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*General thread for rules, cheat sheets, etc.*
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***Work in Progress***
Skills - 2 types
Investigative - how you get info
General - how you do everything else

How Investigative Skills work
Tell me you want to use it. You succeed automatically and get any key info (core clues) automatically. No roll, no spend. Keeps story moving forward with flavor of skill used.

Having ANY points in this makes you really good at it (high professional training or innate talent).

Spending Investigative Points
I may prompt you to spend for a benefit. You may suggest using points for a benefit.

In regard to information given for investigative skills: All provide actionable/useful info. The more you spend, the more useful info you get (useful=will help you out later).

Tell me you're using it, but no spend? Core info/clue.
1-point spend? Useful info dump.
2-point spend? Big useful info dump.

Examples of use: you can enhance image resolution with Data Recovery, Electronic Surveillance, or Photography; you can analyze (or synthesize) a designer drug with either Chemistry or Pharmacy.

"Use wisely. Return when next operation begins."

How General Skills work
Tell me you want to do something and suggest General skill to use. Roll to succeed. Usual target number (TN) to get is 4. That's for a task that's of average difficulty... for Jason Bourne. :) So, just rolling gets you a 50/50 shot. Match or exceed TN and you've succeeded.

Spending points adds that much to your die roll. Spend one point? Your roll is d6+1. Two-point spend? d6+2. Guarantee success? Three point spend (assuming TN 4).

Investigative use of General Skills
"when used to gather a clue (rather than to overcome opposition) or to interact
with people devoted to those abilities’ use: Hand-to-Hand, for example, can be used investigatively to infiltrate a dojo or gymnasium, and to gather information or gossip from the clientele or managers."

8+ in a skill? Get a special ability, a.ka. "cherry." Can use even in you have 0 points left.

Refreshes Chart (when you get more points)

Investigative skill points - beginning of next operation
General skill points - refresh at certain times during operation

Skills that work differently
How Network works

Any time you want to know someone useful from before the game began, create them and explain who they are and how they can help you now. You put points into them from Network. Those points

How Cover works

Any time you need a cover identity, just tell me. You'll put cover points into that identity and then use those points to add to die rolls for tests against that cover. You just invent in-game background, reasons, history that explains why you have that cover identity for the situation that you need it for now.

Doesn't refresh. Must use XP points.

How Preparedness works
How MOS Works:
1x/session you can use MOS to auto-succeed at a General ability (e.g. auto hit a human target w/ Shooting). Doesn't auto-succeed on supernatural threats or work for totally impossible things (e.g., use Mechanics MOS to defuse nuke w/ gum wrapper and pin).

Frequently used(?) skills: Notice, Research


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