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Common Knowledge for Balazarings

The Balazarings are a Neolithic hunter-gatherer people divided into many small clans. Their tribal leaders dwell in massive citadels of cyclopean stone built in the Second Age. They use dogs extensively, but do not domesticate riding animals. The citadel Balazarings raise domestic pigs, but are not otherwise agriculturalists (except at Elkoi). They are distantly related to the Pelorians. The Balazarings religion can be divided into two types: the indigenous hunting and gathering spirit religion which has continued virtually unchanged since the Neolithic Dawn Age survivors of the Darkness, and the important religions brought be foreigners. These include rival cults of Theyalan and Lunar origin, plus the old Yelmalio worship of the citadels.

Common Knowledge

This information is commonly known. It can easily be gathered from accessible sources such as popular ballads, local legends, trader's talk, and occasional contact with the natives of the land. It is generally vague enough to be believed and is mostly true.

A rugged and thinly populated expanse of land, Balazar lies between the Elf Sea and the Elder Wilds to the north and the Rockwood Mountains to the south and to the east. Its grassy plains and grassy hills support many herds of wild cattle and other such animals. Local barbarians and prides of smilodon hunt the herds.

The Elf Sea got its name during the First Age. The elves once grew wondrous shapes for trees and from them constructed magical ships and boats. From the Elf Sea they sailed northward upon the Argos River, and also portaged their boats overland to the Oslir River.  The forest which grew the boat parts was in the Balazar region but has since been destroyed, perhaps by Gbaji the Chaos God and his worshippers, or by Zorak Zoran, or even by some fire god.

During most of the Second Age, trolls occupied the land. Some old ballads refer to this, and the Balazarings claim that their Founder himself conquered the trolls. Non-Yelmalios delight in pointing out that the trolls had already been exhausted by the elf wars.

The barbarians of the area are the Balazaring tribe, consisting of many clans. They trace their descent from the legendary Balazar, famous as a leader of a Yelmalio legion during the days before the Dragonkill War. He met and wed a local hunting nymph, and they had three sons. Balazar marched to war with the True Golden Army while his sons were still boys. Like most members of that army, he died in the Dragonkill War of 1100-1120. Everyone knows that the sons quarreled afterwards for the inheritance and became dire enemies. Since that time there have been three tribal fortresses, housing the three kings of the tribes. The three citadels are Dykene, Trilus, and Elkoi.

Third Age Balazar remained stable. Though one or another of the clan might take over another's citadel or steal a herd of swine, the balance remained despite the petty squabbles. The land knew no outside intervention, for it is worthless to people who prefer bread to meat.

Refugees did occasionally seek help or refuge in Balazar. Once the Balazar army even showed its teeth to the Imperial Army. No Balazaring victories are recorded, though their army shared victories with other, more civilized forces.

The few contacts with the Lunar forces whetted the appetites of the Balazaring kings for Lunar plunder. The royal dynasties competed to descend from their wild hill fastnesses and raid for Lunar gold, cattle, and goods. They often lost, especially when local militia cavalry moved against them. The more skilled among them, the Master Hunters, sometimes succeeded.

In 1564 the Tarsh governor lost patience with the endless raiding and sent an army against the citadel of Elkoi. They seized it by a surprise assault and an impressive use of their overwhelming magic, then garrisoned it. Most of the Elkoi royal dynasty died, but the populace were well-treated and coaxed to remain. Since that time it has remained a Lunar outpost, and is surrounded by a small agricultural population (mosting pig tending).


Outside of the three citadels, Balazarans are primarily nomadic hunter-gatherers.  The nomadic tribes tend to congregate around and plan their travel routes to sheltered fire shrines called Hearths.  A dozen or so Hearths are scattered throughout Balazar, each with a Keeper to protect the flame.  Their primitive culture has access to fire-starting technology, but shuns it in favor of the "eternal flames" of the Hearths.  They say that these flames are direct descendants of the fire created when the Hearthmother first learned her Ignite spells.

Elder Wilds

Dangerground is the border between Balazar and the Elder Wilds. The region has never been conquered by humans; to most peoples it is hostile territory. Its inhabitants have always been members of the Elder Races.

During the First Age this was an elf stronghold. The Aldryami forests grew to cover the Redlands, Garsting, Balazar, and spilled into Dragon Pass. At first, after the Dawning, elves were friendly with the nearby trolls and dwarves, and gave free access. But the races began quarreling about the time that the Second Council moved to Dorastor. Northern fire worshipper depredations dwindled the Redlands forests. Balazar was burned sometime in this era, too, though no one knows if by Gbaji the Chaos God, by Zorak Zoran, or by some Fire god.

The trolls harassed the land during the Second Age. From Balazar they conducted their war with the nearby elves and dwarves, thinning the once-dominant forests of the land.

When Balazar Lightson conquered and settled Balazar, the ousted trolls fled to the Elder Wilds, still pursuing their war against the elves. Some fled to the heights and fought dwarves as well.

Now those racial struggles seem petty grievances in light of their mutual annihilation; the non-human races lurking here are leftovers from another age. Even so, humans avoid this region. For the majority of the Third Age it has been left to itself.

The Elder Races

Members of the uz are called trolls or the Darkness Tribe.  They are tall (often more than 6.5 feet in height) and muscular, and equipped with long, tusked snouts.  They dwell underground, in dead and lightless forests and hills, or in lands blanketed by magical darkness.  Always hungry, capable of eating almost anything, and quite warlike the uz are feared by all. Cursed by a Chaos god, uz mothers are no more likely to give birth to litters of trollkin, whose twisted bodies are stunted parodies of the original uz physique.

Aldryami is a catch-all title for the various species of intelligent, humanoid plants found throughout Glorantha.  Called elves, the Plant Tribe, the Tree Men, or the Wood People, they zealously guard their home forests and jungles from those who would destroy them.  There are evergreen aldryami, broad-leafed aldryami, even aquatic aldryami.  They grow from seeds, fight with living wooden weapons, and participate in a worldwide mass mind.  Humans can't fully understand this consciousness, and so personify it as a number of deitites, including the mother goddess, Aldrya.

The mostali, called dwarves or Stone People, look like short, squat, bearded humans.  An utterly materialistic people who loathe all forms of individualism, they see the world as a broken machine which they must endlessly work to repair.  They get thier name from Mostal, the World Machine.  Human cannot understand this, and personify Mostal as the dead god who build the World Machine.  Reclusive, reactionary, and armed with technological weapons beyond the grasp of other Gloranthan cultures, the Mostali are friends to no one.

Glorantha's true dragons are immense and terrifying, beyond the comprehension of mortals.  For example, some mountain ranges are actually sleeping dragons.  Immature dragons appear as tailed, beaked humanoid lizards called dragonewts.  They attempt to perfect their spiritual essences through their own draconic form of mystical discipline; if they are successful, they are reincarnated into a higher form, closer to that of the true dragons.  The most alien of the major Elder Races, dragonewts are well known for the utterly incomprehensible behavior.

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Common Knowledge for Balazarings

Common Knowledge for Balazarings

Well-known characters:
  • Blueface – Most famous Shaman in Balazar
  • Cyriel Endelkar – Lunar merchant in Elkoi
  • Euryptus the Bold – Commander of the Lunar Elkoi Garrison
  • King Glyptus the Good – King of Elkoi and Lunar Puppet
  • Gon Orta – very old, very big, very famous giant
  • Queen Jocetis of Elkoi – Queen of Elkoi and Lunar by Birth, wife of Glyptus
  • Marusa the Shrew – Priestess of Jakeel the Witch (Lunar), in Elkoi.
  • Halycon Von Enkorth – Lunar Bureaucrat in Elkoi
  • Pay Surney – Orlanth Runepriest from Sartar (Lightbringer)
  • King Skillfil Heartpearcer – King of Dykene, Yelmalio Worshiper who keeps giant hawks
  • Starnia Stormrender – Hawk Flying female Lightson of Yelmalio, Daughter of King Skilfil
  • Taklong Woodheart – Aging Priest of Yelmalio
  • Torath Manover – Orlanth Runelord (Lightbringer) from Sartar

Well-Known Characters of Trilus Citadel
  • King Yalaring Monsterslayer – Well-liked King of Trilus, Former Hunter
  • Queen Vania - Warrior wife of Yalaring
  • Yalvann - Son & Heir of Yalaring (Age: 13)
  • Melisseria - Daughter of Yalaring (Age: 5)
  • Gan-Gan (Gandogandaring) - Son of Yalaring (Age: 3 Months)
  • Joh Mith – Issaries (Lightbringer) merchant from Sartar, lives in Trilus (but not often home), travels over the mountain to trade
  • Djimm Mith – Issaries Initiate & Son of Joh Mith runs the Stuck Pig Tavern in Trilus
  • Dushi Sone – Chalana Arroy Priestess (Lightbringer) in Trilus
  • Bluebird – Lankhor Mhy Sage
  • Rhegus Whitehair - Lunar Etyries Initiate, runs the Red Bear Lodge in Trilus

Characters from Glorantha
These are notable characters from other regions in Glorantha.
  • Arkat – Great hero of the first age revered by trolls.
  • King Bryon – Orlanthi King of Whitewall.
  • Cragspider – Troll Demi God who lives south of the Rockwood Mountains.
  • Kallyr Starbrow – Orlanthi Warrior and Sartarite rebel against Lunar Empire.
  • Red Emperor – God King of the Lunar Empire, Son of the Red Goddess

Places in Balazar
  • Balazar – Open untouched hunting lands populated with nomadic hunters (Balazarings - YOU).
  • Bear Hills – Hills to the north of Dykene, contain bear woods and firepoint
  • Bear Woods – Woods that are to the north east of Dykene and are the borders of Balazar
  • they contain elves and trolls.
  • Dangerground – An open plain which is the border between Balazar and the Elder Wilds
  • Dykene– Citadel in the south east of Balazar, also a tribe of the same name.
  • Dwerrow river – Large river that split the west and east plains of Balazar
  • Elder Wilds – Untouched wilds to north east of Balazar occupied by trolls , elves and other monsters.
  • Elf Sea – Large freshwater lake to the north of Balazar with no elves in it.
  • Elkoi – Citadel in the west of Balazar, also a tribe of the same name, Currently under Lunar occupation.
  • Festering Isle – A chaos infested island on the river of the damned.
  • Firepoint – Holy site to the cult of Hearth Mother in the Bear Hills.
  • Gork Hills – Hills in the northern elder wilds which are a troll stronghold.
  • Greatway – Mostali city in the western Rockwood Mountains.
  • Griffin Mountain – Large lone mountain in the Elder Wilds home to Griffins.
  • Lightbringers hall – A base of operations for the Orlanthi in Trilus.
  • Rockwood Mountains – Giant mountains to the south of Balazar.
  • Troll Hills – hills in the eastern elder wilds which are a troll stronghold, the trolls call them Tork hills.
  • Swim Here – Ford on the northern edge of the Dangerground.
  • Trilus – Citadel in central Balazar, also a tribe of the same name (Your tribe).

Places and Cultures in Glorantha

These are places and cultures in Glorantha which you may have heard of:
  • Aldryami – A forest borne culture of Elves, Dryads, Runners and Pixies.
  • Blue Moon Plateau – Troll Queendom within the Lunar Empire.
  • Boztakangs Empire – Rumoured Troll Empire of the North.
  • Broo – Evil rapacious chaotic goat men.
  • Blue Moon Plateau – Troll stronghold north of Prax and Satar.
  • Esrolia – Kingdom of civilized Orlanthi to the south of Satar, and part of the Holy country.
  • Elder Races – A term for the elves, trolls, Mostali, Dragonewts and a number of minor older races.
  • Filichet – A city which is the capital of Holay.
  • Glamour – Metropolis and Capital of the Lunar empire.
  • Heartlands – This term is used to refer to the heartlands of the Lunar Empire.
  • Holay – Orlanthi Kingdom to the west of Balazar, has been pacified by the lunars for a long time.
  • Hurtplace – Troll name for the surface world.
  • Imther – Kingdom to the north west of Balazar, has been pacified by the lunars.
  • Lunar Empire – Dominant Civilized Empire to the north west of Balazar.
  • Mostali – A race of immortal Dwarves.
  • Mrins Cross – This city is the Capital of the Lunar provinces.
  • Newtlings – A minor race of humanoid newts which are small and timid.
  • Orlanthi – Clan based people, who worship the storm gods opposed to lunar empire, also the worshippers of Orlanth
  • Pavis – Orlanthi City, next large ruins on the Zola Fel river in Prax.
  • Pent – Large Land of steppes to the north full of horsemen.
  • Prax – Desert and Chaparal land to the south of the Rockwood mountains, East of Sartar.
  • Redlands – Region between Lunar Empire and Pent.
  • Saird – Region of the Lunar Empire.
  • Satar – Orlanthi Kingdom to the south of the Rockwoods Mountains.
  • Shadow Plateau – Troll Stronghold south of Sartar, and part of the Holy country.
  • Tarsh – Orlanthi Kingdom to the south west of Balazar, has been pacified by the lunars.
  • Tusk Riders – Race of cruel and violent half troll mercenaries.
  • Whitewall – Last Orlanthi City to stand against the Lunar Empire.
  • Uz – Trolls name for themselves.
  • Votanki – Traditionalist humans of the Elder Wilds.


This is a list of Gods and cults (Those in BOLD are available for worship at start of game play)
  • Aldyra – Chief Goddess of the elves
  • Areana – Spider God of the trolls
  • Argan Argar – Trader God of the trolls
  • Balazar - Hero-Cult of Balazar (Sub-cult of Yelmalio)
  • Brother Dog - Dog Spirit & Companion God of Found-child
  • Cacodemon – Destructive Chaos god
  • Chalana Arroy – Healer God of the Storm Pantheon
  • Etyries - Lunar Goddess of Trade
  • Found-child – Hunter God of Balazar (Note: This is the most commonly worhipped god of your clan)
  • Gorakki – Troll Insect God
  • Hearth Mother – Women's God of Balazar
  • Humakt – Warrior god of Storm Pantheon
  • Krasht – Chaos of God of deceit, consumption and corruption
  • Issaries – Trader and Messenger God of Storm pantheon
  • Kygor Litor – Chief Troll Goddess
  • Lhankor Myh – Knowledge God of Storm Pantheon
  • Lightbringers - Group of Gods that worked together to return the Sun (Yelm) from Hell in the Godtime. Includes Chalana Arroy, Issaries, Lhankhor Myh, & Orlanth)
  • Orlanth – Chief God of Storm Pantheon
  • Seven Mothers – Most popular cult of the Lunar Empire
  • Stormbull – Chaos fighting God of the Storm Pantheon
  • Votanki - Son of Hearth-Mother & Hunter (pre-Balazar Ancestor Worship)
  • Yanafal Tarnis – Lunar God of war (Part of Seven Mothers)
  • Yelmalio – Warrior God of the Solar Pantheon
  • Xiola Umbar – Healer God of the trolls
  • Zong – Troll Hunting God
  • Zorak Zoran – Troll War God

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