of what's been written.

I think we're all adults here, we're all good writers, and we should be able to handle things like this maturely. If, however, you do have an issue, then please PM or speak up asap so we can address and retcon as needed. I don't think this will get out of hand, but I do want to offer the chance for dissenting opinions and preferences, as players request.

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Fri 30 Jun 2017
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4. Broadcast messages ('wave, radio, cell phone, etc.) follow the above guidelines. <"However, they should be set off using opening and closing carrot brackets and be in True Type font.">
This should still remain in effect, but will not be used when Witches are within "earshot" of each other. So Witches on patrol broadcasting back to base will be using the above format, but Witches flying next to (or close to) each other in combat can just use traditional speech formats. Just follow your gut and the anime. :)