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Datavault - Innovation
All known technologies, research topics and studies available to you will appear below. Anything marked as 'speculative' may have a variable output (to the point of turning out to be a dead-end or simply not possible without pre-requisite research), otherwise these should be considered well-developed fields for research or a feasibility study. Broadly this Datavault covers outcomes from Research and Development projects and expenditure.

You may at any time put forward new research topics in Council. If they are Approved by your science committee you may spend 25 million (or more) conducting a Feasibility Study to establish how expensive and what potential benefits a it may result in.
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Within the colony intra-system technology is broadly known, however the interstellar technology commonly understood within civilised space is not. You can presume a broadly Digital Age or Early Stellar range of technologies, though complexity of maintenance and applicability mean some applications are less readily available. Broadly the colony is Tech Level 8, where as the Rim Confederature is Tech Level 9 or 10. Ask if in doubt

Completed Studies
  • Location Analysis and Early Prototyping for New Mines: Early results from reassessing historical mineral scans offer three potential clusters of sites: northwest of Sakai, in the polar region, where their are unsubstantiated indications of rare earths from the cerium group; between Zimont and Okeanos, which have been confirmed to have denser deposits of the heavier rare earths; or significantly more volumes of common metals to the west of the Nalos enclave in New Nemedia
  • Retro-Engineering the Maw Refinery: Careful process engineering and materials research provide clear insight into the workings of the facility and a blueprint has been unlocked

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You may research the following pre-Approved technologies, based on material in existing datavaults
  • Biosciences, 200 million, creating a Unified theory reconciling Terra and Rynkebian species and biological methods
  • Interstellar Navigation, 300 million, understanding how to operate an FTL spike. Prerequisite: Spike Drive
  • Pharmaceuticals, 400 million, discovering and creating drugs and toxins. Progressing at 80%
  • Spike Drive, 400 million, understanding the theories behind interstellar FTL travel in wide use sufficient to build engines capable of this

Your own feasibility studies have unlocked:
  • Retro-Engineering the Lenkmarr Manufactory, estimated cost is unknown. You may attempt to reverse engineer the facility, but at a -3 and with a risk of interrupting the current processing; or at a -9

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