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The Buan and the Athru.

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Thu 4 May 2017
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The Buan and the Athru

The Fae are of two world's The Static, regular world or Buan and the Athru or changing lands of Faerie.

The Fae view the Buan as Chanceries ruled by various Fae lords. Several areas exist most aren't​ named by the Fae themselves.

The Fae ingest the dreams/souls of others since they have neither of their own.

The Athru is their Homeland.
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Mon 26 Jun 2017
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The Buan and the Athru

The Athru

The Athru is place of constant change and deadly beauty. The only constant is those in power.

The Athru is ruled by Kings and Queens of old lore. Oberon, Erlking, Titania, and Mab. They are too strong to set foot upon The Buan. Those in the Buan are Lords and Ladies of high ranking, trickling down to peasant level. Ranking and nobility is based on one of two factors, direct lineage to one(or two) of the four or conquest, very rarely is it both.

Any fae strong enough can alter the Athru to their will but must declare their fealty to one of the four. They may even have their own section of the Athru.
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Thu 6 Jul 2017
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The Buan and the Athru

Notable Chanceries

Maru Gra, Killing Love

Docas Craite, Tormented Hope

Macalli Folamh, Empty Echoes

Gan Dia A Amnheas
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Tue 18 Jul 2017
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The Buan and the Athru

The Lost Royalty

The exists rumors of additional rulers of the Fae.
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Sun 30 Jul 2017
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The Buan and the Athru

The Fae live off the dreams and emotions of others. They have a specialty race called The Gourmand who are able to distill emotions into food particles most regularly called Dreamberries . A lot of Fae like to "dine directly from the tap" and force emotions on humans and feast of the result that creates. It is entirely possible for Fae to take a little at a time but most don't bother. Once a Human have their emotions devoured they eventually lose their soul which is of a fine delicacy.

When a Fae does eat it allows them to partake in those emotions for a time. Fae do not have emotions in the human sense the exist fufill a function and proprogate their story. It is rumored that from time to time a portal to the Athru opens and a well storied Fae is taken in and stories are removed and eaten.


Humans believe the Fae are all the same this is incorrect.

There are a few subspecies that have dealt with humans.

Sidhe- They are the stereotypical lovely ones who generally carry an aristocratic air to them.

Auphe(called Elves or Wildlings by humans) they are the wilder ones who like to live in arboreal villages.

Rakshasha( called Dark Elves to humans and worse called Drow) The other main aristocratic grouping, they tend to have more of a vicious look to them with multiple body parts, large fangs, but they can like all Fae hide these features.  The name Drow came from one particular family of Rakshasha.

Pixie(Fairy)- The tiny flyers who emit light, known to be trouble makers.

Gobu (Called goblins by humans) - Gobu are considered to not be Fae by the Fae themselves and they fill the same.

Gormand - Race that tend to be beyond morbidly obese but still move faster than baseline human. They are responsible for creating the food their kind live off, at least making it look like food. They have created a process which turns emotions into Dreamberries.

Gremlins- The only Fae who can work metal, they are rare.


Caillte are the lost pockets of Athru that a powerful Fae Lord lost control of to a race lost to time. The Caillte house powerful artifacts the Fae would love to get their hands on.
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