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Lore: Religion
The gods of Golarion do not exist in this setting. Creatures corresponding to the higher or lower planes may still be extant, but have often been "reskinned" to fit the nature of their new divine masters.

Cultural Barriers: Species and cultures tend to flock towards different gods, usually in line with the god or gods that either created them or sponsored their rise to power. One result of this is that certain gods tend only to be worshiped by that culture. For instance, the sun-god Ceron is largely unheard of outside of his chosen nation of Ketarria. Solar clerics from other nations would gravitate towards their own specific solar deities (e.g. Ush'tess and Ilthi'naya for most Vey'yith) or more universal ones (Alisatta, goddess of light and progress).

Primal Forces: The Primal Forces are (or, in some cases, were) the parents of the gods. Few cultures worship them primarily, though notable exceptions include the reverence of Yilu throughout Xinmai. Most worship of the Primal Forces is carried out by mystery cults. Such religions are usually ignored by non-members, but may suffer persecution in more zealous regimes.

Common Gods

Patron of Innovation
Appearance: A young, winged elven woman dressed in white and/or yellow, with tanned skin, copper hair, and golden eyes. One wing is white and feathered, while the other is made of clockwork. She is typically depicted carrying a book or a pair of scales.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Light, sun, innovation, justice, knowledge.
Domains: Artifice, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Sun
Subdomains: Arcane, Divine, Education, Light, Redemption, Thought
Favored Weapon: Staff
Symbol: A wand topped with a stylized sun
Worshipers: scientists, many wizards, most Svartalfar, gunslingers

Guide of the Dead
Appearance: Variable; takes a "comforting" form when interacting with living beings. Its true form is theorized to be similar to Vethax. Depictions typically portray it as an attractive, androgynous member of the artist's species; its nature is designated by a gear motif on its clothing.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Administrator of the Afterlife
Appearance: A clockwork humanoid with ten arms, typically seated. Devotees of Vethax insist that depictions be clear, distinct, and meticulously cleaned, to avoid angering it.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Cultural Gods

The Red Sun
Worshiped by: Ketarrian humans
Appearance: A tall man in red-trimmed white robes, carrying a sword and an orb.

Worshiped by: Vey'yith (Ur-Tinak)
Appearance: A male Vey'yith with bluish scales and blue eyes. Typically depicted alongside Ush'tess.

Worshiped by: Vey'yith (Ur-Tinak)
Appearance: A female Vey'yith with copper scales and red eyes. Typically depicted alongside Ilthi'naka.

Mother of the Vey'yith
Worshiped by: Vey'yith
Appearance: A tall female Vey'yith with gray skin and silver scales. Usually depicted wearing royal regalia corresponding to the artist's culture.

Other Gods

Appearance: A red-and-orange dragon with horns corresponding to each chromatic species, all golden.

Primal Forces

Primal force of Growth
Progenitor of: Alendror, Alisatta, huldren, fae

Primal force of Entropy
Progenitor of:

The Watchmaker
Primal force of Order
Progenitor of: Exerani, Vethax

Primal force of Life
Progenitor of: Avarkat, Vey'iltess, metallic dragons, sea creatures

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