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What everyone knows about Talingarde
Talingarde is an island about the size of England. It is very far away from anywhere else in the world; there are other places out there where people live, but visitors from abroad are extremely rare. The weather is temperate, although the north is cold and snowy and filled with monsters.

Talingarde is devoted to ideals of justice and law. The punishments for lawbreakers are severe but fair. Knights take their obligation to protect the poor and weak seriously, and paladins are legendary heroes. Clerics provide care and healing, often at no cost. There is little social mobility, but most, from the low to the high, are content with their lot.

Talingarde is ruled by King Markadian V, the Brave. He is of the beloved royal house of Darius.

King Markadian has no sons, but he has one daughter, Bellinda, who is twenty and unmarried. The king's wife died in childbirth and he has not remarried. There are no other full-blooded members of the royal branch, although there are many relatives and cousins.

The king's ancestor, Markadian I, was known as the Victor for his defeat of the former royal house of Barca at the battle of Tamberlyn. The Victor is a national hero and often the subject of plays, songs, and artwork.

The only permitted religion is that of the god Mitra. The house of Darius has imposed monotheism on Talingarde. Worship of Mitra's archenemy Asmodeus is punishable by death. Worship of other non-evil gods is barely tolerated, and very rare.

Mitra is a sun-god of light, healing, leadership, and goodness. He is depicted in three aspects, as a king, a healer, or a living flame.

The Church of Mitra has representatives in every town and settlement around Talingarde. Priests are important and influential. While they do not rule, their word is rarely ignored. After the king, the most powerful man in the kingdom is High Cardinal Vitallian of Estyllis.

Asmodeus, lord of the nine hells, was once an important part of Talirean religion. While few worshipped him, he was still respected and revered. Markadian IV, the Zealot, outlawed the Asmodean faith, and with the support of the Mitran chuch, every temple and high priest of Asmodeus was burned in a purge twenty years ago.

Talingarde is protected by the Knights of the Alerion, a legendary order of holy warriors sworn to Mitra to uphold justice and fight for what is right. Their ranks include both commoners and nobles, ordinary warriors and paladins.

Talingarde has six regions. The Cambrian Ports are the three largest cities, which sit on the Bay of Cambria. The Heartland is a farming and rural region. The Borderlands are the northern part of the kingdom, shielded by the Watch Wall. The Caer Bryr is a great wild forest inhabited only by the savage Iraen. The Savage North is an ice wasteland where the few monsters remaining on the island roam. The Lands of the Yutak are northern islands, home to a strange, barbaric people.

Talingarde is protected from the monsters of the Savage North by the Watch Wall, a line of twelve fortresses that protect every pass and access point through which the forces of evil might try to attack southward. Markadian V, the Brave, won his name fighting on the Watch Wall.

Talingarde is at peace. The kingdom prospers. No threats, whether from within or without, can hope to stand against the power of the Talirean knights and the all-encompassing light of Mitra. The king is strong and wise, his daughter beautiful and even wiser. Certainly everyone would agree that this is a golden age.