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The Dominion.

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The System
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Tue 13 Jun 2017
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The Dominion

How the Solarians view the world.

The Solarians rule their assorted areas in various, some even choosing to stay to purpose and protecting the baseline humans they live near.

The Astra tend to call their areas Kingdoms, while the Dregs call theirs Warrens.

More to come
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The System
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Sat 17 Jun 2017
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The Dominion

The are eight main areas. Lavelle, Lands. Of Justice, Elysia, Tir na nOg, Xobix, Castle Doom, Zerzura, and Glurst.

Lavelle- ruled by the Lavelle family of Astras, leadership has recently petitioned for and achieved to become a full blown Sanctum. The Lavelle stayed true to the purpose of the Astra. Their last ruler Princess Emelia Lavelle, handed the kingdom over to her advisory human council.

Tir na nOg - Ruled by Lugh. Lugh has set up the Solarians in a way that follows myth of long ago. He is an Astra of immense power and demanding of loyalty, enforced by Cuchalain, a Dreg. Any abberations in his policy are given...tasks of heroism to perform.

The Lands of Justice is ran by a group of seven called The League. The Ultra is the main face of the League with his elder statesman appearance, cleft chin he almost makes you want to trust him. All of The League have museums in their honor. The Lands of Justice are known to be friendly to all Astra as long as they give obeisance to them.

Castle Doom
Castle Doom is a bit of a misnomer, as the entire land is named after a castle that no one wants. The area has plenty of infighting amongst it's various Astra and Dreg rulers, who only work together when threatened, usually by The League. Castle Doom is a strongest rules situation no matter who is strongest, everyone is aware they are replaceable.

Zerzura - a mysterious kingdom that is seemingly Xenophobic.

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