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The Rules and Expectations flow both ways - these are conditions meant not only to be upheld by the players, but by the admins as well.  Reading, understanding, and agreeing to these rules is mandatory to be part of the cast.  While some level of misunderstanding or ignorance of the rules may be tolerated so long as it is fixed after being called out, willful disregard is not acceptable.  Those who break the rules will have to deal with the consequences, including potential removal from the game.

While I know many games will insert a sort of "put this word in your RTJ to prove you read the rules" password, I'm going to treat everyone like adults and give you the benefit of the doubt by assuming you read these rules properly.  Please do not make me regret that decision.

Rule 0 - Read, Don't Skim
This is a text-based cooperative game, which means there's going to be reading involved.  If you're unwilling to take the time to read the rules, other players' posts, and other written content, then this isn't the game for you.  Show respect to the DM and your fellow players by making sure you pick up what they're putting down.  If you don't understand something or need clarification, be sure to ask rather than making assumptions or going quiet.

Rule 1 - DM Fiat
If the DM puts their foot down on some matter -  be it a decision made in-game, a disagreement between players, etc. - respect the foot.  The DM gets final word on such affairs and should only intervene in the interest of keeping things rolling along smoothly.  The DM will not act like a dictator or demand unreasonable obedience from players, nor will the DM try to force players to do things they are not cool with.

Rule 2 - Respect Goes Both Ways
This is a cooperative game.  Not only should players work together to make the story and experience fun for everyone, but the DM should also work to enrich everyone's fun.  We are not competing with one another and nobody should be gunning for anyone else.  In-Character rivalries are great, but animosity among players Out-Of-Character is not.  The DM should work with the players and the players should work with the DM to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Further, this includes making sure all players feel included and comfortable.  No player should feel like they're being excluded or targeted, nor should they be made to feel uncomfortable with the content of the story.  Do not try and force other players into situations they are not at ease with.  If a player isn't cool with how a story element is going, or if they're having trouble with another player, they should immediately bring the matter to the DM's attention via Private Message so things can be sorted out.

Rule 3 - Drama Llamas
If you find yourself in a disagreement with another player OOC, do not let it bleed into the IC game.  I intend to treat everyone like reasonable adults and I expect them to behave as such, which includes expectations of mature problem management and resolution.  Communication is vital and the DM can be requested to step in as a mediator where necessary, but it's best that we simply don't indulge in needless dramatics in the first place.  If a player turns out to be a troublemaker who just likes causing problems for the rest of the cast, or who's actions are willfully problematic, they will be removed from the game.

Rule 4 - Mature, Not Adult
This game is rated Mature but overall content should not exceed a general PG-13 sort of feel.  Some coarse language, mild violence, and allusions to sexuality are perfectly acceptable and can often serve to strengthen a narrative.  Again, I'm trusting everyone to be able to control themselves and behave maturely.  Crossing any lines or breaking the RPOL rules of conduct will not be tolerated.

Rule 5 - Be Active and Proactive
It's very important for games to move along at a brisk pace to avoid lulls in activity which inevitably lead to fizzling out.  Players will be expected to post relevant and productive content at least twice a week.  If a player goes quiet and it ends up causing delays in the game, the DM will NPC the character where necessary to move things along.

There are cases where a character simply has nothing to say in a given situation and thus the player may not feel they can contribute anything.  If this occurs, say so!  Pipe up in the OOC thread and let the other players know rather than just being silent - they may be waiting on your input and end up losing interest because of inaction.

Further, if you expect to be away from the game and unable to post for any reason (be it a vacation, illness, school/work putting pressure on you, or just writer's block), say so!  Ping the DM via a Private Message or pipe up in the relevant thread to let everyone else in the game know what's going on.  Do not just go silent.  Show consideration and respect for your fellow players.

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