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Thu 11 May 2017
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Datavault - Planetary Infrastructure
All civilian or commercial units, facilities and resources available for construction with your current level of technology will appear below. Anything marked as 'prototype' may have a variable behaviour in the field, otherwise these should be considered solid blueprints. Broadly this Datavault covers outcomes from Construction and Engineering projects and expenditure

Any unit or facility within this category will typically provides bonuses to the industrial baseline (and hence budget) or morale, or unlock strategic resources
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Thu 11 May 2017
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Colonial infrastructure is minimal, consisting of small scale harvesting and warehousing operations and local power generation plants that typically rely on equipment provided during colonisation

Of note, however are:
  • Lenkmarr Manufactory, an advanced processing facility that takes raw harvested materials and turns them into processed timbers, fibres, fabrics and so on for collection by the Torcuil Corporation. At present it outputs 150 million in processed trade goods annually
  • Manos Freight, a haulage company specialising in shifting ore and refined materials between Caldwell, Lenkmarr, Sakai, Nyborg and the Maw
  • Maw Refinery, a mining smelter and refinery that processes rare earth elements, again for collection by the Torcuil Corporation. At present it outputs 70 million in refined ores annually

Both of Lenkmarr Manufactory and Maw Refinery have maintenance annexes, typically taking on staff invalided out of service within the main building

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You may Construct the following facilities:
  • Refinery - 240 million each, no maintenance and provides + to Economy and 80 million per budget cycle in Refined Ores with a suitable source or raw materials

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