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Tue 18 Apr 2017
at 03:55
Character Creation and RTJ
Obligatory post.

RTJ specifics are in the box when you actually submit the RTJ. Briefly - FaD careers are excluded at this point, but the Force is not. Don't expect it to come up much. Outside of that - published materials only.

Characters will be working for Nabadrie Rim Worlds Salvage company. Even for Age of Rebellion characters, we're using the Obligation mechanic - you can tie it directly to NRWS if you'd like, or have it be separate. Starting value will be 5 and you can take an additional 5 for more money or XP as normal.

For purposes of character build planning, I'm not expecting this to be a combat-heavy campaign; there will be some piloting, some slicing, some searching - from sky and land - and a fair amount of mechanicing. That said there will likely be hostile life on some worlds, friendly life on others, and the occasional scavenger who is leaning towards piracy. Most characters will find a niche to fill but hyper-specialization may not be best.

Gear-wise, the first location is going to be a world with thin atmosphere and low gravity. Each character will have 200 extra credits that must be spent on survival gear (and no, extra reloads don't count no matter how creative you get :D) and it's lost if not spent.

Ship can be a Wayfarer, YT-1300, or Firespray as normal, decided by group vote.
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Tue 18 Apr 2017
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Posting Etiquette
Fairly straightforward. Please pick a font color for in-character speech and stick with it. Italics for thought and ++ for comm traffic is helpful.

Red is best used for dice folls within the post, orange for OOC text in a post, and dark green will be for GM character speech.

I won't razz you about the odd typo - hell, most of my posting is one handed while holding a toddler. That said, please try for good readability. If you will be gone more than a few days, a heads up is appreciated. I am usually on RPOL every 18-36 hours depending on craziness in my personal life, and weekends are better for my posting.
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Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 16:57
Commonly asked questions from character creation, which I will update as I get more:

What time period?
Rebellion era, between movies 4 and 5. Far enough from galactic events that the exact year isn't that critical.

Base start or Knight-level?
Basic starting XP.