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Birds Of A Feather!
The camp was well off the the road and sheltered by great oaks and elms. Their was a rise of stone that hid most of the light from their fire. The score of rough men who sat around it or stood watch were not unused to being out of doors nor camping under the stars. Though not one of them were from the area they now traveled. they had come at the bidding of another. All the way from far off Dunland which was their home. Why would they have come so far then? The answer was easy... the promise of coin... the promise of revenge.

There was a hushed conversation around the fire. they were waiting on someone or something. Alas came the squawking they had been awaiting! This was followed by the coming of the birds... the big black crow-like birds known in the lands about Dunland as Crebain. So, hence they came swooping in on the camp and moving about to find a place to rest and rost.

Finally, one landed next to a dark but handsome fellow. It landed upon his broad shoulder and cawed... and bobbed his head up and down in an almost gleeful manner.

"Wot's it say'n?" said one of the warriors curious to the news the Crebain spy carried.

The handsome man smiled and nodded to the branch over his head. as if on cue the Crebain took his place upon that branch.

"My eyes have spotted a halfling... with a dwarf on the Great East Road. They travel west... toward the land called the Shire by folk here about."

"That's the place is not?" called another of his men.

"Aye! The very place! The place the hobbit resides... to gain our coin we must have him as well. Alive if possible... dead... less coin but coin least ways." said the handsome leader. "Why? Because he is the friend of a certain... wizard. That wizard has enemies... those enemies want a way to him. This halfling may be the easiest way to do this very thing."

The Crebain squawked loudly as if the bird agreed with his master. No doubt it did...

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