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World Information
This thread will contain all world information, with the players allowed to make suggestions and contributions as they would like. Players will discover more world secrets and places as they explore and adventure
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Religions And Gods
There are several main religions and Gods in the Universe, however in truth no one has been able to prove their God exists. This has led to an entire pursuit of truth about where the power of magic comes from, why those who follow certain Gods are granted certain powers, and what the origins of the world truly are.

Disclaimer: I will be using many real world religions for a template, with my personal spin on them. This is not meant to turn the game into a political or religious debate/message, but rather a simple guy using his thoughts to create a world he believes to be fun to engage and play in. The only part of this entire thing I personally support is the ongoing pursuit of truth, and I personally do not hold to or affirm any specific belief currently.

General Story of Creation, Mankind, and agreed upon Truth.

In the beginning, before time, there was Something and there was Nothing. The Something was labeled The Awareness, and the Nothing was The Void. The two always existed, for they were polar opposites and could not exist without the other. They are infinite, and will never on their own overwhelm the other. However, by their very nature they are at eternal war with each other, and each attempts to destroy the other. This has created a cascading effect. The Awareness fractured itself into 7 sentient beings, all of whom have different agendas and ideas. In order to learn, these sentient beings continued to fracture themselves and bestow their energy into the universe they created, creating living beings so that they might continue to grow in power through the shared experiences of the life of each individual creation. Everyone aligns themselves with a specific deity, who will save them and harvest their souls(the afterlife), and those who do not align themselves with a deity cease to exist and are taken by The Void. War was created to learn and experience combat, to help The Awareness fight The Void. Magic is the direct manipulation of The Awareness's power and energy. Mathematics is the language of the universe, the code to all things created. It is magic. Each individual is made up of a mathematical formula and has a set destiny and fate, which is irrevocable. Choice and consciousness are but an illusion, a way for The Awareness to understand and experience itself, so that it might better fight The Void.

Iridon, The Father of the World, created all things. He had a relationship with mankind, but had instructed them not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, which would give them the ability to understand the reality of The Awareness, The Void, Good and Evil, Life and Death. For if they ate from the tree they would learn to destroy, and their inherent formula DNA would be exposed to the "death" gene, and being he was The Creator he could no longer be in their presence. To his horror, Iktune The Deceiver convinced mankind to eat from the tree, in a twisted sense of irony by telling them the truth about the tree. The Destroyer, Guztar, then taught man war and about death and destruction, causing mankind to become beings of creation and destruction, and this forced Iridon to remove himself from their presence. He cursed Iktune and called upon Gaeus to save his people from destruction, and now only those who have accepted Gaeus as their Savior can be in the presence of Iridon. Many people believe Iridon to be in a deep slumber, or perhaps dead, for no one alive can communicate with Iridon, and they must give Gaeus The Savior their soul and worship in order to ever be in the presence of Iridon The Father. A God must be worshipped to maintain their power, and because so few worship Iridon many use this as the basis for why he may be dead. Iridon is often associated with the sun, as it feeds and brings life to the world.

Cienta: The Mother of the World, stayed behind to nurture and care for the World when Iridon The Father left. Cienta refused to leave her creation and maintains a relationship with mankind, despite mankind's continual destruction and abuse, which brings her pain. Those who follow Cienta despise technology, as it is the primary cause of destruction. They accept life and death has matters of life, and look for the beauty in both. Cienta is often associated with Nature, as it is both beautiful and terrifying, destructive and creative, and allows mankind to live.

Gaeus: The Savior of the World, sacrificed himself to The Void to give all of mankind a chance to escape it. Miraculously, because of the faith and power his followers had put into him, he was able to recreate himself and rise from The Void again, becoming the only God to have ever "conquered" The Void. His followers continue to worship him, giving him their souls, so that they may live forever as a part of him and with Iridon The Father. They become one with him when they die. He is often represented by a man dying on a cross, the ultimate sacrifice.

Guztar: The Destroyer is the primary opponent of Gaeus The Savior. He believes that The Awareness is cruel and evil, for creating mankind as tools in its war against The Void. He seeks to destroy all things, so that the cycle of eternal creation and destruction, life and death, end. The Destroyer perhaps the most ironic of all the Gods, representing war, death, and destruction yet wanting to end those things. Though few worship Guztar, those who do firmly believe in their cause and believe themselves righteous and not "controlled" by The Awareness. Guztar The Destroyer has various representations, but generally a 5 point star of Anarchy and blood are his symbols.

Iktune: The Deceiver is the one who though revealed to mankind the truth about their own mortality and encouraged them to seek sentience, he manipulates and deceives them about the true matters of the Gods and The Void to keep mankind from panicking about things they cannot control or alter. It was out of pity that Iktune gave man the illusion of free will and choice, and consciousness, and he considers himself the one who will protect and befriend mankind. The Deceiver is often represented by shadows and darkness, or mist.

Jezla: The Teacher(or Lover, as some call her), represents knowledge, education, truth, and learning. She taught mankind everything they needed to survive, and she encourages mankind to love one another, form relationships, and bond. She also encourages them to learn and educate themselves. This is a double sided sword, many curse her for the fact that terrible weapons have been created, while others bless her for the knowledge of medicine, advanced farming techniques,and other beneficial knowledge. She is often represented by flowers, a virgin, or a book and scale.

Xaius: The Guide is the one who took it upon himself to bring balance to the universe, and to maintain the cycle the The Awareness and The Void created, believing that good and evil, life and death, are not only necessary but subjective. Xaius is currently the fastest growing God in terms of support, however followers of Guztar The Destroyer, Iridon The Father, and Gaeus The Savior denounce those who support Xaius for he directly defies and opposes their goals. He is often represented by a Yin-Yang symbol.

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World Geography
Current Location-
World: Solandra
Nation: Scassia
City: St. Aurelius (of Gaeus The Savior)

World Map:

City Map:

General Information on Nations-
Summer Isles
Sypius Plains
Lower Glarmion
Upper Glarmion
Uzgob Desert
Irman Sea
Inan Sea
Ice Sea

The Brotherhood of Iridon (Faith carries us, Faith protects us)
-The Brotherhood of Iridon is a strong but small faction. They have a low population count and hold few territories, but have a powerful military and economy. Their government is strict, though it ensures that all of its citizens are cared for.

Church of Gaeus (Conquerors of The Void)
-The Church of Gaeus is one of the larger factions, and as a result they hold many territories. Its citizens all work together and have a very communal network, where everyone pitches in and shares. While they field a strong array of resources and a large army, they lack the ability to effectively wield their power and as a result they do not get the full benefit they could if they were to properly utilize it.

Cult of Guztar (From the stars we came, to the stars we rise)
-A shadowy militaristic faction bent on taking over, The Cult of Guztar is continuously waging war, raiding, and assassinating persons of interest. They have a weak economy and generally rely on seizing resources from other factions.

Republic of Cienta (Family before all)
-The Republic of Cienta is a very "nature" oriented faction. They use minimal forms of technology and are heavily focused on farming, timber, and fishing. They pose a strong fleet(despite their technological reservations) to protect their exports and imports.

The Iktune Guild(We are the Darkness)

The School of Jezla (Dream, explore, discover)
Order of Xaius (We are and will always be)


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City Information
Beggars Town-
Beggars Town is, as to be expected, run down, poor, and crime ridden. The local guard struggle to maintain order and generally leave the beggars to fend for themselves.

Lower Gate-
The lower gate has a strong guard presence, and a thorough checkpoint. Persons can be expected to be subjugated to being searched and questioned.

The Spur-
The Spur is the local suburban resident zone for the middle class citizens of the city. It holds a mild guard presence and mild crime rate. It is relatively peaceful and quiet here at early or late hours. Most folks keep to themselves.

The Meadow-
The meadow is a lightly wooded area, used as a pasture by those who have permits to keep their livestock in the meadow.

The fields are were the towns produce is grown, and then stored or taken to the harbor for export.

Farmers Lodge-
The Farmers lodge is where all of the cities farmers stay. There are several bars, dance halls, and other social gathering places located here. There is a light guard presence here, but no crime. Farmers do not steal from each other.

Lowtown is where the pilgrims and tourists stay. There are many inns, restaurants, and shops located here. There is some crime here, but it is relatively petty crime such as pick-pocketing or theft.

Market Square-
St. Aurelius is a major port, and thus imports products from all over the world. Many businessmen set up boothes and stores in the Market Square to sell exotic and foreign goods, or other valuables. Crime is low here, though there is a heavy guard presence to maintain order.

The Harbor-
The Harbor has several patrol boats to inspect for illegal goods, but is otherwise simply a busy place where ships come in and go.

The waterfront is known for its many bars and whorehouses, and drunken sailor brawls. It has a moderate guard presence and an overabundance of tax collectors, tourists, and sailors.

Uptown is the noble side of town, where the wealthier patrons and city folk reside. Crime only happens here on rare instances of a heist, or feud between nobles. There is a light guard presence, but any crime brings the guard out in full force.

Temple Square-
The Temple Square is dedicated to all of the Elder Gods, and is where many people gather to make their offerings and prayer to the Gods.

Archbishop Palace-
The Archbishop Pallium Willis resides here, and is Baron of the Free City of St. Aurelius. He does not allow any faction to control or impose its will on the city. He is a middle aged Human with a flair for the dramatic and a love for the League Of Pathfinders, though many assume this is because he loves stories, and many pathfinders love to share their exploits. Their is a heavy guard presence at the palace and intruders are executed on sight.

Upper Gate-
The upper gate has virtually no guard presence, and is wide open for crossing, but at the earliest sign of trouble it is closed off to all but the Pathfinders, who are brought in to establish order.

The Fort-
The fort is the main HeadQuarters building for the League Of Pathfinders. It's fresh recruits are brought here for training and then given area of operations and sent out to perform their quests. It is heavily defended by Pathfinders, but has never come under attack.

The Gorge-
A simple river that flows into the land of Scassia, and is used for ships to travel upstream with passengers or imports, and the occasional export.
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World Information

Known throughout Solandra as a who's who of the obscenely wealthy. It is considered an honor to be invited to join. No one really knows what goes on within its secretive gatherings, but rumors abound of debauchery that ranges from the painfully mundane to the exquisitely naughty.

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World Information

It is rumored that somewhere in the inhospitable wastes of the Uzgob Desert, lies a lush and vibrant forest. A perpetual haze masks it and it is said that the chiming of bells can be heard tinkling upon the cool winds that swirl around it. Whether these rumors are true remain a mystery as no living person has yet to return from this lost paradise and confirm the wild stories.
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World Information
Keepers Of Oblivion

A new organisation that has emerged from the shadows after the chaos of the Void Attack, the Keepers Of Oblivion glorify the Void and worship it. Though many are jaded and view the Void with disgust after seeing the damage it has brought to their city, not all view it the same. The cults membership is steadily climbing. Little is known about the cult as of yet, though it is known to be run by an "Archpraetor".

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