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The Jungle.

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The Jungle

The Weres view the world as The Jungle and have their own landmarks and zoning. All Were survive on flesh. Seemingly human is the flesh of choice.


The Cosimo have the Pridelands, the Fenris have Hunting Grounds, The Raptors have their Killing Fields. Territory is very defined but still fought over.

The weres can change to one of their three forms, full animal, hybrid, and humanesque. All were can change whenever except during full moons in which they are forced to change, doing so with members of their grouping rejevunates the Weres and cures most basic wounds except those done by Silver.


Fenris is a collective name for the werewolves. Multiple packs roam the Hunting Grounds lead by their own alphas who in turn are led by the most dominate of wolves, he who calls himself Gmork.

The Cosimo
 Led by Rex the undisputed king of werelions, The Cosimo battle Fenris for leadership of the weres.


The predatory birdfolk are considered the scum of the were community, except their numbers are steadily growing and no one is sure why.
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The Jungle

There are 2 main types of Weres. Those born weres (Pravda) or those who are turned into weres(Musor).
Of interesting note Pravda can be born in animal(Tier) form or human(Clovek) and must learn the other 2 steps, Zver(the hybrid form) being the hardest to achieve.


While the Weres can eat just a human does, they must consume meat. They can and do consume human from time to time, but not a s a whole.

The Turn
So far there has only been documentation of humans being the only ones who have turned to were. The process involves an attack, and the human being brought to the point of death. Something within the human refuses to die and is turned.
The Cosimo have strict rules against turning those who don't ask for it, but they can't enforce the rule everywhere and all times.

The rankings, unless special circumstances each grouping has only one person in each position.

Each grouping have an alpha who in turn are considered part of the pack of whomever is in charge of that particular were race.

Beta - in charge of the grouping when the Alpha is away.

Sigma- The courtiers are allowed to traverse between the accorded lands without hassle as it is assumed they are on official business.

Omega - The lowest ranking in the group. The role of the Omega is to bring the others a sense of bravery, they will defend their Omega against outsiders to the last. The Omega is also often the butt of jokes and dominace plays.

Epsilon - The seer is often hard to give roles too, they function within the pack and are outside of it. They the strength of an Alpha without the need for dominace plays. Some are rumored to be able to see the bonds of groupings to determine how best to attack rivals.
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