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House of Styl (DM Rules & Errata)
A lot of this is purely informational.  Some things may be added before game start.

* Block Initiative and On Behalf Rolls:

I always handle initiative the same way.  Every PC has an initiative roll with their own inherent bonuses added.  I roll for the enemy as a group.  Every PC is then placed in a block with other PCs based on whether they roll higher or lower than the enemy block.  It looks something like this:

Block 1: PCs that rolled higher than Enemy block
Enemy Block: The block where the enemies act in.
Block 2: PCs that rolled lower than Enemy block.

Note that in some cases of either exceptional or horrible rolls, there may be only a block 1 or only a block 2.  That is to say, there might be cases where all PCs roll higher than the enemy block and there might be cases where the enemy block rolls higher than all PCs.

A side note about On Behalf Rolls:  I will sometimes roll on your behalf purely for sake of keeping the game moving.  I feel like generally most players are ok with this as the thrill of rolling dice is by and large a tabletop thing.  Rolling dice online is more of an RNG thing that is rarely enjoyable in my opinion.  Some events such as Attacks of Opportunity, surprise initiative and passive skill checks will always be rolled on behalf but this will be pointed out to you clearly.

* Critical Success/Fail Charts:

I will be using a critical results chart for critical hit/fail scenarios.  This will work both ways, if a player scores a critical hit/fail against an enemy or if an enemy scores a critical hit/fail on a player.  Many, but not all, critical injuries can be treated with an extended rest or successful Heal check.  It's entirely RNG and is meant to add a sense of realism/embellishment to a rare condition of extremely good or bad luck.  I do give extra xp points as a bonus if some of the scenarios are roleplayed well.  The charts will be provided and if you feel like any of the possibilities are too extreme or gamebreaking I am more than happy to consider your argument to remove them.

* Game Management:

I rely on a heavy mix of record keeping and referential data to keep campaigns that I run accurate and well managed.  I have in the past used a webpage to chronicle campaigns as they progress but I feel like that's a bit over the top.  I'm already admittedly long winded and excessively detail oriented as it is and I try to at least contain things somewhat to a central medium.  That said, the tracker board is as much for my own use as it is for yours.  4th edition is a very mechanical game when you get right to it.  It's difficult to manage - much less participate in online - without at least some version of the raw data accessible to everyone.  This is why I let all of the players openly view certain mechanical elements about the other players and about the enemies.  The expectation is that you are mature enough and experienced with these games enough to be able to separate that knowledge from your actual roleplay.  The cool thing about me using spreadsheets to monitor and update game mechanics is that I'm able to keep stats for everyone.

* Pace and Posting:

The only thing I emphasize with posting is during combat rounds I prefer to see everyone making their action post within 24 hours of the last DM update.  The earlier in that 24 hour window you can post the better because it allows me to keep things moving.  Outside of combat - 1 post per 24 hours and 2-3 quality posts per week is all I ask.  So, a quality post is something I will explain further.

One thing I do not want to see in my pbp games is the level of posting quality being somehow a deterrent to posting rate.  There are people with exceptional writing ability who can construct a "quality" post very consistently and there are others who may not have the time or the motivation to write anything more than a few lines to convey their character's basic and immediate reactions to a given situation all the time.  Both of these are perfectly ok.  The issue comes when one or the other simply stops posting as regularly because they are either intimidated or disinterested in the quality of posts around them.

This is a very interactive game which means interaction is mandatory.  So if you only have time to drop in real quick and post a few lines to say that you agree or disagree with a plan or whatever is happening IC, don't hold back because you feel the level of writing demands more than that.  Likewise, don't feel like you can't immerse yourself in writing as much expression for your character as you feel is appropriate simply because another player has little to say.

I encourage everyone to offer at least 2-3 quality posts per week however for sake of mutual effort.  A quality post has nothing to do with exceptional writing, it's just a structured post that shows the player is engaged and immersed with what is happening.  Pick out a few details from other's posts and use them in your own whether it be through a direct response or subtle observation.

* PMs and Subplots:

I have a serious pet peeve when it comes to disorganization in my pm box.  It's by and large personal preference and has a slight bit to do with OCD tendencies but I digress.  Once you are accepted to the game under your character name I will initiate 1 PM with you under my GM profile and 1 pm under my Subplots profile.  The majority of game discussion will take place in the GM PM thread.  The Subplots profile is a purely In Character PM thread.  The fact that it is called Subplots is probably the best way to deduce what exactly I mean by that.

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