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Thu 16 Nov 2017
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Portrait Sumbission Stuff
load ....................

password ................ RPOLportraits1

city you sign in from ... Snohomish

clear spam and trash directories
move all remaining images to inbox
open inbox
double click on images
click save to drive
click organize
click move to raw images
left click image
click RENAME
add 00x.jpg

use 3d edit

post notice

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Judge Fenton
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Mon 4 Dec 2017
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Portrait Sumbission Stuff
The first letter indicates Female (f), Male (m), or Neutral (n).  The other letters stand for:
2nd                     3rd
ltr      Sub-Category   ltr   Sub-Category

c     -  Creatures       a    Air Animal
                         l    Land Animal
                         m    Monster
                         p    Pokemon/Digimon
                         w    Water Animal

f     -  Fantasy         d    Demi-Human
                         r    Rogue
                         s    Spell-caster
                         w    Warrior

h     -  Historical     17    17th Century
                        19    19th Century
                        20    20th Century

m     -  Modern          b    Business
                         c    Casual
                         g    Gangster
                         r    Rugged
                         s    Soldier

s     -  Sci-Fi          a    Alien
                         c    Cyborg
                         h    Human
                         r    Robot
                         s    Spaceship

Thus, mmc001 would be picture 1 in the Male/Modern/Casual category.

ffw233 would be picture 233 in the Female/Fantasy/Warrior category.

nh17002 would be picture 2 in the Neutral/Historical/17th Century category.