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Lore: Species (Races)
This game uses very few of Pathfinder's race options, and a few custom-built ones. This is largely to keep diversity within these species to a maximum, as having monolithic Species Of Hats each occupying their own little country with one ruler and one religion never sat well with me.

Races Unchanged from Pathfinder

Humans are present, but not as widespread as their Golarion counterparts. They are largely concentrated on the continents of Tolcar and Xinmai, and the islands to the north of the former.

Elves have the same stats as they do in Pathfinder, but tend towards an Evil alignment. They occupy the continent of Liathvan.

Half-elves exist, but are highly uncommon and have a social status and likelihood of unpleasant origins roughly equivalent to half-orcs in Golarion.

Kitsune tribes occupy the eastern reaches of Xinmai. They are available, though alternate features will have to be discussed before implementation.

Races Slightly Edited

Drow are present, but extensively edited. Being rebels against the evil Elven gods, they tend towards Good alignments.

Gnomes resemble their pathfinder versions in appearance, but are significantly different in playstyle.

Goblins are a player race, and bear very little resemblance to their Golarion counterparts.

Custom Races

Vey'yith are reptilian humanoids which hold dominance over much of the southern hemisphere. Their cultures are about as diverse as those of humans.

Huldren are based on Scandinavian folklore. They are related to but distinct from elves, and occupy the outskirts of Liathvan.

Watchworkers are clockwork entities superficially similar to Warforged, but created by a devotee of the Watchmaker who transfers their sentient mind to a mechanical construct. Watchworker Characters require GM approval.

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Edited Races
Svartalfar (Drow)


When the god Alendror first created the elves, they obeyed his orders unquestioningly. His first march against the people of his fellow gods was glorious and terrible, subjugating many realms and plunging the world into a dark age for hundreds of years. However, it also sowed the seeds of rebellion.

Seeing the horrors inflicted upon the other peoples of the world, certain elves felt pangs of conscience, and eventually turned on their master, questioning the necessity of such harsh rule. They were told that the other creatures of the world were lesser, and that they could do with them as they wished. Few of these questioning individuals found this comforting, and many continued to question. Alendror was displeased with them, and threatened dire consequences to those who would not do his will. Though many were afraid, this came to most as a confirmation of their suspicions: their god was not a benevolent master, but a cruel tyrant. In a rage, Alendror disowned these rebellious individuals. Being the god of plants and knowing how his people loved the woodlands, he drove them underground, promising that they would never again live where anything with leaves could grow.

Abandoned in the darkness below, the exiles fumbled for survival until Alendror's sister, Alisatta, gifted them with keener senses and a spark of ingenuity. With these gifts, the Svartalfar were able to master their new surroundings and build a civilization. Though many still long to return to the surface, they have made enough of a home underground that all have a degree of comfort there.

Physical Description

Svartalfar stand about as tall as humans, some with a slight stoop. Their skin is ashy gray, their hair dark, and their eyes large and pale. Typically frail, Svartalfar are usually thin, though more in the "lanky" or "gangly" sense than "slender."


As Golarion EXCEPT...
Abilities: Svartalfar lack the elven grace of their surface cousins, but retain their sharp minds and are gifted with greater senses. They receive +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, and -2 Constitution.
Instead of Poison Use, Svartalfar have the Craftsman racial trait (+2 to Craft or Profession checks to work metal or stone)
Instead of Spell-Like Abilities, Svartalfar have the Deep Magic racial trait (+2 to dispel or overcome spell resistance).
Svartalfar do not have Weapon Familiarity.

-->Under Construction<--

-->Under Construction<--

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