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This is an "all-purpose" section which will cover any and all GM Announcements affecting the in-game aspect of the game, such as in-game information, date and time, etc.

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Yankee Base was commandeered from an older, pre-war flight training school high in the Rocky Mountains. As such, it is capable of not only supporting the launch and recovery operations of Witches, but a small number of conventional air- and war-craft as well. In this fashion, with a fully staffed base, it can support both Witch and more conventional flight operations.

Due to both it's altitude and it's distance from the front line of the Faraway Lands Commonwealth warzone, it is generally safe, but it is within the flight ranges of Neuroi aircraft. It is, however, currently out of the range of Neuroi ground vehicles.

Being converted from a training base, it is less centrally-located than most other Witch bases have been. There are several buildings on the grounds and while most of them are close, several Willys MB Jeeps are kept on the base for easy and rapid transport between the more far-flung facilities.

The hanger and large, fortress-like operations building are located away from the barracks' quads, the mess hall and other base facilities. The hanger is capable of housing 12 full size fighter craft and 12 Witch launch systems, along with other maintenance facilities and equipment.

The operations building is massive, having been recently - and quickly - up-constructed with defensive fortifications such as anti-aircraft cannons and machine gun emplacements. The central structures were originally used for the classroom, meeting and other training facilities for the base. It was only recently that the large, cylindrical turret fortifications were added to house the air-to-air batteries.

The control tower has been updated with the most modern "post"-war equipment. It has phone and radio connectivity, as well as radar scanning capabilities. There are monitoring and observation capabilities, as well as provisions available for bathrooms, cooking, and resting for those on rotational watch duties.

Elsewhere, the base offers other facilities befitting both a combat airfield and a training facility, including teaching facilities, medical center, PX, and mess hall. The latter two facilities are located within walking distance of the barracks' quads, while the Medical Center and teaching facilities are closer to the airfield/operations building and control tower.

Other buildings and facilities may also be available, but the larger parts of the base are still mostly abandoned and unstaffed.

Barracks have been converted from multi-man, open-bay, bunk bed formations into two private rooms per barrack and with 4 barracks per "quad", 16 total Witches can be housed in Quad A, while Quad's B and C are reserved for more traditional use, housing base personnel and other pilots and staff as necessary.

Witches of the 501st have long maintained the importance of a single bathhouse for Witches to relax in, both for rest and for camaraderie building - so much so that the presence of a bathhouse area on Witch compounds has become mandatory. The showers/bathroom facility located in the center of the Witches' single 4 barracks quad has been converted into a community bathhouse with a small locker room/dressing/bathroom attached. Unlike nearly everything else on the base, the bathhouse is nicely appointed and clean. It contains a central bath area that is heated, as well as nearby showers.

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1600 hours, Yankee Base
August 16th, 1947