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The Story Thus Far!
And So It Begins!
The two chief conspirators, Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins came up with a way to light a fire under his cousin Merimac Brandybuck and prod him out of the Shire and on the road to adventure. King Bard will be holding a celebration marking the five year anniversary of the death of Smaug in the city of Dale. Bilbo was invited but has decided against it. Gandalf and he think that the next best thing is sending an Emissary. Those being Merimac Brandybuck and Paladin Took.

Now to help them on their way Bilbo and the old conjuror decide they would require allies and safe havens to rest upon the way. These places were picked noting where Bilbo had some influence and/ or friendship with the person in question. Also gaining/ collecting the signatures to give to Balin at Lonely Mountain.

The Hobbit-Friends are as follows:

Mister Tom Butterbur of the Prancing Pony, Bree (Grandfather of Barliman)

Master Elrond of Rivendell, the Last Homely House (At Rivendell)

Beorn, Chieftain of the Beornings (At Beorn's House)

And lastly, the very fellow who pushed Master Baggins himself out the door all but five years ago, Gandalf, the Conjuror (Wandering about, to be introduced when the opportunity calls for it.)

Upon the successful collection of these four (4) signatures, and upon handing this piece of parchment to Balin, son of Fundin, the party shall be rewarded by the dwarf most handsomely indeed.

It did not stop there. Bilbo decided to throw a party for his emissaries and Gandalf had invited a dwarf, one Aundion Silverbeard who would act as protector and guide. At the party, Bilbo sprung the idea on Merimac and Paladin who both accepted the challenge. Unexpectedly Hummond Goldworthy, Bilbo's cook, decided to go along to act as their servant, cook, and would-be protector.

Meanwhile, Gandalf had reached Bree. According to plan, The Grey Pilgrim would go ahead of the party, sizing up difficulties and garnering more help. He did so in Bree. Gandalf approached a dwarf, Roin Son of Rorin, to help the Hobbits. He was to meet them in Buckland and help Aundion to guide them/ protect them as the dwarfs were both heading to Erebor anyway. Unbeknownst to anyone, Gandalf also enlisted the aid of Anunir son of Aurion a Dunedain Ranger to act as a guide. The Ranger did so stealthily until he reached Brandybuck.

As this was going on, the Hobbits and dwarf set out from the Shire using the Bucklebury Ferry to reach Buckland and Brandy Hall. Once there The Fellowship made it Brandy Hall where Roin had already arrived (as did Anunir secretly of course). they all gathered for Merimac's Name Day the following day. During the festivities Hum helped bake a great cake, Paladin won the archery contest, Roin found pipes/ rumors about a helm he carried, and Aundion forged Hum a suit of mail. The party was interrupted by a warg attack that The Fellowship killed. An Bilbo Baggins, on his way to his Cousin's Name Day, made it to Brandy Hall and warned everyone that a group of Goblins had forced their way through the high gate and was attacking Crickhallow. The party responded, killing the goblins and healing those that they may. During this fight, Anunir revealed himself, aided the Fellowship, and it was found out these Goblins were in pursuit of the ranger himself.

The next day, the Fellowship headed out for Bree with The Master Of Buckland's blessing. They had no mishaps but encountered an overturned wagon with a dwarf pinned under it. The party helped remove the wagon, heal the dwarf, and return his skittish horses. The dwarf explained the horses were spooked by a big flock of blackbirds which in turn overturned the wagon. The next morning the dwarf headed to Hobbiton to aid Bilbo with locks at Bag End. The Fellowship then made it to Bree the next day, where our story resumes.

Meanwhile back at Bree Erling celebrating his going away and becoming an adventurer met Anunir before he left for the Shire. Together they stopped the local bully at the Prancing Pony. Anunir then talked with Erling and Gamwhich, a local scholar and healer. The pair make mention that they will be going to the Midge Marshes to find some healing plants. The Ranger asks them to keep an eye open for an ancient hold of his ancestors that was reported to be out there. Two days later Gam and Erling head out to gather the plants.

Our story is now up to date. I will get with the new players to help with making their characters and giving them hooks to join the party. As Anunir has not returned and Paladin's player wishes to play Erling, I will make both Paladin and Anunir NPC's. Paladin will return to the Shire with Sting but Anunir will accompany them as a guide until they reach the outskirts of Rivendell, as he promised Gandalf he would. Somewhere outside of Rivendell, The Fellowship will meet Earendil which becomes their new guide and the one that will take them across the Misty Mountains. I am hoping that the other new player will be finished in time to meet at Bree.

Wow, this is fairly lengthy but it will bring everyone back up to date, including the new players without having to reread the old threads. You can if you want to as there is some excellent writing there. I just thought a refresher would help since it has been such a long time since we have gamed together. I hope this helps! Blessings! :)

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