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[Crunch] Session 0 Rules / House Rules
Da Rules

1. Don't be a dick.
     - If you believe that someone is being a dick, do not argue with them in OOC. Speak to the DM first and then message them privately. If a peaceful arrangement or understanding cannot be reached, the DM will have final word on the matter.
     - In addition, please refrain from talking about IRL politics and religion. It almost never ends well, so just don't.

2. The DM has final say.
     - On all matters related to the rules and other mechanics, the DM has final say. If you do not agree with how a situation was handled or a ruling made, message the DM privately to address your concern. The DM will consider what you have to say and may alter the previous decision, but is under no obligation to do so.

3. Communicate with the DM.
     - I understand that real life comes first and that this is, ultimately, just a game, but please send a message if you are unable to post for an extended period or wish to leave the game so that the DM and your fellow players know. I will not be mad or offended if you wish to leave the game.
     - In addition, please do not send the DM multiple private messages. Use the Request To Join thread for all correspondence with the DM.

4. This is a Mature game.
     - This game is marked as Mature as I expect there may be foul language or overly violent situations, but please do not push it.
     - Be sure you are following RPoL's Mature Games Policy and be familiar with the Adult Games Policy (see also the Adult FAQ).

5. Think before you post an image.
     - If you must post an image or use an image, be sure that the image is hosted on an image hosting site such as photobucket or on your own server. The image cannot be directly linked from the site you got the image from as that is against RPoL policy.
     - Please refrain from posting images over 400 x 400. If they are larger, they will be removed.

6. Out of Character posts are for the Out of Character Thread.
     - Keep idle chatter out of IC threads. You don't need to talk about sports while fighting monsters.
     - If you need to ask a rules question, and want to do it in the IC thread, type it in orange. Also post all rolls in orange.

7. Practice good posting habits.
     - We are not all grammar professors, but RPoL and most browsers have a built-in spell check.
     - When your character speaks, please color the text so that it's easier to parse the spoken words from the rest of your post. You may use any color you like, but I only ask that you make the text bold if you use a lighter color.
     - Please have enough description in your posts so that the DM and other players can understand what you are doing.
     - Please post all relevant rolls you make in an IC post when appropriate (such as attacks in combat or if a skill check is called).

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Accepted Material and Homebrew
Accepted Material

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Xanathar's Guide to Everything
  • Sword Coast Adventure Guide
         - Tiefling variant features are in use except for the Winged option.
  • Selected Races from Volo’s Guide to Monsters
         - Aasimar
         - Firbolg
         - Goliath
         - Kenku
         - Lizardfolk
         - Tabaxi
         - Triton
  • Spells from the Elemental Evil Player's Companion

Unearthed Arcana

House Rules, Variants, and Homebrew
  • Backgrounds:
         - All backgrounds made available by WotC are available, which includes ones that were made for AL.
         - Custom backgrounds are also accepted, but they must first be approved by the DM.
  • Classes:
         - Monk
              - The Way of Four Elements in the PHB will be replaced by the version presented in this PDF.
         - Ranger
              - The base ranger in the PHB will not be used. See Revised Ranger above.
         - Sorcerer
              - All Sorcerers gain bonus spells as described in this PDF.
  • Feats:
         - Feats are in use.
         - All characters receive a free feat at level 1.
  • Leveling Up:
         - Due to the nature of the game, your characters will level up any time they acquire enough HP so long as they are outside of combat.
         - Hit Points gained from leveling up are the max possible for the class (meaning a Fighter gets 10 HP in addition to their Con modifier, as they have a d10).
  • Multiclassing:
         - Multiclassing rules are in use.
         - No one-level dips are allowed;
              - You need at least two levels in your primary class before you can multiclass
              - You must take two levels in the new class before you may take any levels in another class.
         - You may not have more than three classes.
  • Races:
         - Half-Orcs are simply called Orcs and use the Half-Orc racial traits in the PHB.
         - Halflings do not exist. Kobolds take their place and use the Halfling racial traits in the PHB instead of those provided in Volo's Guide to Monsters.
              - Mountain Kobolds represent the Lightfood subrace.
              - Desert Kobolds represent the Stout subrace.
         - Variant Humans are not in use.
  • Religion:
         - The main pantheon worshiped is the ancient Roman pantheon.
         - For the most part, elves refer to them by their Greek names, which they were known by in ages past.
         - As far as the humanoid races know, monsters and monstrous races do not worship gods, but instead powerful demigods, demons, and other ancient powers.
  • Spells:
         - The Spell Point Variant is in use (see DMG pg 288).

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