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Director Kobayashi
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Tue 6 Jun 2017
at 02:17
Quinn since the safehouse got burned, let's assume two things as compensation: one, you specially requested he also get you a custom vehicle which remains parked outside and, two, he can get you another safehouse elsewhere when needed.

Quinn, you also have the Grand Theft Auto Cherry. Spend a point of Driving and you can steal whatever you like, if that sounds more fun. :)

With the size of the team, I think we need one large or two or more smaller vehicles to transport.

You guys have within reason whatever you need from the safehouse. NBA has rules for having a Cache of supplies, which we can use later. They help structure and focus what you have or can get.

Waiting for you on the side of the road, you see two women decked out in sleek black leather astride all-black cycles. They casually drop in behind you.

Quinn, you notice that their bikes run silently.

What do you do?

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Mon 12 Jun 2017
at 20:59
Quinn directs Lee and Gabi into his vehicle, Lee bringing the laptop. The others scramble for the second car. The two women on bikes are blatant about their interest.

"Feck, that didn't take long. Let Felix know we got company," he tells Lee, "But it's barely possible they're Enzo's so we won't try t'dust 'em. Yet."

Then he concentrates on putting distance between them and the "safe" house before he begs Enzo for a new flop.
Hung He
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Wed 14 Jun 2017
at 17:03
Lee, still fuming and borderline offended that someone used the laptop to get the drop on them, grunted at Quinn's words. He finished stuffing the computer into his bag and checks the windows to see for himself what kind of gunmen had been sent out so quickly.

"Don't suppose their friends o' yours?" While typically the comment, even in such an alarming situation, would have been tossed out in a lighthearted manner, his sour mood colored his words and he dug into his pocket to retrieve his phone.

"Felix, yeah its me. How many other Hung-Hes do you...y'know what, never mind. We're being followed. Pair of bikes. No, we haven't 'dealt with them' yet. I don't know. They might be...Felix, are you driving? They haven't made a move yet, there's a chance they're not." He let out a sigh that meant that the frustrating conversation with the Frenchman had been terminated. Not sure if he was more annoyed at the phone call or what they would potentially have to do next, he gave Gabi a knowing look and readied his gun.

"Think you can lose them if we have to?"

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Director Kobayashi
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Tue 20 Jun 2017
at 13:07
The city of Naples thrums around you. Streets built for pre-automotive traffic barely corral the organic mass of the traffic flow.

“Narrow alleyways, small places, lacking sidewalks, and many moped drivers, who have a rather artistic driving style, make driving the car a daring game only Neapolitans can play. The Neapolitan driving style is by no means ruthless or aggressive, but has simply its own rhythm. A red traffic light in Naples is a recommendation at best, and some Neapolitans claim that the traffic lights are just a nice Christmas decoration.

And sometimes during Christmas time, they even “pick up the bad habit of stopping at a red light, because they want to be better people”, according to a taxi driver!  At any rate, taking the taxi is a unique experience. But don’t be surprised if even the taxi driver doesn’t stop to pick you up: There’s probably a traffic jam somewhere and you are faster on foot.

Neapolitans apply the give way rule to “who slows down last”, which stems from the Formula 1 Italian people love so much. The police try to keep the traffic going by clearing the cars through red traffic lights, and calmly notice the creative application of the traffic rules. That may be one of the reasons, why you don’t see a lot of new cars on Naples’s streets.”

The bikers seem content to trail you… closely. One pops up her visor, smiles and waves. You can see her shout something, then smile again, pointing to the side of the road. Her compatriot exudes an odd sense of stillness—-waiting—-despite the fact that her bike chews up the pavement hungrily under her.

Quinn: What kind of vehicle did did you choose?

Quinn/Lee: What do you want to do?

Stop and parlay.
Lose them.
Dispatch them.

Don’t forget about Preparedness to say “I had done this cool spy thing before in anticipation of this…”

Source for Naples info:

Hung He
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Wed 21 Jun 2017
at 13:05
Lee had been momentarily distracted by the traffic; the roads had a pulse that was causing his own to rise. It wasn't often, when Quinn was behind the wheel, that he felt more nervous about other motorists being on the road. The locals would give Quinn a challenge in the confined roadways, there was little room for the fancy maneuvers Lee had personally seen him pull off to escape being followed. Still, he knew better than to doubt the man.

He looked back, Browning Hi-Power 9mm in hand, but what he saw caused a moment of hesitation. Lee had expected raised guns and a following hail of bullets to rain down on the car, but instead he was disarmed by a pretty smile. Whoever traced the laptop wouldn't have dispatched a squad of well trained friends-for-hire. And was it even possible that they could have found the group so quickly?

Lee groaned, hating the indecisiveness that settled upon him. He had worked with gunmen before that smiled as they pulled the trigger, and not everything in the animal kingdom hunted their prey in display of superior speed and power. Some lured unsuspecting victims to their death instead.

"Quinn, they want to talk...?" He again risked another look out the rearview window, to ensure that the pair hadn't somehow pulled out semi-automatic sub machine guns from their form fitting leather attire. His own laptop sat open and useless on his lap. He had intended to gain control of the traffic signals to shift the playing field in their favor, but seeing just how little importance the locals placed on them, he realized it would be a waste of time.

"You know the area, right? Know anywhere where we could box them in with our numbers?"

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