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All about the Trilus Tribe
Clans of Trilus

All PCs start as members of the Thunder Lizard Clan.

There are currently 92 clans associated with the tribe of Trilus. This makes by far the largest tribe currently.  Over 60 of these are closely associated with the King and citadel and another 30 only really play lip service to being part of the tribe.

Notable Clans
  • Red Sable Clan – On of the first 5 clans of Trilus and the first clan to have a dynasty. They hunt across the west plain. They are still a strong and noble clan and always have been faithful to the tribe.
  • Black Wolf Clan – They were called Grey Wolf clan, until Wulgar killed Ganzar the young, and have called the black wolves since. They are a troublesome, violent clan who hunt in Elmswood west of moraks mound.
  • Barking Deer –  An original clan and a dynasty clan. They are a strong clan, but left the tribe during the reign of Gadaringer Dynasty, they joined in the Stavac uprising and have rejoined the tribe since. A conservative clan who value the opinions of shamans highly. They hunt on the borders of Oakwood on the east side of the Dwerror River.
  • Grey Fox – A smaller clan who grew in significance when Yalarni the Bear slew Ganani to claim kingship, the dynasty was relatively short lived but changed the profile of the clan. They hunt in north west Elmwood close to border with soldier ferry. In Gadaringer years this was useful as the clan fled into Imther more than once. The clan is very much back and involved the life of the tribe now Yalaring is King.
  • Brown Boar – An old and mighty clan who were one of the first, who hunt in Oakwood close to the Citadel of Trilus. The Gadaringer Dynasty came from this clan, but the clan is shamed by them and their actions. The clan is still acting as if performing penance for the dynasties actions.
  • Silver Hawk – An original clan and the clan of the current King Yalaring. the clan has historical moved hunting grounds often by has always been a loyal member of the tribe.
  • Thunder Lizard – One of the original five clans of Trilus, they have hunted across the West Plain for the last 400 years they are large and powerful clan. They have spawned 4 or 5 other clans in their time. They have never had a dynasty but often are seen as kingmakers.
  • Winter Bison- Lead by Koslar Strongarm a good friend of King Yalaring. This Oakwood clan are in favour at the moment and are some of the kings strongest supporters. The tribe has not had much significance before but is growing as it benefits from the King favour.
  • Running men – Lead buy Vulric Longrunner the running men have recently joined the tribe after they have left the tribe of Dykene. They are a plains clan who hunt on the East Plain close to High Bridge. Vulric is a skilled politician and he uses his clans change of allegiance for as many practical benefits as possible.
  • Sea Otter Clan – An old established clan who were tied in by marriage to the Gadaringer Dynasty, These fishermen are also pearl traders and the richest of the Trilus clans.  They also on good terms with King Yalaring and are keen to keep things that way.

Notable figures of the Tribe of Trilus

The tribe of Trilus has numbers of notable tribe members
  • King Yalaring – Current King of Trilus and former hunter, and young and vigorous man, who is very loyal to his family.
  • Ogolorph Windshaper – King Yalarings younger brother and a master hunter in his own right.
  • Willarna Oakbrow – Master hunters and a challengers for Great Hunter. She hunts out of the citadel at Trilus but is not part of the Silver hawk clan
  • Kolsar Strongarm – Elder of the Winter Bison clan and a large intimidating figure, one King Yalarings strongest allies in the clans.  A popular figures who was also one of the heroes of the Stavas uprising.
  • Vulric Longrunner – Charismatic and popular hunter, who has recently changed his allegiance from Dykene, Chieftain of the Running Men, is both a skilled politician and  a man of some Hubris.
  • Yotzar Demonbreath – Mature chief of the Thunder lizard clan, he is vastly experienced as a clan leader and doesn’t get overly excited about anything any more.  He is a calming influence on the tribe and someone Yalaring will turn to for advice. His name does not come from any mythic or magical powers but it is a holdover from the time when he told the clan that Skunk could be good eating. (Your Clan Leader)
  • Kolmor the Reaver – The head of the Blackwood clan who in reality are little more than bandits raiding their neighbours, whether they be part of the tribe or not.  However they are strangely loyal to the King and if directed can be useful allies
  • Karazar OneEye – Shaman of the Red Sable Clan who has strong connection to both the ancestors of his clan and the tribe. One of the best people to talk to if you want to research the history of the Trilus clan. He is faithful to his people but quite mercenary with outsiders and can charge a lot for his services to foreigners.
  • Balvani Heavyfoot –  A portly man who is by all regards a very bad hunter, but a powerful shaman who dwells at Turtle landing and has strong connections with the spirits of Dwerrow river. He is part of no clan but most of the clans in the area interact with him in a positive manner.  He is a happy man who seems to like all, and is very helpful to those who bring him large supplies of interesting food.

Mythic  Items

There are number of items which are part of Mythos  of the tribe of Trilus. The locations of none are currently known.

  • Vostors Axe – The great axe that Vostor Wielded at the battle of Falling Hills, it was last reported in the reign of Morvan the Dread
  • Cloak of Yalarni – Cloak of the King Yalarni the bear which has the legendary power to change the wearer into a bear.
  • Seal of Sheng Seleris – The royal seal of Sheng Seleris gifted to the King of Trilus upon the his tribute and his declaration of loyalty, gives the owner magical power of leadership, authority and fear.
  • Vazaars Dagger – The Dagger Vazaar used to murder his older brother, has the ability to cut through armour like butter.
  • Yaloris Twosticks – Strangely this items is actually a magical pouch, which is full of up to 10 new minted EWF silvers every day

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