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A Brief Introduction
Greetings, this game is setup to be a long running campaign saga.  I have every intention of seeing it through and I expect the first book to take all the way to the end of the year with a steady posting rate.  The second book will probably fill up the following year and run even longer given the nature of higher level games progressing a bit more slowly in a pbp format.  With that rough framework in mind, this is expected to be a 2 - 2.5 year endeavor.

The premise for the saga itself is well established.  I will be using Books I and II of the The Drow War Saga written by Adrian Bott and published by Mongoose Gaming in 2005.  It was distributed under an Open Game License and a D20 license but not specifically written for DnD 4th edition.  I have converted much of the material for use with 4th edition and have actually game tested the initial chapters in a pbp format previously and it crossed over well.

There are also actually 3 books but I only have the 1st 2.  Given the length of time I am projecting this to take, I am certain that should this game go very well I will be able to acquire the third book again somewhere along the way.  Using it however would certainly extend this to a 3-4 year endeavor.  So something to keep in mind.

Your DM
Name: J.D.
Age: 38
RP Experience: 24 years

I have spent the better part of those 24 years as a DM for every edition of D&D except for the newer 5th edition.  It should be mentioned that this is my first attempt at a game in a few years.  That is essentially the reason why I am choosing to use 4th edition instead of trying to teach myself 5th and adjust 12 year old material accordingly.  I am very fluent and comfortable with running 4th edition in a pbp format as I have a very tried and true style with it.

That said, my style with 4e in pbp is somewhat distinct and it might not be for everyone.  I've never actually had anyone have a problem with it to date however.  You can see all of that information on the House of Styl post which explains my methods a bit more in depth.

As of right now, I am finishing up with the spring semester of school.  This next week will be very busy as I prepare for finals.  Summer classes don't start up until June so I will have a nice open schedule for about a month to ensure this game is off to a strong start.

Book 1: The Gathering Storm

The game starts with 5-6 lvl 1 player characters.  See the Character Creation post for details on character expectations.  The entire game world was created for the saga, therefore it is considered largely homebrew and does not have much source material outside of the actual game books to go from.  I will be providing much of the source material that would be useful as general knowledge or as it pertains to story elements which does include PC origins and backgrounds.  You can find information blurbs regarding this in the Character Creation post.  I want to emphasize that the PCs are actually not relegated to any specific homeworld for their origin given the fact that the opening RP sequence involves the PCs being mysteriously summoned.  Your character could have been plucked out of a massive battle in Westoros (GoT fans anyone?) or he/she could have been downing an ale at a roadside inn somewhere in the Forgotten Realms.  Maybe you have your own world you'd like to use as an origin, maybe you just played the character in a different game and it ended abruptly.  You can be as creative with your background as you wish to be.

The first book is 12 chapters long and is expected to take your characters from level 1 to level 10.  I can tell you from repeated experience with it that it starts off very slowly and is largely roleplay and story-centric at the beginning.  It begins to pick up steadily around chapter 5 and remains fairly action packed from there entirely depending on how the PCs decide to go about things.  This brings me finally to your opening flavor text:

At first, it feels as if you must be dreaming. The sense of
dislocation, the giddiness, the feeling of flying rapidly through
space, all add to the unreality. Where are you? What were you
doing a moment ago? These thoughts arise in your mind, as
if you were half-awake, on the borderlands of consciousness.
Perhaps you have been knocked senseless, or poisoned with
some hallucinogenic drug. One thing is certain; you are in a
strange place and you do not remember how you came here.
What you can see before you is as clouded and vague as the
contents of your mind. There seems to be nothing but mist,
swirling in eddies around you, with a suggestion of huge
shapes briefly glimpsed through it. The mist is cold on your
face and with a start you realise that this is no dream. You are
here, physically here in your body, fully dressed and carrying
your equipment. There is wet grass beneath your feet. You
feel no pain, so it stands to reason that you were not knocked
out and dragged here. How, then, did you come to be here?

Alone in the mist, you wonder why you do not feel more afraid.
There is a presence here, something old and comforting, like a
childhood memory.
The mist begins to clear. In the faint light of a new day, you see
the huge forms that you glimpsed before. They are megaliths
standing stones that tower over you, set into the form of a
circle. This place is achingly familiar to you, yet you have
never been here before.
Through the thinning mists, you see that you are not alone.
There are others here, and by the look of them, they are as
surprised to find themselves here as you are.

You stand beside one of six megaliths arrayed in a perfect hexagon around you.  Standing some 12-15 feet high, they hum with a soft vibration as if stirred by some unseen source of energy.  They are smooth to the touch and comprised entirely of dark, glossy stone.  Each monolith is 30 feet apart and 60 feet directly across from it's geometric opposite.  There is grass on the ground but the ground itself is uneven and ashen as if it were lavarock or some kind of charred coral reef.  The sound of surf splashing against rock can be heard all around you and somewhat lower than your position.

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