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, welcome to Custos- The Protectors( armored heroes vs Super vs horror)

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The System
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Tue 18 Apr 2017
at 18:15
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Simple rules for a not very simple game.

1. It is my game and you will respect me
2. I am human I mistakes, if you notice them please let me know, in a respectful manner
3. All romances and unnecessary bloodshed fades to Black for now, game may be moved to adult or mature later, if that happens you will have plenty of notice.
4. All rules also apply for my cogms.
5. This game is slow to moderate pace, try to respond at least once a week, and not in OOC. Two weeks without word I or cogms will try to contact you, maybe twice, if no response you will be removed from the game. Thereay be opportunity to return.
5. I prefer real pics for avatars, but based on this game not a necessity.
6. When posting please use a color and quotation marks when speaking and when exiting or entering a room leave a line in between that notification. Example:
<---leaves room

---> enters room
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The System
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Thu 20 Apr 2017
at 13:55
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From time to time it will seem as though something was updated but you can't see it, that means it was in a group you don't have access to. Not to worry.

NPC in my game means non primary character, they are considered as full players. I have no problem with you want to play multiple characters, in fact it's encouraged. If you want to play another character but can't think of something, I have plenty.
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The System
GM, 15 posts
Thu 20 Apr 2017
at 13:59
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Combat is inevitable it is handled by you attempting an action and the other character choosing whether they are hit or not, this is a collaborative story effort. No one is invincible. No one who has an official listing on the cast list can be killed without discussion behind the scenes.

Example; Person A: John throws a punch to Person B's face.
Person B: Bob turns just in time to get slugged in the ear instead.
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Sat 19 Aug 2017
at 17:30
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Rules/info addendum

From time to time you will get PMs that reveal hidden or secretive info, do with it what you will.
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