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"Rise of the Evil Overlord" is an adventure/resource development based game set within a fantasy world inspired by classic D&D, Tolkien, and JRPG fiction.  There are many treasures to be uncovered, but also untold danger lurking behind every corner.

This game is marked as a Mature one in RPOL's standards, which indicates the level of player behavior we're ideally looking for.  The game's content is effectively rated PG-13.  Content within it - including language, scenarios, and themes - are generally directed at a more mature audience and cast.  While there is not going to be any cases of rampant sexuality or hyper-gore violence, it's not going to be squeaky-clean sanitized content either.  A large part of the game's theme is based on survival in a hostile environment filled with wild fantasy creatures and political intrigue, so there is going to be blood.  If some rough-and-tumble danger isn't to your tastes, this probably isn't the game for you.

-=The Setting:=-

The land of Eotana is an idyllic one, full of lush expanses of nature, abundant natural resources, and a widely varied array of cultures living together in relative peace.  To the north are the glorious Everdeep Woods, home to the reclusive Elves.  To the south are the frozen peaks of the Grandspire Mountains where the Dragonborn and their Kobold kin reign supreme.  And in the middle is everyone else, all brewed together in the melting pot of society that is Eotana.  The kingdom as a whole - while ruled over by a single core government - is divided into dozens of smaller territories under the purview of local rulers, barons, and independent governments.

To the east, nestled just at the mountainous shores overlooking the ocean, is the capitol city of Aetal - a sprawling metropolis of wealth and power where the royal family Del Aetalan resides.  It is a place of wonder and opportunity, but with a dark underbelly known to those who don't quite fit in among the gleaming streets.  Aetal is surrounded by immense fields and farmlands that are home to many smaller towns, full of contented citizens loyal to the crown.

But there have been murmurs as of late.  Grumblings and whispers in the dark that most citizens remain willfully deaf to.  While those with magic at their disposal have always been treated well, lately there's been a change in the climate - rises of aggression have occurred targeting magic-users and the more mystical of races.  Even the most respected of scholarly wizards have not been spared these prejudices.  Word goes that someone within the royal family has grown displeased with magic users in the kingdom, be it out of some slight or fear of their growing power.  Whispers tell of royal soldiers and mercenaries being sent to delve long forgotten ruins where, in ages past, powerful mages and warlords reigned.  Nobody is certain, but there seems to be a storm brewing on the horizon...

-=The Twist=-

Technically speaking, this is two games in one.  There are two parties totally removed from each other for the most part - one group of heroes and one group of villains - who's actions will impact the others.  From time to time, they will even cross paths in direct conflicts.  On the villainous side of things, the titular Evil Overlord is gathering his forces to gain power, terrorize the land, and usher in an era of darkness where he reigns supreme.  On the heroic side of things, the party of do-gooders is dealing with his evil to protect their homes, defend the helpless, and gain enough strength to try and defeat this looming threat.

Unlike many campaigns, there is a clear end-game scenario here both parties should be working toward.  Both sides need to gather power and protect their respective resources, then ultimately clash to see who emerges victorious.  There will be distinct win/lose states within the various encounters that result in the scales tipping to favor one party or the other as time goes by.  If the villain consistently loses ground, the heroes will have an easier time defeating him.  If the heroes fail in their tasks, the villain will be able overwhelm the land.

Each player group will encounter events set out by both the DM and the other faction.  It pays to be proactive in this kind of game rather than simply reacting to events as they come.  If the Overlord takes over a town in order to build an undead army out of its citizens, it's up to the heroes to either thwart the necromatic ritual or destroy the undead after the fact.  If the heroes want to try and cripple the Overlord's forces by targeting one of his generals specifically, it's up to the Overlord to strengthen his minions or brew up counters against the heroes.  Being proactive, creative, and making use of investigation will all prove as vital to this game as being able to swing swords and hurl fireballs.  Brute force alone will not win the day.

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