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In At The Outermost Rim each player will control a polity, one voice of many setting budget and policy to take the colony forward, claiming nearby space and then beyond. You have no specific character, instead represent the collective will of the representatives of your faction. You have perfect control over that voice in the Council, but not over the results of those decisions nor the response of the citizenry and other polities to them. Be prepared for revolution, civil war or anihilation if you choose a path of chaos or cruelty

It is roughly 2998 AD and mankind has reached well beyond the stars, spreading in every direction along the Orion-Cygnus Arm with two successive waves of colonisation in the trailing (anti-spinward) direction ending in conflict and war. In their wake the Terran Holdfast has retreated to a stable border and left two major stellar powers in a ongoing slow-burning cycle of war and intermittent peace: the Naxos-Elk Republic closest to the Holdfast and Rim Confederature further trailing, the latter an association of several smaller stellar powers. At the furthest trailing edge of the Rim Confederature, where the borders of Kujaku-Mayura, Mercia and Pataliputra give way to ungoverned systems is the Outermost Rim.

It is here your colony lies, at most a few hundred years of settlement.

Others have ventured further, but within a hundred parsecs is the Great Storm, centred on a system known as LV-386, which makes travel further from Earth difficult. Rumours abound of lost colonies beyond and of the ancient Songline vessels that the first Terran Empire sent out to start the long process of terraforming and seed worlds with Terran flora and fauna, but they are but rumours

Within the campaign you will formulate a budget with other Council members, spend money on projects from your own slush funds and then see the results unfold.

If this interests you, please submit a request to join with your in-game name and that of your faction

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