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The Buio.

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The System
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Tue 25 Apr 2017
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The Buio

The Buio is the Vampire word for the world.

The vampires have managed to stay in families for the duration. One of four families is always the Nero, or leader.

Vampire lineages- Forza (the leaders/forceful personality), Sussuro(the spies/subtle personality), milite(Warriors/regimented), Viaggi(explorers/hedonists)
The System
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Wed 26 Apr 2017
at 01:32
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The Buio

The vampires have 5 territories:Tumulus ran by the Viaggi, Tartarus controlled by by the Milite, Avernus owned by Firza, Dis ruled by the Sussuro and the capital that contains a grouping of all the vampire lineages, not just the largest groups.

The Nero rules from Stygia, technically that is, very often The Nero often rules form his or her home section
The System
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
at 13:38
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The Buio

The Stima(Honored)

Stima are specifically created human like beings that produce an over abundance of blood. They have gold filigree permanently embedded in their skin. They are also trained in defense against vampires, preferably enemy vampires. They are frequently used as courtesans.
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Fri 3 Nov 2017
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The Buio

There are two basic types of Vampires. The pureblood (Casato- means family) and the changed (Tramutare- convert).

Venom- every vampire has venom which is what courses through their veins up to 5 days after their last feeding. If a vampire does not feed before their venom runs out the dessicate. Some Vampires choose to live in a state of semi-dessication, for reasons unknown.  The Venom is 3 parts an analesgic, an anticoagulant and a euphoric that can be addictive.
Once the vampire has gotten their fill they can produce a coagulant to stop the bleeding.
The lack of coagulant is what will kill an enemy that gets bitten.

Food sources

Human :easiest to get decent meal, the equivalent of fast food.
Were :a bit of gamier taste the equivalent of self hunted food
Dreg: same as were
Fae: great restaurant but food is laced with a narcotic
Astra: same as Fae
Custo: The epitome of fine dining
Stima: similar to Custo but fortified with vitamins
All types can also cause an addiction for the vampire as well.

The Change
A vampire must almost drain all of the chosen one's blood and give them some of their blood.

The purebloods have broken into 4 main families with other lineages breaking off of those. Forza (the leaders/forceful personality), Sussuro(the spies/subtle personality), Milite (Warriors/regimented), Viaggi(explorers/hedonists)


Each of the families is ran by an Elder who in turn serve to seek favor of the Nero who rules the vampire nations. Each of the four elders have a particular talent called a Blood Rite.
 Forza - Telekinesis
Sussuro- Caligine , Sussuro have the ability to turn into mist and turn back
Milite - Velento, Milite have extra strong venom they can throw.
Viaggi- Celerity, the Viaggi bare the fastest of the vampires, giving a run with the Wereraptors
Helsmuth- Armorer's flesh/ Calciulite

Specialized vampires

Kaedo - function as secret police and often assassins, they work directly for the elders and the Nero.

Spurious - failed attempts at vampire human crossbreeding, they are stronger then baseline vampires but are unthinking beasts, they follow orders but only if an individual's power has been proven to them.  Most work directly for a family elder and leant out to various family members.

Pietra - dessicated or semi desiccated Vampires. They can continue to communicate and are said to be extraordinarily wise.
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