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Wed 27 Mar 2019
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Wall Of Honor for Fallen Pathfinders
A solemn wall etched with the names of those who have fallen in action. Located in a peaceful garden overlooking the sea, the wall is a quiet place many pathfinders choose to spend time with companions who have passed on, and reflect on life.
Krun Zod
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Wed 27 Mar 2019
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Wall Of Honor for Fallen Pathfinders
"Today we honor those who have fallen in defense of our wondrous city. When the Void attacked, they rose to the challenge and gave their lives to protect the people, the League, and their companions. Without their sacrifice we may all very well have been slain, and the city could have fallen." Krun took a moment in reverence.

"We will not forget them, and we will not allow their sacrifice to be in vain. We will continue the fight against the Void and its allies, and we will bring peace to our world once again!"

Behind him, in gloomy silence, the wall stood with the names of the fallen forever etched into it...

Elara Wildheart
Annon Slyd
Sienna Frost
Aria Dane
Mothan Kivner
Maralen the Mournsong
Jean Valois
Urgosh Balgoj
Zander Grey
Corporal Arron Hicks

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