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Thu 27 Apr 2017
at 05:30
Original characters ONLY. The classic characters will be NPC's. Sorry.

I want a good mix of races, so I prefer for anyone submitting an Outsider to also submit a native Nonestica secondary concept as well.
Okay I want to know a few things. These must all be filled out.

1. Name:
2. Race:
3. Gender:
5. Age:
6. Character Concept:
7. Any pictures goes right here.
8. Brief Background:
9. Brief Personality:

10. Familiarity with the Savage Worlds rules (if any).
11. How often can you post ?
12. What do you want to see happen to your character arcs, or events ?
13. Do you work well with others ?
14. What is your Timezone ? ( I ask this so I know when the multitude of people will be one)
15. Anything here you do not want to see in RP, triggers etc ?

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Thu 27 Apr 2017
at 05:39
If you have access to the Battle for Oz or Wonderland No More Savage Worlds books that is a plus. Familiarity with the Savage Worlds rules set is also a plus, but I am willing to teach new players.

I will be walking you through character creation.

All Races mention in the Creation thread are open. Depending on what I get as character concepts I hope to have a good little mix in the party.