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Mon 24 Apr 2017
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Rules And Such!
Dice Rolls:
We will use the built-in rpol dice roller. I am usually a rules light GM, meaning that if I think your character can do something easily I will not ask you to roll. If the outcome is uncertain or if it is an opposed roll versus another Pc (or Npc) I will ask for a roll.

Now this is a game, not your life, so as long as you post three to four times a week that is fine by me. If you find the game entertaining (which I hope you do!) & wish to post more often please feel free. If you are to be away for an extended period of time and/ or without Internet access please drop me a PM.

If real life rears its ugly head or you lose interest in the game that is fine by me as well, however, if you could please let me know so I may find a replacement player I would appreciate it greatly.

Now as far as posting itself:

I would like you to post in third person past tense if you would. Some people like to use a colored type to represent their speech/ dialogue. That is fine but not necessary. All thoughts should be in Italics though.

I want everyone to have fun & do not expect long posts every time, but please try to refrain from the over use of one line posts where appropriate. Also, everyone should have access to a spell checker or at least a dictionary. Try to avoid spelling errors when possible.

OOC: This thread should be used to discuss Out of character & out of game material. Please use it in this manner. If you have an Out of Character question pertaining to the current thread & your character or to record combat info please do so at the end of the thread like the example below:

Copy and Paste from Die Roller like:

09:52, Sun 09 Oct: Ovo Goldenshield rolled 6 using 1d20+3.  Ovo's Axe Attack.

Please use th Orange Text to denote OOC text.

Rules To Be Used

D&D 5th Ed along with Adventures In Middle Earth by Cubicle 7.

I want everyone to have fun & enjoy themselves. Please respect each other & me. If anyone has a problem please PM the party along with myself & we will work things out. Just keep it civil & we will have no problems. Cheers
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Wed 26 Apr 2017
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Rules And Such!
Optional Rules:

First off Inspirations: In 5th Ed it says you can never have more than one. Middle Earth seems all about heroes doing great deeds because they are inspired by each other, ideals, the want to fight the Shadow. So I'm thinking of raising this limit. I am thinking of allowing each and every character to have up to three. Remember 1st lvl characters automatically start with 2.

Critical Hits: I am thinking of only characters/ PC's only having critical hits on a natural roll of 20. It seems the heroes in the books were able to deal out great amounts of damage while they were able to withstand many/ multiple blows and continue fighting. That is not to say PC's can't die because they can but it just makes this a little harder. Think of Boromir's stand.

Now when monsters roll natural 20's they can claim a call shot which allows them to use a special quality from there weapons (e.g. an Orc's bent sword allows a disarm attempt- Str check vs strength check). This way they still can get benefits from a natural 20 but makes it less lethal.

Fumbles: When you roll a natural 1 one or two things can happen- 1.) you may stumble/ over extend yourself (Roll a dex check vs DC 10) and therefore you loss your next round action recovering. I will allow to keep your Dex mod for AC unless you roll another 1 on the save; 2.) your strike is so poor you may notch your blade! Roll a Save verus DC 15 for normal blades, DC 10 for dwarf Forged blades, and if magical they get to add their pluses to the saving throw and always save at DC 10.
Notched blades are minus to 1 to damage so if you roll 1d8 for damage and roll a 1 it is zero damage. Can still add str mod to damage. The weapon must be fixed using smith's tools and takes a long rest to do so. Aplayer character proficient in smith tools can do so for free. A smith in town will charge a number of copper pennies of the weapon's original value to fix it. Magic weapons must be reforged in places of power like Erebor or Rivendell.

For Bows if saved is made only the string is broken. If it fails the bow itself. Regular bows save at a DC 10 Elven bows DC 5.

Shields Shall Be Splintered: With my house-rule, you get the usual +2/4 to your AC with a shield. However, any time you take damage, you can opt instead to say your shield absorbed the force of the blow. The shield is shattered and must be discarded, but you don't take any damage from that hit. It's quick, it's easy, and it's valuable. You may see the roll of damage before you declare using it. In some instances like vs dragons breath you may say the shield absorbs this allowing you an automatic save for half damage but your shield id burnt and useless.
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Wed 26 Apr 2017
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Rules And Such!
I found this on the web and liked it!

Invisibility and the Unseen realm in Middle-earth for 5e

In the world of Middle-earth invisibility works differently than in most 5e settings. Invisibility occurs when the subject has moved partially into the Unseen realm (also called the 'wraith-world'), but invisible beings still cast shadows in direct light.

Most physical creatures exist in the Seen realm, but wraiths and other beings may exist primarily in the Unseen realm. They cannot see into the Seen realm, but rely on other senses; wraiths, for example, can smell the blood of the living.

Elves exist in both the Seen and Unseen realms, although in the Unseen realm they appear as shapes of bright light. However, they do not see into the Unseen realm (normally).


An invisible creature:

has disadvantage to attack rolls and vision-based Wisdom (Perception) checks against targets in the Seen realm.

The Unseen Realm is equivalent to the Ethereal Plane for the purposes of spells and other game-play rules.
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Sat 29 Apr 2017
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Rules And Such!
Before I go to bed I wanted to run another optional rule for you all to ponder and weigh in on in the OOC thread if you will.

I wanted to introduce Fellowship Points much like Hope in The One Ring RPG. Inspiration would still be earned and used by the individual, or even given to another, but Fellowship points can be used by anyone in the Fellowship.

Fellowship Points would be similar to Hero Points of old. When used they could add a 1d6 to any roll, including attacks, saving throws, and skill checks. The Fellowship Points are calculated the same way Hope is calculated in The One Ring.

One per member of the Fellowship + one for every Hobbit. Which is nice in this adventure. Now this could make the game a little less lethal and allow for more heroic actions. The catch is the first is free to use but each there after requires a Shadow/ Corruption check and once gone they're gone until the after the Fellowship Phase is over and new Adventure Phase begins. Think it over and let me know.