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Tue 18 Apr 2017
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Dramatis Personae
One problem I have occasionally in games is keeping track of what NPC came from where and did what. I'll try to help that by having a short blurb about them in here, organized in whatever way makes sense to me.

Tannor Felch - Human male from Contruum. Serves as the main point of contact between the party and NRWS.

Lori'lae - Bothan female from Bothawui. Lead researcher for NRWS for locating new sites or finding information on the Holonet.

Cobbler - Verpine from Roche asteroid field. Head of starship maintenance and upgrading, its real name is unpronounceable.
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Thu 27 Apr 2017
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Mission log
A slight crackle of static accompanies the recording. "Greetings, team. Felch here, in case the voice and the origin didn't give it away. I have the details of your next assignment, included in a plaintext file appended to this message."

"About a hundred light-years from your position is a smaller world that is your target. The system is around a red dwarf, and the planet is the second in orbit. It would be a large moon if there were a gas giant present, but otherwise they are all airless rocks devoid of life. It is low gravity and light atmosphere, rebreather masks are recommended."

"About a hundred years ago, a survey company sent a scout ship loaded with drones to catalogue any resources in several systems. Contact was lost after the first few worlds, and system GX-255 A38 was its next site to hit. The company closed up shop before they could follow up on it."

"We have reason to believe the ship missed some stellar anomalies outside the system, and emerged too close to the world to stop in time. Priority will be recovery of the navicomputer and survey logs to see if anything interesting was in prior scouts. Secondary will be recovery of intact tech - hyperdrive, guidance systems, survey probes. Recovery of the frame and hull may not be worth the time, but determining that can be a tertiary task. Felch out."