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Thu 4 May 2017
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Foes That Would Freeze His Heart!
Guzbash, a great orc of Gunabad, stood on a rock looking down upon the Great East Road. He turned to those below him and pointed!

"*Gimb avhe Dunedain! Thrak naj-ri avo alnej... or aav leaukav hiuk kok."

A small orc... called a snaga by their brothers asked.


"Anunir, ***ukon ro Aurion! Go!" Guzbash shouted, his voice was rich and guttural, it cracked and boomed like rolling thunder!

*Find the Dunedain! Bring him to me... or at least his head!"
***son of

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Mon 15 May 2017
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Foes That Would Freeze His Heart!
The Three bounders were doing there best to keep alert. All three knew the party in Bucklebury had been going all day and the sun had set hours ago. Merimac Brandbuck's name day no less! They had not even been relieved yet. Those who were coming probably stopped by for an ale or two.

"If'n it gets any later... I'm fer Bucklebury meself. Wot say ya two eh? Better ta seek relief methinks then jus sit here n' do nu'thin." said Bungo and Senior Bounder O' The Gate!

"I suppose! But nay take yer sweet time. I want sum o' those pastries n' sum baked mutton besides... n' that special nut brown ale." answered Tilman.

"Quiet!" hissed the third Bounder. "I think I hear... sum'such jus outside the gate!"

All was quiet for a few breaths and they all knew then that they had been holding their own!

"See! Nu'thin! Jus wot I... " started Bungo but he was intrerupted!

Then there was a... BOOM!

"Wot?" said Bungo!
"Who?" said Tilman!
The third's shout was overcome by another...

BOOM!... then there was a third followed closely by the fourth and last!

The gate splintered and one side fell inward hanging on but one hinge!

Goblins flooded in, screaming and shouting as they came! The bounders grabbed for their stout clubs and the "Battle Of Gate" ensued! Bungo shouted encouragement and landed a solid blow to the first goblin to meet him. Tilman stooped and picked a nice round stone. He sent it bouncing off another goblin's skull, stopping it in it's tracks. The third bounder... thought only to warn Bucklebury ran for the horn! Two black shafted arrows took him in the back. He was dead before he hit the ground!

Bungo's second swing was parried deftly by his second foe but it was the third goblin who slipped his bent sword betwixt the Hobbits ribs! Tilman took out his second goblin with another well placed stone but the Bounder was then over run by overwhelming numbers. Bent swords hacked and stabbed until the poor hobbit's screams were silenced.

"Now wot!" said one of the goblins, his sword stained red in the dim lantern's light.

The biggest of the lot came forward.

"Snaga!" he said and soon a stooped mishapened goblin came forth.

"Wot master? Wot.. ya want me find?" it said bobbling his head.

"Gimb avhe dúnadan" the big goblin said with a snarl! "Gimb naj-ri faukav! Noav gimb... jiak drepa lat!"

"Yesss master! I find! I find!" the Snaga said, as he moved out hunched over, pausing ever so often to test the air or sniff the ground before him. Ever southward he went and the goblins followed...