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The World.

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Tue 18 Apr 2017
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The World

What is known:

Humanity is on the brink of destruction. Creatures of the night have become a reality and they were winning. The only safe time was daytime, and then the mutants came.  They took to the day and started to dominate their. Humanity became forced to live in pockets called Sanctums which are safe zones. One human discovered a suit of advanced armor and began to create weapons, the armor was not human creation and has been considered to be untrustworthy, but that was over 1000 years ago, now the Custos have been the armored guardians of humanity and the darlings of the media. The Custo armor defies explanation as an amalgam of magic due to the know how of The Builders and some sort of mechanical like process.

Sanctums: pockets of safety, for humans in a dangerous world. Each Sanctuary is ran by a council.

Centris- Sanctum that is widely recognized as creating the first Custos

Vier- Sanctum that maintains a sprawling metropolis, the largest of them all.

Dur collective- a bunch of smaller Sanctums that house a lot of foodstuffs

Swar - Sanctum that holds the Library, a collection of almost forgotten knowledge.

Sanctum Trisane- holds the academy, a joint venture of the Sanctums to have a centralzed Custo force, preparing to take the planet back.

Sanctum Farsa- Sanctum of the sky, kept hovering with advanced technology.

Sanctum Lirstus- Sanctum completely underground.

Custos: The name for the suits of armor that are worn by the guardians. It is a long an arduous process to qualify for training, usually. The Custos role is to protect the people and the Sanctums from the Nocturnis and the Solarians.

Nocturnis: collective name for the creatures of the night, includes Vampire, werewolf, far and many others.

Solarian: Collective name for the mutants that thrive in daylight.

More to come
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The System
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Tue 18 Apr 2017
at 18:47
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The World

Those are not the only Sanctums, just a few of the most popular/biggest/most powerful.
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The System
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Wed 19 Apr 2017
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The World


The armored guardians of mankind were not always viewed as such, even now there are remote areas that view them as unholy.

The Custo armor originally pierced the bearer of the armor in fourteen spots; 3 in each limb one in the middle vertebrae and one in the back of the head. The connectors were large spikes that seemed to draw the very essence of the bearer, causing a lot of unforeseen complications (see General Mater). Over the years a second thinner suit, the Corius was created that is a what the connectors attach to. The Corius also serves as a wetsuit or aeronautical suit in cases where a bearer would have to leave their Custo.

The connectors of the Custos must be kept clean and any damage reported to the Artifex guild. Usually well-known bearers are assigned an Artifex.

All Custos give their bearers abilities to be faster, stronger, more durable.
There are currently 3 classes of Custos

Elementos: Which can summon an control a particular element.

Opilio: Can summon or control a semi-intelligent beast, the Secutor, that can understand basic concepts. The Secutor is from a natural animal, domestic or normally wild, but of a larger variety, unless specifically noted. The Secutor cannot be banished or controlled by another entity, the can be hurt to the point of death, if that happens the Secutor needs to rest or be healed by the Artifex guild.

Bellatrix: able to summon or use a specialty weapon

Whenever a Custo uses their abilities a marker happens upon the world that fades after a time. The stronger the use of the ability, the bigger the sign and the longer marker stays.
More to come
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The System
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Wed 19 Apr 2017
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The World


Every Sanctum has a small section called the Genus, this area is for the continuing of humanity. All workers of Genus guild are treated with respect as they are responsible for continuing on. Members of the Genus Guild that specializes in Custo Guardian relations get even more respect as there is thought that a guardian's child can be a guardian.( See Lysa Dovesh- Bangbaby)


The mendax are those who have devoted their time and bodies to the act of procreation without the result of procreation. They are generally thought of as distasteful, however the profession continues.
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Wed 19 Apr 2017
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The World

In reply to The System (msg # 3):

The Bleed

The bleed is a relatively new effect that is beginning to make Custos questionable again. The bleed is a condition in which the abilities given while wearing a Custo are retained outside of the Custo. This results in Elementos creating fires, floods and areas of darkness; Opilio having a pet of exotic origin; Bellatrix having weapons indoors not meant to be.

As The Bleed is not a conscious action, results of The Bleed does not leave a tag.
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The System
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Thu 20 Apr 2017
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The World


The three major types of Nocturnis are :

Vampires - beings who drink blood and have elaborate social orders and various family lineages that govern their actions, forms, and abilities.

Were- beings who can pass for human without advanced technology that reveals their bestial nature. Currently there is a war between the Fenris(Wolves) and the Cosimo(Lions).

Fae - beings of an almost ephemeral quality and sometimes whimsical nature. Some Fae are so otherworldly attractive they could be mistaken for Solarian.
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The System
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Thu 20 Apr 2017
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The World


From the ranks of humanity, the Solarians came. Using a process that has been lost to the world the Astra and the Dregs rose. They were supposed to assist Humanity with retaking the night, and they did, at first. Something happened and they started to demand tribute. At first the tribute was simple thanks, moved to demands of historical museums and ended with dictatorships.

There are two major types of Solarian s

The Astra- The epitome of perfection, including the ability to fly. The Astra are unquestionably the leaders of the Solarians. The have the imperative to spread their domination and take all the lands.

Dregs - These illformed wretches have abilities as well but they could never pass for human and could in fact pass for Nocturnis.
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The System
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Thu 20 Apr 2017
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The World


The magical beasts that began to appear from myths of old covers a wide range no limited to; Griffons, Chimeras, Akki, Gargoyles, and Basilisks.
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Fri 21 Apr 2017
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The World


As the world got to be more of a dangerous place religion became more of a focal point. With people living in more consolidated areas a new primary religion called The Faith came about. The Faith features a grand creator who made lower gods.

The Faith is rumored to have their own version of Custo as they recently have a Sanctum that is for the truly devoted and every Sanctum must have at least one Custo to be recognized.

Hallow Sanctum is the Sanctum ruled by the Synod a council of Faith leadership.

More to come
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Fri 21 Apr 2017
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The World


Keeps are small safe zones not really large enough to be a Sanctum. A Keep is defined as being occupied by more than 1000 people but less than 10000.
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Mon 10 Jul 2017
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The World

Tech Level

Ooc: There has been some questions as far as tech level. I was say take a look a gears of war for mostly comparable tech. There are some further advances, such as the floating Sanctum and the Sanctum underground.

Cities are practically a thing of the past except Sanctums and Keeps (as far human settlements go)

IC: Important tech : Lunalights created by Josiah Hill, a legendary inventor before there were Artifex, when shone into the eyes of a were reveals their nature by forcing their eyes to take on their animalistic quality.

More to come
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Sun 20 Aug 2017
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The World

Conlibet Sanctum- this Sanctum has gained prominence in the last 5 years, it is the entertainment capital of the world. Visual  and audio entertainment are key as well as boasting the largest Mendax guild hall.

Most Famous Custo - Michelle Ziar- Vice. Vice is  a Bellatrix especially of note because her Custo seems to have some clear plates, showing much more skin than is the regular. She also regularly attends and offers at the Mendax hall.
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Sat 9 Sep 2017
at 21:51
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The World

Corius update.

There are four colors to the basic Corius.
White for students, Red for Novice, Brown for Journeyman and black for Masters. On the right shoulder is the emblem of the birth Sanctum and over the heart is the symbol of emblem of the Sanctum of station emblazoned in Copper. If a Custo is part of a Sanctum command crew the emblem is silver and the head of Custos has a gold emblem.

Emblems to follow

A Corius can be worn on a day by day basis and often is, as it is stain and smell resistant, with a self-cleaning functionality.
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