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Mon 8 May 2017
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Setup and Mechanics
Prior to the start of the campaign, I expect the Council members to shape the relevant aptitudes of the colony and their respective polities

You will have 42 points to spend between the following Aptitudes for the colony, in the range of 1 to 9:

[?] Construction and Engineering
[?] Research and Development
[?] Economy and Trade
[?] Diplomacy
[?] Espionage and Counter-Intelligence
[?] Stellar Warfare
[?] Planetary Warfare

Scores of 1-4 represent inefficiencies or ineptitude; 5 is fairly average; and 6-9 increasing degrees of mastery. Each will provide a threefold bonus to rolling for budget items in that category as well as modifying the difficulty or complexity of projects that can be attempted

You may choose to reserve up to 3 points to spend on perks. If you choose to do so, tell me how many points and the theme of the perk. Perks provide a medium-term acceleration and typically open up extra plot lines

You will have 900 million of pre-campaign spend from a pool of options, typically research or facilities or units

For your individual polity, let me know the specific Aptitude it is known for excellence in and a second Aptitude where it performs below par
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Tue 9 May 2017
at 04:31
Turn Structure
Each turn represents a nominal one to five years in the colony. You must collectively submit a budget, based on an abstracted number of worker credits (representing time, materials, skilled workers, will of the people and so on). Budgets must remain within the limits of each category, based on any monies remaining to the Council after any income and expense adjustments (but prior to any commitments). If you wish to keep specific budget items or policy decisions hidden from the public these should be marked as Eyes Only or Buried Deep (explained below).

Please use the following template for final budget submission, it will help speed up turn reports :)

[4, <45%] Construction and Engineering = ????m, ??%
- ???? m
- (??? = ??+27+??) - {Topic} ({Bonuses})

[4, <40%] Research and Development = ????m, ??%
- ???? m
- (??? = ??+24+??) - {Topic} ({Bonuses})

[4, <40%] Economy and Trade = ????m, ??%
- ???? m
- (??? = ??+18+??) - {Topic} ({Bonuses})

[4, <25%] Diplomacy = ????m, ??%
- ???? m
- (??? = ??+ 9+??) - {Topic} ({Bonuses})

[4, <30%] Espionage and Counter-Intelligence = ????m, ??%
- ???? m
- (??? = ??+24+??) - {Topic} ({Bonuses})

[4, <15%] Stellar Warfare = ????m, ??%
- ???? m
- (??? = ??+ 6+??) - {Topic} ({Bonuses})

[4, <15%] Planetary Warfare = ????m, ??%
- ???? m
- (??? = ??+21+??) - {Topic} ({Bonuses})

= ????m, ??%

In the sample above, the first number is the colony Aptitude - how competent they are at that thing - and the second is the maximum proportion that they can spend on it per budget cycle, determined by your current Doctrine (which will default to Peacetime to begin with)

You will have a further proportion of the Available Budget for use by your individual polity, starting at 5% of the colony total. You should submit the one to three budget items your polity will be working on in the Next Turn Summary thread I will set up

Once the budget has been confirmed then for each budget item or policy choice, roll an open-ended D100 (using the Rolemaster rules for 'open-ended', i.e. <05, re-roll and subtract; >95, re-roll and add). Typically I will then add three times the relevant Aptitude and then include any bonuses from facilities, units, named character (mentioned in the budget line) or other situational modifiers (from me).

For each line item it helps me if you separate out the roll and the individual bonuses applied, eg

- ???? m - ( 69 = 33+36 <= 27+ 3+ 6) - {Topic} ({Some Person}, {Some Event})
- ???? m - (!66 = 66+36 <= 27+ 3+ 6) - {Topic} ({Some Person}, {Some Event})
- ???? m - (168 =132+36 <= 27+ 3+ 6) - {Topic} ({Some Person}, {Some Event})

Result bands broadly as below:

>176Absolute Success
111 to 175Success
91 to 110Near Success
UM 100Unusual Success
76 to  90Partial Success
UM  66Unusual Event
-05 to  75Failure
-25 to -04Absolute Failure
<-26Spectacular Failure

Poetic license will be employed in my interpretation of the results
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Tue 9 May 2017
at 04:33
Each player nominally represents a polity (be it a faction, a nation-state with the colony, a lobby or some other nebulous collective). Be flavourful in naming and projecting the polity you represent :)

Each polity has a single Aptitude and Ineptitude, such as excelling at Trade but being poor at Planetary Warfare, and each turn may spend it's own shadow budget - representing 5% on top of the overall council budget, spread over any expenses and then a maximum of three investment projects. In some circumstances a polity will have extra budget available to them.

Polities need not obtain consensus for their own budget nor even inform the council of them. When submitting please note whether this is a Known, Eyes Only (concealed but visible to the Council) or Buried Deep (redacted event from the Council) project

For the each budget items, if it is the Aptitude of your expertise then include a further +3 to the modifiers (and , likewise, reduce by -3 if it is the Ineptitude).

Polities may choose to Gift the results of polity budget items to the Federation, to Sell in the next budget cycle or to Hold those resources. Resources or technology coming into the Federation this way must be accepted by the Council and then either be Known, Eyes Only or Buried.

For units and personalities that are tied to a polity they may be issued orders as other units, but only by the polity. Any maintenance or upkeep on them must be paid prior to investment projects.
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Tue 9 May 2017
at 04:34
Keeping Secrets
Any knowledge, research or resources that have been marked as Eyes Only  or Buried Deep have an increasing chance of becoming known to Council or the wider Federation in subsequent terms, though Buried Deep projects will leak more slowly (and more explosively).

In the interest of roleplaying I would encourage not redacting everything OOC, even if something is completely hidden IC. Use a project codename, or provide some colour or something
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Tue 9 May 2017
at 04:42
Because they come up frequently, it's worth mentioning several types of 'special' budget lines you might want to consider

You can conduct a Feasibility Study into a research topic or otherwise unknown project for the cost of 25 million; this has a lower threshold for success (or rather, there is a GM applied situational bonus) and will reveal information on the cost of the topic or project and perhaps a bonus to execution

You can issue orders to a unit (redeploy to here, garrison this facility, patrol this order) for free when they are raised or for 25m after that. Typically these will be housekeeping and have a lower threshold for success. Likewise they will not cost a polity budget line. If you want to conduct a meaningful operation you will probably want to allot a more meaning budget line to it and it will need a polity budget line if polity units

If you want to transfer resources between polities, then this is a budget line though it will not count against your three-line limit

Later in the campaign you may have options for harvesting strategic resources or saving budget between turns, but this will require the relevant research to be unlocked.

Broadly, if you want to achieve any kind of mechanical effect or meaningful then it will need a budget item
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Tue 9 May 2017
at 04:47
You may choose to enact laws or limitations or conventions on how the colony or Council may act. This is handled via a proposal that is voted upon and debated until you have consensus (though you can change that to majority or some other means through a proposal!)

Effectively this introduces new rules into the campaign to save debating things every time a similar situation comes up