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Character Creation Template and RTJ
Let's hit the basics first to make it easy...

Starting Level: 1st

Expected Level: 20th

Races Allowed: This is open to my discretion.  I don't like to restrict character options too much so am willing to consider any submission but I reserve the right to refuse or offer alternatives on a case by case.

Classes Allowed: See Races.

Stats:  Standard Array.

Equipment: As per normal starting 1st level characters.  See below for details on choosing your "signature item".

Books Allowed: All of the core books, powers books, and campaign books.  There are no restrictions on source material for your written background.  The game begins with you being summoned/reincarnated to the world of Ashfar.  This doesn't mean you had to have died in the previous realm but in a metaphorical sense your life no longer exists there.  You can also be from Ashfar.  If you want information on Ashfar to help with background I am able to provide it.  I have access to a lot of earlier Dragon and Dungeon magazine so I will treat that source on a case by case.  You must ask me first.

Religions: There is a dedicated pantheon in Ashfar (actually 2) but since characters are allowed to be from any world technically, then any religion is fine.  Your character will no longer be divinely linked to their deity however, as the deities in other worlds have no power in Ashfar.  You instead become spiritually connected to the deity in Ashfar that best resembles your previous one.  This won't be immediately known or understood but there will be clues that can work it out in roleplay.  If you want to be from Ashfar, I can provide details on deities that would be suitable.  https://adventuresinkalamar.pb.../page/1442632/Ashfar is a good starting source.  Don't pay attention to anything under the list of religions.

Alignments:  I would prefer non-evil but alignment is such a basic idea in my opinion.  If you can justify a selfish nature that might be considered evil yet not be a detriment to a PC group I'd consider it.

Backgrounds:  These are disallowed for this game.  This campaign builds from an astrological premise.  You will be choosing a patron star to be incarnated under.  This is further detailed below.

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Signature Item
So what exactly is a signature item?

The concept of this is a bit involved but I'll try to be brief.  The idea of this campaign concept is that each of your characters is attached to a legend which dates back to the origins of known history.  This saga - The Starborn Saga - has repeated itself multiple times over the course of the world's history.  Decades will pass until evil once more shifts the balance of events thus requiring the patrons to yet again choose their heroes who will rise to face it.  Those heroes fulfill the legends and those legends wield timeless relics that attune only to them.

To all other peoples of the world, friend and foe alike, these relics are mundane and relatively useless.  Left to rot or collect dust in some empty tomb, field of battle or forgotten ruin where former heroes lay beside them.  They lay there in wait for the next hero to come.  When that hero draws near, a mystical force draws them closer and once the discovery is made the item becomes attuned to them.

Once you find your relic, it will increase in power as you do and will be a mainstay in your arsenal until your time in this world ends where it will lie in wait again for your predecessor.

You can choose what this item is.  It should be something that fits your character and something you will most definitely use permanently.  It can be a weapon, a suit of armor, a shield, a ring, an amulet, a cloak, a pair of boots.  The following attributes are applied upon first coming into possession of your signature item:

  • It is completely ordinary and non-magical in the hands of anyone else but you.
  • At level 1, the item once in your possession is equivalent to a level 2 magic item.
  • Each time your character levels, the item also gains an additional level.
  • The item itself always remains the same type of item but every time your character levels you can decide to change it's properties to an equivalent level magic item.  So +1 hunting beast hide armor can become +1 predator hide armor when your character levels up.

The campaign design is setup so that every PC should have found their item by level 2 at the latest.  The hope is that one item is found per game session.  Clues will be presented in the form of subplots that mostly run parallel to the main storyline.  Everything as always relies on how things play out in actual gameplay.

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Patron Stars
The concept of Patron Stars is rooted deeply in the pseudoscience of Astrology.  If you like to read horoscopes whether as a serious interest or just for fun than this concept might actually be appealing to you.  Otherwise, it's simply a different spin on backgrounds.  You could say these are the specific backgrounds for Ashfar even if your character might not originate from this world.  The narrative reason for this is that your character is actually reincarnated into the world of Ashfar through the essence of a single Patron Star.

The lore - or legends - surrounding the Heroes of Ashfar often refers to them as "The Starborn".  The cosmic forces at work here are the opposing forces of light and darkness.  The patron stars, though diverse in nature, all represent the side of life and the freedom to live it.  The opponent to the stars is what is known as "The Host".  The Host is the force of darkness, the antithesis to life.  It is only when the Host begins to surge in power and gain ground within the world of Ashfar that the Starborn are incarnated from the essence of the Patron stars to restore the balance.

The Great Wolf
Auspice of the New Year
Constellation: A wolfs head with a single bright star forming the gleam in it's eye.
The first month of the year begins when the winter is harshest and ends as the cold and dark begins to wane.  To survive this month as either a newly born or bearer of child is considered a sign of great strength and toughness.  Those who are linked to the essence of the Great Wolf tend to be practical and stern with an intolerance for weakness.  They are fiercely protective of their few true friends and allies and more guarded than others toward those they do not know.

The Unicorn
Month of the Melt, Winter's End
Constellation: A horn or an icicle depending on how you look at it with the brightest star at the tip.
It is said by the elven peoples that when the first snows begin to melt, a mythical unicorn gallops across all of the world to signify the end of winter.  To catch a glimpse of this majestic beast is an omen of great luck for the rest of the year.  People born under the auspice of the unicorn are enthusiastic, keen and direct.  They can be obsessive about their goals and will let nothing stop them when their mind is set to something.  They are easily bored and agitated by delays or a lack of action/direction.

The Delver
The Planting Month, Patron of the Dwarves
Constellation: Some say the stars align in the shape of a shovel, any dwarf will argue that it is in fact a hammer.
The third month is the beginning of spring when the soil has softened after the final melting away of winter.  This is the time when farmers sow their fields and plant for the next harvest.  To be born under the delver's sign is to be curious and inquisitive with a desire to look below the surface and discover the hidden truths.  Often hard working and diligent, they tend to be positive people if not somewhat obnoxious in their constant curiosity.

The Wave
First Rains
Constellation: A cluster of stars that is interpreted as rushing water.
Flooding is most common this time of year as the rains come persistently following the full thaws of spring.  It is also a time of bloom as trees and vegetation across the lands come alive and flourish.  Many fishing villages and seafaring folk celebrate this month as it marks the beginning of their industry's season.  People under this sign can often be considered cunning and shallow, though deceptively charming.  On the other hand,
 they can also tend to be more graceful and empathetic than others.

The Satyr
End of Spring, Sign of Lovers
Constellation: On certain nights the stars seem to align in the symbol of a harp, on other nights it looks more like a bow.
The end of spring is regarded as the time for weddings and great hunts in many rural communities.  Everything is in full bloom and the blood of men and animal alike runs hot with a renewed zest for life.  Being born under this sign means you live life to the fullest.  Some see them as impulsive and brash, taking very little seriously.  They are full of humor and excitement but when crossed they can be a cruel and fickle breed.

The Rose
Beginning of Summer
Constellation: A fully bloomed rose on a single stalk with a single thorn as it's brightest point.
The first month of summer is a time to celebrate beauty and the rose is the symbol of all things beautiful.  The thorn however is just as significant as it represents the dangers of becoming lost to beauty and how even the most beautiful things can be deadly.
  Those with this auspice are usually very physically attractive, charming and often manipulative.  They tend to shine in roles of leadership as others generally enjoy their company and listen to what they have to say.  There are some that take advantage of this,
 thus the thorn.

The Firedrake
Midsummer, Month of Flame
Constellation: A winged dragon, on the hottest nights more stars appear to light up as if to indicate the dragon is breathing fire across the sky.
In the old texts, dragons are often referred to as drakes and firedrakes were the most ferocious amongst them.  The old stories tell of firedrakes coming to the towns of men and demanding tributes, sometimes even sacrifices.  This always happened on the first days of midsummer month, the seventh month of the year.  Herds and crops were at their fullest then and coffers were full from spring and summer festivals.  Many don't trust those born under the sign of the firedrake as they are unfairly criticized as callous and greedy.  While in some cases that may hold true, they can also be very rational and calculating - sometimes very difficult to read.  Deep thoughts are concealed behind calm and placid expressions and they can hold a grudge for a lifetime before acting on revenge.

The Reaper
The Equinox, Celebration of Death, End of Summer
Constellation: A rather large scythe
Days are longest in the summer and the Equinox marks the midpoint when the days begin to become shorter and shorter throughout the rest of the year.  It is suggested in folklore that this is the point when darkness begins to seep back into the land and with darkness comes the Host.  With the Host, comes death.  This is why many peoples across the land hold candle light vigils and celebrate the lives of loved ones lost in years past.
 Common superstition regards those born under this sign to be marked by the Host, a bad omen.  This is rarely true but those with this auspice are often strong-willed, bullheaded and prone to rash actions.  They want to win at all costs.

The Flail
First Harvest, Autumn's Dawn
Constellation: Two broad lines of stars connected by a cluster to signify chain links.
Both a weapon and a tool for harvest, the rising of the flail in the night sky signifies the beginning of the scourge of the darker months ahead.  The ninth month is both a somber and a busy one as fields are plowed and the first preparations for winter are being made.  Those whose sign is the flail are meticulous, dutiful and focused.  They tend to stick doggedly to tasks and value their achievements.  Many apprenticeships, from tradeskillers to practitioners of magic, come to an end under the sign of the flail.  It is a sign of lessons learned and hard work paying off.

The Spinner
The Month of Winds, The Web of Fate
Constellation: A massive collection of stars that represent the form of a spider, with eight small clusters for eyes.
The middle month of autumn and the tenth month of the year is widely regarded as the most fateful month of the year.  It is likened to a spider choosing where and how large to build her web for that determines her fate.  Spinners churn wool into heavy cloth for the coming winter and food is stored, homes are shored up for potential blizzards.  Another interpretation of the spider's sign is mystery and magic.  It is a time when things can go very unexpectedly wrong.  Those born during "The Web of Fate" are either cautious or nervous, sometimes both.  They like to consider all angles before taking decisive action.

The Spectre
The Blood Harvest, End of Autumn, The First Chill
Constellation: The stars align in the form of a ghostly figure, it's brightest stars changing randomly each night.
The vision people see in the night sky during this month are different for everyone yet it remains chilling in every interpretation.  Some believe that the more ghostly the vision, the more likely you don't survive the winter.  The first day of the month is marked by a blood harvest, when animals are slaughtered so their meats can be salted and preserved for winter.  By the end of the month the first chill has claimed it's first victims.  Unlike the end of summer when death is celebrated, the end of autumn is when death is most feared.  It is widely rumored that the souls of the dead return to the world of men during this month to make sure they are not forgotten.  Those born to this sign mature quickly, seem wiser than their years and have very cynical outlooks.

The Watchman
The Darkest Days, Winter's Birth
Constellation: A lantern is held aloft in the sky with the three brightest stars of the entire year marking it's flame.
The lantern is the symbol of hope as the days grow shorter and the nights bring with them the coldest winds and darkest gloom.  Surprisingly, the first month of winter is embraced by most as a time of genuine good will.  People tend to look after each other more and bards sing tales of bravery and goodness beside the warmth of tavern fireplaces across all the land.  End of year celebrations tend to be festive and full of gift giving and humanity.  Those born under the watchman are stoic and confident.  Whereas the month of the Rose produces charismatic leaders, the month of the Watchmen produces natural leaders. They have the wit and steadfastness to confront any hardship and know how to give rise to the courage of others.

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Requesting to Join
I intentionally put my preferred format for your RTJ (Request to Join) at the bottom for possibly obvious reasons.  For one thing I want to make sure you've at least skimmed the important parts of character creation so you have a decent idea of what you are joining.  Another reason is because I am not accepting anyone into the game right away.

I have finals next week (5/8 - 5/11 to be exact) and the nature of the material I have to study and prepare for is going to be an excessive drain on my mental faculties.  I will be able to answer questions and review submissions in part but I will neither be immediately responsive nor entirely focused on launching this game until finals are over.

So that being said, feel free to take your time with your character submissions.

FYI (part 1)

Statement of Age:
  This is just an FYI thing since I am running this under a mature rating.  It helps me to tailor the level of maturity I might consider to use.

Time Zone:  Yet another FYI sort of thing.  I like to have a good idea of when players are generally able to check the boards and make posts.

Availability to Post:  I'm interested in two things here.  Days/week or times/day you can post.  Days/week or times/day you can actually read other posts and make a quality response.  There are no wrong answers here, this has everything to do with matching my pace with everyone else's pace.

Experience with 4E:
  Again no wrong answers.  If you are new to the system don't feel ashamed.  Access to the PHB is the only must.

Character Submission (part 2)


Build: This can be abstract if you aren't entirely decided on a set path.  My intent here is to see if you are thinking this concept through to the higher levels and what that involves.

Concept:  This is essentially just a summary as if you (the actual real life player) were trying to explain to me (the actual real life person running the game) what you are wanting to portray.  You can use mechanics and game terms or tell me about the character in a 3rd person narrative.

Description/Background:  You can treat this as a writing sample.  This is entirely 3rd person narrative.  You don't have to be a crazy talented writer.  I'm not a member of the grammar police either but I do always encourage the use of amazing tools such as spell checkers, sort of like the one that's built in to rpol's posting field.  I will reiterate that your character's background can be generated from any source world but I will be making notes from this information on how to transition you into Ashfar.

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